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  • Calendar event / 3 hours ago

    CA GDP

    High Qtrly Annualized % Chg
    Med GDP, M/M%
    Med Imports, Q/Q%
    Med Exports, Q/Q%
    Med Domestic Demand, Q/Q%
    Med Business Inventories (CAD)
  • Article / 7 hours ago

    From the Floor: Red alert as China fears intensify

    Deputy Editor /
    From the Floor: Red alert as China fears intensify
    Fear is sweeping through world financial markets this morning as depressing evidence of China's increasingly poor economic health triggered sharp falls on Asian bourses and battered already-weakened emerging market and commodity currencies. Crude oil is a standout exception to the rout and has experienced its biggest rally in 25 years.
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  • Calendar event / 7 hours ago

    IT GDP

    Med GDP, Q/Q%
    Med GDP, Y/Y%
  • Editor’s Picks / 8 hours ago

    No 'quick fix' for low oil prices: Opec

    Oil may have just completed its strongest three-day rally in a quarter of a century, but prices are still well off 2014 levels as a supply-driven rout continues to rage through markets. In a statement released yesterday, Opec said that low prices remain a concern for its members and there is "no quick fix" for the glut that has enveloped the oil market and driven prices lower. "Oil is losing the shale war" said analyst Richard Hastings of Global Hunter Securities; "without oil prices at exceptionally high prices, then [Opec members] are staring at big troubles". Brent crude is currently trading at $53.06/barrel.
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    msca99 msca99
    The US has dramatically increased production, and OPEC kept pumping at the same rate. As a result supply has exceeded demand for oil for a sustained time...