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  • Editor’s Picks / 06 March 2015 at 14:10 GMT

    LSE chief: Let the people share in the floats of tomorrow's tech stars

    The Independent
    The next UK government should open flotations to private investors so that they can share in the wealth created by the British tech revolution, the head of the London Stock Exchange said yesterday. “If there is going to be a new Google or Facebook in this country, or something big based around graphene, private investors should be able to share in it,” said Xavier Rolet, the chief executive of the LSE.“There is a tech and innovation revolution going on in this country and it should be made easier for those companies to raise money and easier for the public to invest in them," Mr Rolet told The Independent.
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  • Article / 06 March 2015 at 11:15 GMT

    #TechWeek: Some bubbles must burst...eventually

    Business writer and editor
    #TechWeek: Some bubbles must burst...eventually
    A bubble is a bubble whether it happened in 2000 or any other time. The tech run-up we are now witnessing is no different - once the IPOs of prospective world-beaters are launched, they will be required to show earnings growth quarter on quarter, year after year. Some will make it, most won't.
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    Simon Kjaer Simon Kjaer
    Great comment FxTime - I came across an interesting piece on cheap vs. expensive stocks:
    "By just buying the cheapest stocks, you can significantly outperform over the long...
    Simon Kjaer Simon Kjaer
    It was a piece on the trading behaviour of young investors (prone to select expensive vanity stocks) vs. older, more experienced investors.
    fxtime fxtime
    So buy commods then? Power/Energy stocks and say Platinum too for the medium term perhaps.
  • Article / 06 March 2015 at 6:08 GMT

    #TechWeek: Qihoo needs to show shareholders the money

    China Watcher / Shanghai
    Chinese tech firm Qihoo is set to release its earnings on Monday morning, and investors will be focusing on the key issues of monetisation and the diversification of its business model away from search and into hardware and security products. I discuss the four key points for investors to watch for in the earnings release and the subsequent conference call.
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  • 4y
    Serge Berger Serge Berger
    @Msta73 certainly not a good trade, agreed. I would add however that the stock did get within 60 cents of my $88 price target and from a...
    Msta73 Msta73
    Swift reply - thank you. It was not my intention to point fingers. I agree with your partial profit strategy, but I did not have a large...
    Serge Berger Serge Berger
    Good risk management on your part, well done with a small position size. At the end of the day we can try just about any trade with...
  • Article / 04 March 2015 at 11:00 GMT

    #TechWeek: Samsung, HTC and the elephant in the room

    Head of Editorial Content / Saxo Bank
    #TechWeek: Samsung, HTC and the elephant in the room
    The high-end smartphone market is one of the most hotly contested consumer spaces in the world, and in many ways it has been dominated by Apple since the iPhone was launched. With Samsung and HTC both having released new would-be "iPhone killers", we take a look at how likely they are to knock out the champ.
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    Michael S. McKenna Michael S. McKenna
    Of course, it is not just a question of Samsung and HTC vs. Apple as many Chinese mobile companies are now seeking their share of the pie...
  • Video / 03 March 2015 at 12:56 GMT

    #TechWeek: The NASDAQ can go even higher

    Peter Garnry
    After the NASDAQ index hit 5,000 on Monday for the first time in 15 years, can it go higher? Saxo's Peter Garnry says yes in the longer term. But he's aware the strong dollar will hurt those companies with overseas profits.
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