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  • Article / Yesterday at 13:22 GMT

    US stocks verge on December seasonal pattern

    Trader /
    United States
    US stocks verge on December seasonal pattern
    The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 were firm last week, while the Russell 2000 significantly outperformed, which is a positive sign for stocks in the very near term. This week, however, is loaded with events on the macro front, above all the European Central Bank's meeting on Thursday and the US jobs report on Friday, which means there's enough to create wild swings in most asset classes. US stocks tend to be firm in Thanksgiving week, then soften, and then come back into demand in mid-December, and this article outlines that seasonal pattern.
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    fxtime fxtime
    seasonals for spx cash fwiw.....
  • Article / Friday at 17:14 GMT

    Black Friday shoppers snap up US dollars

    FX Consultant / IFXA Ltd
    A blast of dollar buying crowned a choppy and drama-laden week, shortened for many by the US Thanksgiving holiday but rendered unforgettable by Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter plane. Next week's calendar is heavy with major events, above all the ECB's meeting on Thursday and Opec on Friday.
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    Hisham Boulos Hisham Boulos
    Thanks Mike, nice one as usual, BTW you seem sure of the rate hike .. and also seems to be saying it is likely the USD will...