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  • Editor’s Picks / 10 hours ago

    US must admit its Middle East mistakes

    Global Economic Analysis
    Mish Shedlock is not one to mince his words and a disagreement with one of his readers on the US stance over Syria sees him in fine, swashbuckling form. Until the US comes clean about its responsibility for "the huge mess in the MidEast", says Shedlock, there can be no solution neither to the horrors in the likes of Syria, nor the subsequent commodities ripples and migration crises that shake global financial markets. "The US has one hell of a lot to apologise for," he says, and a come-clean strategy that accepts the help of Iran and Russia in solving the mess would be a good starting point.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Friday at 1:39 GMT

    Middle East in turmoil, but no fear premium on oil – yet

    The Guardian Australia
    Instability stretches across the Middle East, with the Arab Spring a distant memory. And yet, remarkably, even as most of the region began to burn, oil prices collapsed. In the past, instability in the region triggered global recessions. This time around, Middle East instability is far more severe and widespread. But there appears to be no “fear premium” on oil prices; on the contrary, oil prices have declined sharply since 2014. Why? Unlike in the past, the turmoil has not caused a supply shock. However a burning Middle East could destabilise the world in many ways.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 18 September 2015 at 4:56 GMT

    Tehran targets China in tight oil supply tussle

    South China Morning Post
    In the race to supply crude to the world’s biggest energy user, the tussle for second place that’s too close to call. Russia, Angola and Iran are vying to be runner-up to Saudi Arabia as top seller to China. The contest is set to intensify as Iran seeks to recover market share lost due to sanctions. China is the biggest oil buyer in Asia, a region that will use 23.4 million barrels a day in 2015 – about 25% of worldwide consumption. China will consume 10.9 million barrels a day this year. Russia has advantages in supplying China: a direct pipeline, and the nearby port of Kozmino in Russia’s east for seaborne shipments.
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  • 15 September
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Hi John: I think the Fed hikes rates on Thursday. They won't want to admit that the US recovery is struggling, believe that inflation could...
    15 September
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Marran, I think goldfinger has real good point. check out the Province of Ontario. The Liberal Party is really an extension and puppet of the Provincial...
    16 September
    Hisham Boulos Hisham Boulos
    Ya they are very creative with taxing their inhabitants .. and proudly making them poor .. or on the poverty line .. majority that is .. ...
  • 04 September
    Kimpoy Kimpoy
    This comment has been redacted
  • 04 September
    Kimpoy Kimpoy
    This comment has been redacted
  • Article / 03 September 2015 at 9:04 GMT

    From the Floor: Markets ready to pounce if ECB dovish

    Saxo Bank
    From the Floor: Markets ready to pounce if ECB dovish
    The European Central Bank's policymakers could be forced today to signal the bank is lowering its inflation forecast or preparing to add fuel to its quantitative easing programme, which would soften the euro and possibly boost riskier asset classes, such as south European bonds and corporate bonds. Markets get a respite today from the recent Asian whiplash, as Chinese markets are closed today and tomorrow for a public holiday.
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  • Article / 25 August 2015 at 11:00 GMT

    Crude recovery? Not with this global glut

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    This mornings' strong equity bounce has helped support a recovery in oil. But with the persistent focus on a global supply glut and now worries about Chinese demand the foundation for a recovery has yet to be laid.
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    25 August
    ozy ozy
    What about if iran deal doesn't work and rigs in us start to close again, so if we see inventories down... I have turned to long from...