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  • Article / 12 hours ago

    Morning Report APAC: Japan's CPI falls for fifth straight month

    APAC Sales Trading Desk / Saxo Capital Markets
    Morning Report APAC: Japan's CPI falls for fifth straight month
    Japan's core inflation remained negative at minus 0.4% nationally in July. Meanwhile, markets are quiet ahead of Fed Chair Janet Yellen's speech tonight. Overnight, US durable goods rose more than expected while the US Services PMI fell to 50.9, the lowest level since February. The USD was sold off ahead of Yellen's speech.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 2:33 GMT

    Japanese seek bargains as economy limps

    Three years of so-called "Abenomics", Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's bold stimulus program, has failed to dislodge a deflationary mindset among businesses and consumers. Leika Kihara writes as the world's third-largest economy falters again – with a stronger yen gnawing at overseas profits and domestic consumption sapping companies' confidence to invest or sufficiently raise wages – firms that increased their prices in the hope of a sustained recovery are rethinking their strategy.
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    seas seas
    Maybe they get off the roller coaster and fix the rate.
  • Article / Wednesday at 0:02 GMT

    Little to arrest Aussie's upwards trajectory

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    Little to arrest Aussie's upwards trajectory
    The odds are increasing that one G10 country will break ranks and abandon inflation-targeting and with a new Reserve Bank governor about to be sworn in, Australia has a chance to lead the way. But will it have the nerve?
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  • 2d
    Market Predator Market Predator
    Interesting to teach new issue every day. Today it's Libor :)
    Thx. Steen, interesting.
  • 3d
    BullionGuide BullionGuide
    The Fed isn't going to raise rates before the election (in the United States), most of the individuals in the FOMC are or lean liberal (Democrat). ...
  • Editor’s Picks / Monday at 1:55 GMT

    India’s new central banker faces nervy markets after Rajan rally

    Investors in Indian markets have a recent rally in bonds and stocks to thank for any nervousness Urjit Patel’s appointment as central bank boss is causing. Benchmark 10-year bond yields dropped to a seven-year low and the S&P BSE Sensex has surged 5% since current governor Raghuram Rajan announced on June 18 that he won’t seek another term. Rupee forwards advanced 0.1% in Singapore early Monday, after Patel’s appointment was announced Saturday. The currency fell 0.4% on Friday.
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  • Article / Monday at 1:29 GMT

    Morning Report APAC: USD rallies on bullish Fed speeches

    APAC Sales Trading Desk / Saxo Capital Markets
    Morning Report APAC: USD rallies on bullish Fed speeches
    The USD rallied following two bullish Fed speeches on the weekend. San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams said a return to rate hikes “makes sense" while Fed Vice-Chairman Stanley Fischer said the central bank is close to meeting its targets for full employment and inflation. Meanwhile, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said there’s a "sufficient chance" of more easing at its policy meeting next month.
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  • 19 August
    fxtime fxtime
    A cynic might suggest the Fed are trying to appear to be managing fiscal balance and that their confusing signals are merely their ongoing considerations where as...