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  • 2d
    FXKhaos FXKhaos
    Wish you and your team also a year of positive growth and success!
    Madjid Madjid
    Hi Kay,
    Many thanks, can youplease add the link to this week's recording of the Macro Monday call
    Hong Wei Lee Hong Wei Lee
    @Madjid Unfortunately due to technical issue, the replay of the call wasn’t saved.
  • Calendar event / Sunday at 23:50 GMT
    Med Trade Balance (JPY)
    Med Imports, Y/Y%
    Med Exports, Y/Y%
    Med Exports To Asia, Y/Y%
    Med Exports To China, Y/Y%
    Med Exports To US, Y/Y%
    Med Exports To Europe, Y/Y%
  • Calendar event / 13 February 2018 at 23:50 GMT
    Med Real GDP, Q/Q%
    Med Real GDP-Annualized
    Med Nominal GDP, Q/Q%
    Med Nominal GDP-Annualized
    Med Domestic Demnd-Pct Pts Contrib To Growth
    Med External Demnd-Pct Pts Contrib To Growth
    Med Private Inv-Pct Pts Contrib To Growth
    Med Private Consumption, Q/Q %
    Med Private Capital Outlays , Q/Q%
    Med Public Fixed Investment, Q/Q%
    Med Deflator, Y/Y%
  • 08 February
    lee88 lee88
    Hi Mr Seas.... u agree... No?... excuse me.. but kind of stupid ... dont u think..???
    08 February
    lee88 lee88
    Then again.... i almost forgot SAXO is a market maker....sorry
    09 February
    Kay Van-Petersen Kay Van-Petersen
    usxau, seas, lee88... TGIF & thx for the comments.

    So a few things... its very onerous for me to put trade views on, i.e. has to go...
  • Calendar event / 07 February 2018 at 23:50 GMT

    JP Balance of Payments

    Med Current Account (JPY)
    Med Goods and Services (JPY)
    Med Trade Balance (JPY)