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  • 2y
    Alan M Alan M
    Do you think there is any risk of a safe haven bid into italian bonds before the election like there was in eurozone bonds before brexit? Or...
    Althea Spinozzi Althea Spinozzi
    Hi Alan, it's a strong possibility , however the demand will be mostly domestic while international investors will move towards the Bunds. Although QE tapering's effects are...
    Jadira F. Norton Jadira F. Norton
    Hi Clare, This is amazing!
  • 3y
    fxtime fxtime
    IMHO haven status Gov't Bonds are affected not just by political events and base rates but as Bank Of America describe as cross asset skew. In times...
    fredajerusha fredajerusha
    This comment has been redacted
  • Article / 19 October 2016 at 14:34 GMT

    Cash is king and it will be put to work

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    Cash is king and it will be put to work
    Funds may be holding onto the biggest pile of cash since 9/11, but the caution is understandable and there is good reason to expect that the money will once again be put to good use once events assuage our fears on extremism.
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    Travis Travis
    I have read your writings for years, and always enjoy them. That is why I was shocked to see you think Hillary is good for an economy....
    Travis Travis
    This is totally socialist thinking. Don't dare to dream. Don't dare to achieve great things. You've completely abandoned hope in a better future for instead maintaining the...
    Travis Travis
    America would have never become a super power soo quickly if it had such status quo defeated thinking. How did Trump turn a small amount of money...
  • 4y
    Sanha Sanha
    HI Simon
    You can also look at the Indian Government bonds, with the plummeting stock markets we see the fall in bond prices as well( yields going up)...
  • Video / 06 November 2015 at 8:02 GMT

    Fasdal: How to trade the year end

    Simon Fasdal
    Saxo's Simon Fasdal discusses why his team's emerging market call in September has been proved right and is still interesting for investors. Europe is also exciting him as he believes further quantitative easing by the European Central Bank could ignite an end of year rally into 2016.
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