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Views on Outrageous Predictions
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  • Squawk / 17 March 2014 at 1:17 GMT
    basIC basIC
    re. Outrageous Predictions 2013:


    Ukraine seriously considers / evaluates the feasibility of a breakup into EAST Ukraine (approaching Russia and Patriach of Moscow / russian language) and WEST Ukraine (approaching EU and Kiev Patriachate / ukrainian language).
    commentrecommendlink to this30 November 2013 at 0:48 GMT+1"

    Spot on, not yet?
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  • 21 December
    Stefan Brylle Geisler Stefan Brylle Geisler
    Did you make sure you have Adobe Reader installed before you clicked Download PDF?
  • Squawk / 17 December 2013 at 7:56 GMT
    Felicity A Glover Felicity A Glover
    Editor in Chief, / Saxo Bank
    Congratulations to Johann Mare, the winner of our Ultimate Dinner for 2, who entered the following Outrageous Prediction:

    South Africa will experience huge political upheaval, splitting the ruling party, leading to extreme levels of violence and resulting in high levels of industrial action that, combined with a gold price of 1,100 USD/oz, results in the closure of up to 50 percent of gold mines. Inflation will skyrocket to double digits (about 15 percent), USDZAR will get to 22. Welcome to "South Zimbabwe".
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  • 8h
    Ne👐smach11 Ne👐smach11
    Le cas c'est si un effondrement en dollar viendra ceux qui disent cela c'est qu'ils sont pas attentif parce que l'entreprise n'a pas su bien travaillé alors...
    Ne👐smach11 Ne👐smach11
    TRADUCTION: The case is whether the dollar will collapse those who say this is that they are not careful because the company did not know worked well...
    Ne👐smach11 Ne👐smach11
    TRADUCTION: If you are credible increase of 1% of $ 2,000 would be a good market, while if you put a labor on the level of 3%...
  • 17 December
    bvlaerhoven bvlaerhoven
    4. The whole advertising business model of companies like Facebook and Twitter to collapse

    Internet is a fast moving business and looking at advertising is a time consuming action....
  • 18 December
    Muzjak Muzjak
    @Ole Hmm seems like the backwardation actually increased today and the spot remains elevated even with "taper on". Is there a specific level for backardation after which...
    19 December
    Muzjak Muzjak
    @Ole You see right now in WTI, the front month went up, but the back months actually went down, so seems like back months are not that...
    19 December
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    The inventory report yesterday is lending some support to the front end together with the general positive growth outlook following yesterdays taper announcement from the US Fed....
  • 10 December
    MartinS MartinS
    how come? sounds rather fanciful...
    11 December
    Muzjak Muzjak
    You mean 2014? :)