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  • Calendar event / 5 hours ago

    DE Ifo Business Climate Index

    Med Business Expectations Idx
    Med Business Sentiment Idx
    Med Current Conditions Idx
  • Video / 5 hours ago

    From the Floor: Macron victory sparks mighty relief rally— #SaxoStrats

    A first-round victory in Sunday's French presidential election for the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has ignited a sharp and broad relief rally across financial markets, with equity prices jumping and safe-haven gold and bonds sold off. Macron is tipped to handily defeat the far-right, anti-establishment contestant Marine Le Pen in the second-round ballot on May 7, but worries remain about the June parliamentary election.
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  • Article / 6 hours ago

    Morning Markets: EURUSD basks after Macron win

    Managing editor, / Saxo Bank
    Morning Markets: EURUSD basks after Macron win
    Emmanuel Macron was the favourite going into the first round of the French presidential election and his emergence as victor ahead of the Front National's Marine Le Pen will have him as the red-hot favourite in the run off on May 7. Euro is feeling the glow.
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  • Calendar event / 8 hours ago

    SG CPI

    Med CPI, Y/Y%
    Med CPI Food, Y/Y%
    Med Transport, Y/Y%
    Med Core CPI, Y/Y%
    Med Housing & Utilities, Y/Y%
  • Article / Friday at 14:51 GMT

    Loonie looking for love and not finding it

    FX Trade Strategist /
    Loonie looking for love and not finding it
    USDCAD has extend a rally that began over a week ago, supported by weaker-than-forecast Canadian inflation and a drop in oil prices. Meanwhile, French election jitters end on Sunday and begin anew on Monday as no candidate is seen winning an outright majority in this weekend's first round.
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  • Calendar event / Friday at 14:00 GMT

    US Existing Home Sales

    Med Existing Sales
    Med Existing Sales, M/M%
    Med Unsold Homes Month's Supply
    Med Median Price (USD)
    Med Median Home Price, Y/Y%
  • Article / Friday at 13:15 GMT

    WCU: Gold on French election alert, oil remains fragile

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    WCU: Gold on French election alert, oil remains fragile
    Big swings have been seen in commodity prices this past month. The agricultural sector remains under pressure from excessive supply and heavy speculative selling. It took just one bearish data point to send oil lower after a three-week surge. Gold, supported by lower yields and the US dollar combined with safe-haven demand, is back testing key resistance
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    Market Predator Market Predator
    Very nice summary of interesting Wk16.
    Rainbow Rainbow
    Allways a good outlook. This time as well. Last part though i bet you meen Silver, not Gold about the ½150s ;o)
    Rainbow Rainbow
    Sorry. You mean gold, not silver ;)
  • Article / Friday at 13:05 GMT

    Not so fantastic four

    Head of Trading / The ECU Group plc
    United Kingdom
    Not so fantastic four
    The four front-runners in France's presidential election are too close in the polls ahead of Sunday's first-round ballot to rule out any permutation for the May 7 run-off. Yesterday’s rally in the euro was partly tempered by an opinion poll showing a narrower margin of victory for the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron. For financial markets the most troubling combination would be a second round pitting the leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon with the far-right's Marine Le Pen.
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  • Calendar event / Friday at 12:30 GMT

    CA CPI

    Med All Items CPI, M/M%
    Med All Items CPI, Y/Y%
    Med CPI-Common, Y/Y%
    Med CPI-Median, Y/Y%
    Med CPI-Trim, Y/Y%