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  • 09 March
    Market Predator Market Predator
    Hello Althea. If you speak about possible 30bp correction (in yield) what does it represent on price chart? Currently we trade about 136.05
    Last week on Friday market...
  • 07 March
    Marcus Sava Marcus Sava
    Perhaps investors do not consider five stars movement populist anymore. If you look at the ministers presented last week by Di Maio, they look like the ministers...
  • 05 March
    djustoe djustoe
    What was the reason for the large swing in U.S equities this afternoon? There was no real news on trump's tariffs?
  • 05 March
    JulioCésar JulioCésar
    Table size and image quality is lamentable... It is impossible to read. May you please increase image size or image quality?
    07 March
    Robert Ryan Robert Ryan
    Sorry about that. The author has kindly provided a clearer version of the table. If you click on it now, it should be easier to read.
  • 28 February
    Marcus Sava Marcus Sava
    Hi Althea, very interesting, I agree regarding EUR and USD denominated bonds, perhaps CHF denominated bonds of Slovakia are still attractive compared to Switzerland ones.
  • Calendar event / 28 February 2018 at 10:00 GMT

    IT Provisional CPI

    Med Provisional CPI
    Low CPI, Y/Y%
    Low CPI, M/M%
  • 27 February
    fxtime fxtime
    Hmmm not sure this could be a black swan event as there is just too much complacency here.Italy may well stall on immigration and place additional strain...
    06 March
    David12 David12
    Hi Fxtime, may I have your email address ?
  • 31 January
    Market Predator Market Predator
    Hello Althea. MP is really happy reading this italian bond narrative. I had very same view and since Jan-2018. I'm shorting CDF 10YBTPMAR18 on my live Saxo...
    01 February
    Alan M Alan M
    Do you think there is any risk of a safe haven bid into italian bonds before the election like there was in eurozone bonds before brexit? Or...
    01 February
    Althea Spinozzi Althea Spinozzi
    Hi Alan, it's a strong possibility , however the demand will be mostly domestic while international investors will move towards the Bunds. Although QE tapering's effects are...