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    AlexF AlexF
    They are also bullish for oil in H2
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    I dont disagree with the USDCAD view. I wrote something similar last week
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    I haven't looked at AUDCAD today
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 10:59 GMT

    GB BP

    Med Dividend
  • 1d
    Market Predator Market Predator
    @Saxostrats team: thanks for everyday broadcasted GMCs. Respect for Ole Hansen's business trip in APAC region but personally I really miss all week commodity update coverage. Saxo...
  • 1d
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    Note these levels are for September '17 Futures.
    Norberto Norberto
    OK Clive thank you
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 6:07 GMT
    Technical Analyst / PIA-First
    United Kingdom
    Direct Line Group continues to trade within a medium term downtrend. In the last couple of sessions we have seen a rejection at the medium term trend resistance line and also the top of a range that has developed over the past few months.

    This rejection is likely to trigger a move to the lower end of the channel at 332p.

    332p is a huge support level that has held since July 2015. If this breaks to the downside, then I would expect to see a sharp move lower as large top pattern completes.

    The shares rank towards the bottom of my fundamental model, scoring poorly on growth and profitability metrics.

    My trade today is to sell on the open.
    Target 1 is for a move to the bottom of the range at 332p, then if this breaks look for a move towards 245p over the medium term.

    Stop loss on the trade is at 374p
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  • Squawk / Thursday at 6:07 GMT
    Technical Analyst / PIA-First
    United Kingdom
    Royal Mail Group (RMG:xlon) has rallied into multiple resistance levels and appears to be rolling over to the downside.

    The shares have formed a range pattern on the daily chart and are now trading at the upper end of this pattern.

    With the medium term trend remaining firmly bearish, we look to use this as an opportunity to sell.

    The shares do rank above average in our fundamental model, scoring particularly well on value and momentum metrics.

    I believe from a price perspective that the shares are at a good level to sell.

    Our trade today is to sell at the open

    Stop loss at 452p
    Target at 400p
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  • Trade view / Wednesday at 13:28 GMT
    Short term

    Looking higher for GBPJPY on fresh BoE rhetoric —#SaxoStrats

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Sterling is rebounding sharply on comments from the Bank of England's Andrew Haldane supporting a strong rise in short UK rates. Sterling's ability to rally on this kind of news despite the overhanging uncertainty of Brexit looks supportive for more sterling strength, especially against the Japanese yen, where yields are held back by the Bank of Japan's policy.
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  • Article / Wednesday at 8:30 GMT

    Hoping for a sensible Brexit deal

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    Hoping for a sensible Brexit deal
    Brexit talks have begun, and the UK is in a weaker position that it was before the June 8 election reduced prime minister May's mandate. Still, a fair deal remains best for both parties... will cooler heads prevail?
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    C.A.L. gr C.A.L. gr
    Excellent analysis. I also fully agree with the hope about "cool heads", although I'm rather sceptical of whether they will prevail...
    spangles spangles
    Why are required to make any payment> I understand that the High Court has already said that we have no legal liability. In fact we have £9...
  • Squawk / Wednesday at 6:42 GMT
    Technical Analyst / PIA-First
    United Kingdom
    European markets are set to open weaker this morning and were dragged lower yesterday by weaker oil prices.

    BP has been trading in a neat range for the past few weeks and we saw a firm rejection at the upper end of this range yesterday.

    I now expect to see a move towards the lower end of this channel and potentially a break lower.

    The lower end of the range comes in at 440p, if this breaks then the implied target on the downside is 403p.

    The shares have been downgraded this morning by Macquarie Bank to 'Underperform' from 'Neutral'

    BP also score very poorly in my fundamental ranking model.

    Trade today is to sell at market, initially targeting 440p, then a move lower to 403p.

    Stop loss at 477p
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    Liam Conroy Liam Conroy
    what time horizon joe?
    Joe Neighbour Joe Neighbour
    Morning Liam,
    I would say 1-3 weeks.
    Joe Neighbour Joe Neighbour
    BP making new lows on a relative basis versus the FTSE100 at the moment.
    Key support is 440p.
    Bring stop down to 470p from 477p