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  • Article / 04 December 2017 at 8:00 GMT

    Morning Markets: GBP steady as UK, EU finalise deal

    Head of Editorial Content / Saxo Bank
    Morning Markets: GBP steady as UK, EU finalise deal
    Last week's reports of an imminent Brexit divorce bill deal helped GBP to rally versus its peers, but sterling is holding steady into today's final draft and may have limited upside going forward. Meanwhile, Bitcoin dumped 10% of its value overnight before rallying higher again and currently sits at the $11,430 level.
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  • 01 November
    ambro ambro
    Hi Peter, where do you stand on your view on Galaxy? Big jump today.
  • Trade view / 09 October 2017 at 11:47 GMT
    Short term

    Signs of fatigue could hit HK casinos in the short term – #SaxoStrats

    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Casino stocks have outperformed the market over the past 18 months with the Hong Kong listed shares doing very well and with Galaxy Entertainment up 160% since early 2016. But things are cooling and we are recommending selling Galaxy shares based on the stock being overvalued and a potential sentiment shift due to fewer visitors.
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    12 October
    Peter Garnry Peter Garnry
    The Adidas short was not good. We misjudged the business momentum feeding into valuation/price.
    12 October
    SilverRanger SilverRanger
    What's the easiest way (and preferably free) to get EV/IC and ROIC/WACC for companies?
    19 October
    Peter Garnry Peter Garnry
    @SilverRanger I don't think there is an easy way at least free and public. Many numbers go into the calculation and they are typically not the ones...
  • Article / 03 August 2017 at 13:00 GMT

    ECB seems to anticipate a European financial crisis

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    ECB seems to anticipate a European financial crisis
    The European Central Bank is seeking tougher penalties on Eurozone members that fail to carry out reforms to avoid another financial crisis. Below the surface, tension is rising between member states and the ECB over the plan and timing of a retreat from ultra-loose monetary policy. And, above all, Italy looks like the Eurozone's problem child.
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    04 August
    vanita vanita
    Means it's not rgt time to buy Dax indices.
    So it's gud time to buy Nasdaq against Dax sell.
    After long time happy to see you again, Take Care...
    04 August
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Dear Vanita,

    Hello and I hope you are well?

    Both the DAX & NASDAQ have a similar technical aspect. Short-term selling, mid-rage neutral, longer-term buying.

    NASDAQ lifted by Apple in...
    04 August
    vanita vanita
    Thanks Steve for valuable comment.
  • Article / 27 July 2017 at 13:15 GMT

    Banking 10 years after the crisis

    Banking 10 years after the crisis
    Ten years have passed since the financial crisis caught the world economy by surprise. Although things look better now, financial institutions as well as the whole system are not yet out of the woods. Meanwhile, a big US investor has bought itself into the German market.
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    27 July
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Fact is the world financial system is far more leveraged than anything that existed in 2007. Central banks, in particular, have taken on exhaustive leveraging of...
  • Article / 28 June 2017 at 10:00 GMT

    Weekly Bond Update: Italy's bank rescue cements financial moral hazard

    Fixed Income trader / Saxo Bank
    Weekly Bond Update: Italy's bank rescue cements financial moral hazard
    It's been almost nine years since the Global Financial Crisis erupted and forever changed the financial world as we know it. The latest bank casualties of the crisis were found just this week in Italy, where a government rescue plan protects all senior bondholders as well as some subordinated bondholders from losses against the European Commission's lofty ambitions to make bond investors, too, pay for bailouts.
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  • 1y
    maxwellsterl70 maxwellsterl70
    This comment has been redacted