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  • Editor’s Picks / 20 November 2015 at 4:22 GMT

    Online sales stretch Chinese logistics to its limits

    South China Morning Post
    The annual Single's Day shopping event resulted in more than 678 million packages passing through China’s logistics system. China’s logistics system needs to keep pace with the exponential growth in online commerce, otherwise bottlenecks and other systemic shortcomings are likely to become a daily fact of life, according to industry experts. At current growth rates, next year’s Single's Day, the online shopping extravaganza intended to celebrate being single, is likely to result in more than 1 billion packages entering into China’s domestic distribution system. The system was already pushed to its limits this year.
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  • Trade view / 06 April 2015 at 22:31 GMT
    Strategic trade

    Alibaba’s logistics partner ZTO Express plans IPO

    China Watcher / Shanghai
    Alibaba logistics partner ZTO Express is planning an IPO in the next few years, in a move that will see its logistics coverage almost double over a five year period. I have long argued that because of’s better delivery service, Alibaba is losing ground to its Tencent-backed rival. But ZTO’s IPO should improve this. In addition, Alibaba’s own logistics collective is expanding both in China and overseas, as the firm targets the western and rural areas of China.
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