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  • Squawk / 21 April 2016 at 12:43 GMT
    Senior Analyst /
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Meet the Best Traders in the World

    “Although I’ve witnessed uncountable demo contests the world over, these are the most impressive results I’ve ever seen, despite the vagaries of the markets.” – Analyst75

    Here is more info about the guy’s results:

    Contestant name: A.D.
    Position: 1st
    Opening balance: 2,500 USD
    Volume traded: 34,230.80 lots
    Number of trades: 316 trades
    Final balance 1,433,480 USD
    Gains: 57,239.20%
    Contest duration: 4 weeks
    Prize money: 5,000 USD

    The contestant who came second turned 2,500 USD into 741,365 (29,554.60%). The contestant who came third turned 2,500 USD into 713,076 (28,423.04%). All within 4 weeks. I’ll not mention clean results of many other traders in that contest.


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  • Editor’s Picks / 28 May 2015 at 14:23 GMT

    'Hands up' Fifa! The sheriff's in town

    The finance world and football don't often collide but perhaps they should — after all, this is a multi-billion dollar business and no single event can quite live up to the World Cup, including the Olympics. So when Swiss police arrested seven officials Wednesday for extradition to the US as part of an investigation that stretches back to the controversial decisions to grant Russia and Qatar the next world cups in 2018 and 2022 respectively, the implications are enormous. World Cup sponsors like McDonald's and Visa have already voiced their concern, but, asks Noah Feldman, why is the US getting involved in the first place for a sport it feels no great love or affinity for? And might this be just the kind of "extraterritorial imperialism" on the part of the US that irritates so much of the globe?
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    JulieDeiy JulieDeiy
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  • 5y
    V for Vendetta V for Vendetta
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    V for Vendetta V for Vendetta
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  • 5y
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    (but we know you're in the running for that jersey!)
    Madzz Madzz
    Cool, am i the only one who played Korea?
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    I think you quite possibly are. We also had a couple for Australia
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    Cambellcole Cambellcole
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