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  • Calendar event / Friday at 13:30 GMT

    CA Labour Force Survey

    Med Avg Hourly Wages, Y/Y
    Med Full-Time Jobs, M/M
    Med Jobless Rate
    Med Net Jobs, M/M
    Med Labor Force, M/M
    Med Participation Rate
    Med Part-Time Jobs, M/M
  • 2d
    Orgil Orgil
    Hello John Hardy. i have one question. If the NFPL data shows 200k+ jobs, will EURUSD can reach 1.1050
  • Article / Friday at 6:30 GMT

    NFP Preview: US jobs machine seen gearing down

    Head of Macro & Quantitative Strategies / Saxo Bank
    NFP Preview: US jobs machine seen gearing down
    The US jobs report for January arrives today amid increased uncertainty about the global economy and its vulnerability to the Chinese slowdown as well as widespread market scepticism about the pace of US interest rate hikes going forward. The consensus expectation is for an increase of 190,000 nonfarm jobs, though our forecast is slightly more bullish at 224,000. The red-hot US jobs market is likely to slow in 2016 after booming in the fourth quarter of 2015.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Thursday at 12:26 GMT

    What Google says about the US economy

    Market Monetarist
    Danish economist Lars Christensen is mostly known for having warned about the Icelandic meltdown well ahead of the fact. He still tries to make readers of his blog aware of what the future might bring. Today he looks at the US economy and what Google search term trends say about the future of the world's most important economy and hence, what they have to say about markets. Having noticed that the word "unemployment" is soaring in recent search statistics Christensen is worried and states: "This certainly is an indication of a very sharp deterioration of US labour market conditions right now." He adds that "I seriously thought that Janet Yellen was well aware of the dangers of repeating the mistakes of 1937. Apparently I was wrong."
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