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    Kay Van-Petersen Kay Van-Petersen
    Well done Hampton Hamish, we salute you buddy. Godspeed & safe travels.
  • Editor’s Picks / 21 October 2015 at 23:54 GMT

    The strongest El Nino in decades will mess with everything

    It has choked Singapore with smoke, triggered Pacific typhoons and left Vietnamese coffee growers staring nervously at dwindling reservoirs. In Africa, cocoa farmers are blaming it for bad harvests, and in the Americas, it has Argentines bracing for lower milk production and Californians believing that rain is finally, mercifully on the way. El Nino is back and in a big way. Its effects are just beginning in much of the world -- for the most part, it hasn’t really reached North America -- and yet it’s already shaping up potentially as one of the three strongest El Nino patterns since record-keeping began in 1950. It will dominate weather’s many twists and turns through the end of this year and well into next. And it’s causing gyrations in everything from the price of Colombian coffee to the fate of cold-water fish.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 23 March 2015 at 21:51 GMT

    The Australian land rights China really wants

    Business Spectator
    Unless you’ve been stuck on a remote ice cap, you will know that rising wealth in China is bringing with it an unprecedented surge in demand for protein. Fish consumption alone in China is forecast by the World Bank to rise 30% in the two decades to 2030 as per capita GDP accelerates 177%. China’s largest state-owned agricultural group plans to expand Antarctic fishing operations, focusing on krill, which offers high quality protein that can be processed into food and medicine. With developing nations such as China and India rapidly boosting their Antarctic presence, Australia has been warned about the vulnerability of its diplomatic standing in Antarctic affairs and its claim to 43% of Antarctica.
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  • Article / 08 August 2014 at 10:13 GMT

    Winter is coming...and there'll be less on the menu in Russia

    Russia oil and gas expert
    United Kingdom
    Winter is coming...and there'll be less on the menu in Russia
    There will be a bitter pill for the ordinary Russian consumer to swallow this winter and perhaps not that much else after Russia slapped a USD 9 billion ban on foreign foodstuffs. The well-worn Game of Thrones catchphrase sums up the barren table ahead for Russians, but Western producers will suffer too as a domino effect sweeps through the supply chain.
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    Tcas Tcas
    At present time I don't see any problem for us. There are another contries where we can buy meat, fruits, vegetables and so on. And Artie is...
    fxtime fxtime
    Artie and Tcas I think Nadia, Mickette and I were agreeing with the same idea as your comments. Russia is self sufficient and there are countries outside...
    Mickette Mickette
    You will have less problems in Russia as we in Europe in the future. We depend on people with bad intentions.