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  • 29 September
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Funds increased bullish bets on Brent crude to a fresh record in week to Sep. 26. Looking stretched with length also added again to products
    01 October
    torres089 torres089
    The largest traders are longs in CL
  • Squawk / 28 September 2017 at 12:56 GMT
    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    Brent Crude (Dec '17) had quite a morning, with a dip to 57.10 finding buyers just in time for the uptrend line on my daily chart (left). I have been bullish on this for a while and this trendline has served me well (it's at 57.26 today and is moving higher by around 33 cents per day) . It's one of those times when a move is well flagged and clear on the chart but "unloved" fundamentally, with no one really believing it can continue… These are my favourite times to be a chart-watcher and general "ignorer" of fundamentals!

    Our next upside target is on the weekly chart (right); at 60.95.
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  • 26 September
    FXKhaos FXKhaos
    Need adult supervision on the playing field. Russia and China could have done more in hindsight to prevent the current situation. They appear as two vultures perched...
  • Squawk / 25 September 2017 at 7:25 GMT
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    WTI Crude Oil Trading View: now having resistance zone 51.10 & recent high 50.67, above holding means 51.78 & 52.43 easily looking other wise again come down up to 49.82 & 49.10...
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  • 21 September
    Market Predator Market Predator
    @Ole: really looking forward to see your next COT, sir! Below I'm sending screen of EUR (Laveraged Funds). I hope longs will be reduced and hopefully shorts...
    21 September
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Hi MP. Thank you for your feedback. I will post the tables on TF sometime during the weekend.
    21 September
    Market Predator Market Predator
  • 20 September
    Keith Thomas Keith Thomas
    The above charts are titled JP225 Monthly, NAS100 Monthly and AUDJPY Monthly, but the charts shown are daily. Is their a particular reason for this? ...
    20 September
    Adam Courtenay Adam Courtenay
    Let me check this and get back to you...
    20 September
    Adam Courtenay Adam Courtenay
    Keith, we simply do it by the measure at the bottom. AUDJPY is a weekly chart and I've changed this...but if you can tell me where it...