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  • Article / 18 September 2018 at 13:19 GMT

    Saxo is moving house

    Head of Editorial Content / Saxo Bank
    Saxo is moving house
    Saxo is moving our analyses, Trade Views, and video offerings to our new Market Analysis area on We hope you will come see what's on offer and join us.
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    19 September
    Patto Patto
    Micheal McKenna certainly has a way with words but saying Saxo is "shifting our focus in house" is only a cover up for the fact the best...
    20 September
    ForeverUP ForeverUP
    You´d stress continually every day as NEVER trust a BANKER and a LAWYER. As for here, definitely on the side of Patto´s opinion. But then who cares...
    01 October
    lahla lahla
    Totally agree with Patto and other members. Your movement is not understandable. What have You achieved with this restructuring? To destroy a powerful and innovative "social media...
  • 1y
    Patrice Henault Patrice Henault
    Hi Airline as I said CFDs is an entry point or a starting point to understand financial markets mechanism. You can start to build a diversified portfolio...
    Patrice Henault Patrice Henault
    We offer Futures as well if you want to give it a try.
    Thanks Patrice!