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  • Article / Friday at 16:00 GMT

    Is infrastructure spending an enabler or boondoggle?

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    Is infrastructure spending an enabler or boondoggle?
    Infrastructure spending is needed across the developed world, and financial markets appear to have sat up and taken note as Donald Trump’s message grew louder. The way forward cannot be based on wasteful state spending, so private debt or equity financing should play a larger role.
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  • Article / 16 February 2017 at 13:34 GMT

    Challenging Convention?

    Head of Trading / The ECU Group plc
    United Kingdom
    Challenging Convention?
    After the release of some interesting data points for the UK and US, we discuss the market reactions, our views of currency valuations relative to expectations – and thus where we see value in forex.
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  • Calendar event / 16 February 2017 at 0:30 GMT

    AU Labour Force

    High Employment-SA, M/M
    High Unemployment Rate-SA
    Med Full-Time Workers-SA, M/M
    Med Part-Time Workers-SA, M/M
    Med Participation Rate-SA
    Med Hours Worked-Aggregate-SA, M/M
  • Calendar event / 15 February 2017 at 9:30 GMT

    GB UK monthly unemployment figures

    High Jobless Claimants % of Workforce
    High Jobless Claimants-Adj
    Med Avg Earnings Ex-Bonuses, 3-Mo
    Med Unemployment Rate, 3-Mo
    Med Unemployment, Net Chg, 3-Mo
  • Article / 14 February 2017 at 14:47 GMT

    Kobayashi euro

    Head of Trading / The ECU Group plc
    United Kingdom
    Kobayashi euro
    Despite a recent uptick in economic growth and inflation in Europe, the region's prospects are not so rosy, since much of the improvement is due to base effects and energy prices. Financial markets today look to Fed chief Janet Yellen for clues on monetary policy, and we argue that US fiscal policy "trumps" monetary policy at the current juncture.
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