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  • Squawk / Friday at 14:22 GMT
    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    UK Prime Minister May speech: overall verdict is that we didn't get enough for investors to hang their hats on here. The tone from May was very cooperative and non-threatening, a few steps softer from the previous approach, so this is unlikely to ruffle any EU feathers directly.

    She was perhaps clever in guaranteeing that the UK will pay the EU what it owes during the transition period rather than mentioning a specific figure as this prevents appearing weak or criticism on the home front if that amount is negotiated higher (there was talk of EUR 20 billion on offer in the noise ahead of today, but many see this as unrealistically low). She did mention a two year transition period, but this likely to prove too short.

    All in all - the bottom line is that she is still asking for a very special arrangement from the EU - what will be the price? Market will wait for the EU response and the next round of talks before drawing bigger conclusions.
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    Oldiron25 Oldiron25
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  • Article / Wednesday at 8:56 GMT

    FX Update: FOMC rate guidance in focus as QT era begins

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    FX Update: FOMC rate guidance in focus as QT era begins
    The Fed will take the notable step of announcing the start of unwinding its enormous balance sheet at today’s meeting, though this has been thoroughly flagged in advance. The bigger question for the market is the degree to which the Fed climbs down from its rate forecasts for a December hike and the hiking path for next year and beyond.
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  • 16 September
    Alfa1956 Alfa1956
    Right to the point.
    And yes, there's a new PET power around the corner, at least PutinErdoganTrump kind of new hurdles system... No way to escape them in...