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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 23:15 GMT

    Get real, economists, things are worse than you think

    Business Spectator
    The IMF has made a hash of forecasts in recent years. Its most recent forecast downgraded the global growth for this year to just 3.5% from the earlier 3.8% figure. IMF analysts Giang Ho and Paolo Mauro say that there is a clear optimism bias in forecasts made by their own institution, and those prepared by the OECD, the World Bank, and government and private-sector economists as well. In a depressing finding that has implications for for fiscal and monetary policymakers, they say economists tend to believe the future "will always be as good as or even better than the past and present". Part of the tendency may stem from human nature; part may come from extrapolating past trends.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 12:48 GMT

    Has the Eurozone found its mojo?

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Ideas
    United Kingdom
    Has the Eurozone found its mojo?
    With the European economy making its surprising recovery, investors may find themselves wondering if the European Central Bank's aggressive quantitative easing programme was as necessary as it once appeared.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 9:31 GMT

    From the floor: India's second rate-cut suprise

    Editor / Saxo Bank
    From the floor: India's second rate-cut suprise
    The Reserve Bank of India has announced a surprise cut its key interest rate for the second time this year. The unexpected rate cut of 25 bps to 7.5% comes only four days after Prime Minister Modi announced big plans to boost Indian growth through corporate tax cuts and increased infrastructure spending.
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  • 14h
    John J Hardy John J Hardy
    Or not waiting, as the case seems to be - Services PMI surveys out of Europe this morning not particularly inspiring
  • Article / Yesterday at 5:57 GMT

    3 Numbers: EU retail spending stronger, US jobs, US services

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: EU retail spending stronger, US jobs, US services
    Mounting evidence is supporting a mild recovery for the Eurozone, especially if retail sales come in stronger as they are predicted to do. Across the Atlantic, the focus will be on US employment – where the outlook is optimistic – and non-manufacturing services, which is on track for another healthy number.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 5:25 GMT

    India surprises with a second interest-rate cut

    The Reserve Bank of India surprised markets on Wednesday by cutting rates for the second time this year, sending stocks to a record high. CNBC reports the central bank lowered its benchmark repo rate by 25 basis points to 7.5%. The previous cut, which was also unscheduled, took place mid-January when the central bank shaved rates by a quarter point. The move sent the Nifty index soaring to a record 9,008 at the open, while the BSE sensex jumped to a two-month high.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 5:05 GMT

    Apple leads Samsung in Q4 smartphone sales: Gartner

    Apple is now the world’s biggest smartphone maker in terms of worldwide sales according to a new estimate that puts its fourth-quarter figures ahead of rival Samsung’s numbers. Jack Linshi writes for Time that while Apple reported worldwide sales of 74.8 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2014, a report by research firm Gartner published Tuesday estimates Samsung sold 73 million units during the same period. If accurate – Samsung doesn’t report out its smartphone sales – that would mean Apple overtook Samsung as the world’s top smartphone maker by global sales for the first time since late 2011.
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