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  • 3d
    John Shaw John  Shaw
    Ontario will seek creditor protection 5 years or less. No way they can handle the downturn that we are entering. It's suicide. Mad suicide....
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Hi Clare. Ontario is a province in Canada. Toronto is the capital city.. And.Mr Shaw may be exaggerating, we hope.
  • Article / Tuesday at 7:01 GMT

    Morning Markets: Germany 1 Greece 0

    Morning Markets: Germany 1 Greece 0
    Germany's unemployment fell to a 24-year low in May and today’s update for June might send numbers higher again. Greece's shadow remains, but the case is still intact for thinking that the US will continue to post moderately stronger Consumer Confidence numbers after a weak first quarter.
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    Clemens Bomsdorf Clemens Bomsdorf
    German unemployment dropped by another 1,000 people - this is less than estimated and the unemployment rates stays at a record low 6.4%. Also, the year-on-year employment...
  • Article / Monday at 11:30 GMT

    Crude oil under pressure as Iran deadline looms

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Crude oil under pressure as Iran deadline looms
    Crude oil has fallen to a three-week low as the risk of Greek contagion and the Iran nuclear negotiations have caused some nervous trading conditions. Diplomats in Vienna are close to a deal which would curb Iran's nuclear programme. The sanctions which have sharply reduced Iran's ability to export crude could be lifted if the negotiations are successful.
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    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Crude oil bouncing as US traders turn up for work. They seem to be less concerned about Greece and Iran than others. WTI Crude chart attached
  • Editor’s Picks / 24 June 2015 at 10:11 GMT

    How Iran could drop WTI to $50/b

    Oil markets may be relying on today's US inventory report for support, but a far larger catalyst is waiting in the wings in the form of Iran. If Tehran is able to reach a deal with six world powers over its nuclear programme by June 30, the lifting of economic sanctions against the country could see oil markets flooded by Iranian crude. According to Byron King, editor of the Outstanding Investments newsletter, “Iran has at least 34 large tankers full of oil – about 50 million barrels or more – ready to 'sell and sail' if sanctions are lifted". King adds that some of this oil may have already been "pre-sold" or otherwise accounted for, and thus represents "a massive distortion waiting to hit markets". WTI oil is currently trading at $61.35/barrel.
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    24 June
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    Hi ozy, if I were you, I would follow Ole Hansen who writes/comments regularly on this in From the Floor and his own articles. At the...
    24 June
    ozy ozy
    Hi Martin, I follow him..
    24 June
    ozy ozy
    Personally, do you believe they could reach a deal end of month?
  • Editor’s Picks / 22 June 2015 at 10:26 GMT

    Iran set to unleash 1 mil b/d if nuclear deal sealed

    The Telegraph
    Iran is poised to flood oil markets with an extra one million barrels/day of oil if it can get a binding agreement on curbing its nuclear programme at the end of June effectively cutting off at the knees any prospect of the oil "rally" heading any higher and piling pressure on US shale oil producers, says Andrew Critchlow. It could also set up a battle for supremacy within oil cartel Opec as kingpin Saudi Arabia readies itself for an assault from its fundamentalist rival with a likely increase of production to 12 mil b/d. A tectonic shift could be about to take place, says Critchlow, as Iran sets about offering sweeteners for international oil companies to come in and provide the investment needed to fully exploit its reserves.
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  • 08 June
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Well it could come into play if we get closer during this week, let's see...
    08 June
    KdGfutures KdGfutures
    hey Ole short xaueur seems a good catch in the short run..what do you think?
    09 June
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Hey KdG. XAUEUR has certainly turned out to be most volatile of the two gold crosses lately. Currently testing the May low at €1038.6 so lets see....