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  • Editor’s Picks / 17 November 2014 at 14:40 GMT

    Is the world running out of chocolate?

    Washington Post
    The Washington Post is reporting that world chocolate consumption is outpacing production by about 70,000 tonnes per year. By 2020, this deficit could swell to over 1 million tonnes — a 14-fold increase that could vastly alter the pricing of cocoa products. At the root of the shortfall are increasing consumption, dry weather in West Africa's cocoa-producing regions and a fungal disease called "frosty pod" which the International Cocoa Organization says has already wiped out up to 40% of cocoa crops worldwide. As cocoa farming is already a difficult business, many farmers are switching to other crops such as corn. On the consumption side, increased interest in China (although Chinese consumers still only consume about 5% as much chocolate as do Europeans) and the surging popularity of cocoa-rich dark chocolate are also hitting global supplies hard. The trend has seen cocoa prices rise by over 60% since 2012.
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  • Article / 23 October 2014 at 8:36 GMT

    Daily Shot: Russia's crude awakening Team / Saxo Bank
    Crude oil prices continue to slide, driven in part by a strengthening US dollar. This might be good news for consumers, but it is wreaking havoc on energy producers and the nations — such as Russia — that depend on them. Meanwhile, slumping coffee futures could mean cheaper beans... and a jittery, over-alert Northern hemisphere winter.
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    DP DP
    Thanks Walter. I like your style -- a few words, lots of graphs.

    "If there are fewer covenants to violate, there is less to worry about" --...