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  • Trade view / 20 November 2017 at 11:16 GMT
    Medium term

    Altice bonds offer attractive yields — #SaxoStrats

    Fixed income Specialist / Saxo Bank
    We believe that Altice 7.25% May 2022 unsecured notes (B3/B) offer an attractive yield of approx. 6% (YTW). The longer 6.25% unsecured notes due February 2025 offer also a yield of approx. 6% and they are less likely to be called amid changes of capital structure.
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  • 3y
    helicongrowth helicongrowth
    You don't suppose they will create an oil price squeeze in time for the IPO ????
    John G Acher John G Acher
    You should be advising the Saudis, helicongrowth.
  • Editor’s Picks / 01 May 2016 at 23:02 GMT

    China cops unfair blame in global steel crisis

    South China Morning Post
    Controversy over steel “dumping” is a political gift horse for US and European steelmakers, and it is being worked as noisily as possible. In Europe, debate rages over whether anti-dumping duties should be imposed on China. We should not forget that Europe-wide, significantly more companies and workers benefit from using cheap steel than suffer because of it. The state of the world steel industry is but one illustration of the dreadful harm inflicted on the world economy by the excesses through from 1990 to 2007. The temptation to beat up on China may be hard to resist at present, but we should remember that despite all the sins we want to blame on China, it is China that will play the pivotal part our recovery.
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  • Squawk / 26 April 2016 at 17:51 GMT
    Growth Advisor
    #MT:xams #ArcelorMittal is back on investors radar #SaxoStrats
    The tide must surely have turned. In October #SaxoStrats: ArcelorMittal weak as steel was a #great call. When panic hit the sector in the first quarter the stock traded down to 2.0348 on the 11th of February. Mittal’s fortune has plummeted. Africa seems to be a lost story again as the commodity collapse is unveiling the inefficient allocation of the money from the commodity boom. Analysts are seemingly showing their love of the stock. Average price targets are nearer to the 5.50 and as we known when investors start running the stock will rise with the speed that it fell. From current levels it would not be unreasonable to see a rise of 25pct and then maybe 50pct. It’s a volatile stock so any exposure should be kept within reason so as to enjoy the ride.
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