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Views on FX Open Positions
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  • 16 April
    J. Lins J. Lins
    Hi Jack Kosiorek!

    We are indeed already looking at extending the FX Open Positions tool with further currency pairs and NZDUSD and USDCAD are definitely at the top...
  • 17 March
    Elotf Elotf
    Hi, hope you're doing well. when should we be able to share our account.They told me that swiss account can't do that now. Thanks. Rached
  • Squawk / 06 March 2014 at 12:07 GMT
    John Farrell John Farrell
    United Kingdom
    wish they had a help desk! Are the open positions and orders from customers on just the social network, all retail customers, or including their institutional order book?
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    07 March
    Stefan Brylle Geisler Stefan Brylle Geisler
    Hi Mr. Farrel,
    If you go to About -> Contact you will find the help desk.
    10 March
    John Farrell John Farrell
    thanks for taking the time to reply, unfortunately I used that and no reply.. hence the comment 'wish they had a help desk'!
  • Squawk / 10 June 2013 at 10:43 GMT
    wizard65 wizard65
    Senior Analyst /
    Weekly Trading Forecasts (June 10 - 14, 2013)

    The Greenback has been weak and the Yen has been strong. Most JPY pairs are also weak. The fundamentals that were released lately even added fuel to the extant biases. This means vivid bullish biases for some currency instruments like EURUSD and GBPUSD: and conspicuous bearish biases for some instruments like the USDCHF and EURJPY.

    Primary trend: Bullish
    The pair has moved upwards by roughly 270 pips recently, in conjunction with the vivid Bullish Confirmation Pattern on the chart. This northward journey is expected to continue, though there would be some consolidation and southward retracements on the way. The price could be trading above the resistance line of 1.3350 within the next few trading days. Along the line, the purported pullbacks should not take the price below the support line of 1.3150.

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  • Squawk / 26 April 2013 at 13:09 GMT
    wizard65 wizard65
    Senior Analyst /
    A Trader’s Trick Entry Technique

    The trading technique described in this article is one of the trader’s entry techniques available for traders. This one comes with the Simple Moving Average period 12 (SMA 12), and the Commodity Channel Index period 20 (CCI 20). Here, the way the CCI is used is unique because it isn’t according to the uses suggested by the conventional trading wisdom. Conventional trading wisdom suggests that any CCI reading above the +100 level is an overbought situation (which would make a trader seek short trades), and any reading below the -100 level suggests an oversold situation (which would make a trader seek long trades). However, with this strategy, the CCI overbought and oversold situations are done away with; only the level 50 is used with the idea that any reading above the level 50 means an uptrend and any reading below the level 50 means a downtrend.

    The only thing that can go wrong is when we’re on a wrong side of a trade

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    10 June
    OzTraderFX OzTraderFX
    What time frame is this CCI strategy best used with?
    10 June
    wizard65 wizard65
    The timeframe is mentioned in the full article. Thanks.
  • Squawk / 17 April 2013 at 11:07 GMT
    stani stani
    Czech Republic
    I'm sorry but I need some confirmation with this tool. Realized sell (short) orders below the current price are situated on the left site, but when they are above the current price they were also realized however are situated on the right side?
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  • Squawk / 04 April 2013 at 16:38 GMT
    Neon68 Neon68
    if i have 51.68%|48.15% by usdjpy means that 51% has open long position in usdjpy?
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    Matrix95 Matrix95