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  • Article / 2 hours ago

    3 Numbers: Weak UK inflation, German ZEW data, US small-business mood

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: Weak UK inflation, German ZEW data, US small-business mood
    The UK economy is in a sweet spot at the moment, but soft pricing pressure could point to trouble ahead. In Germany, ZEW survey data is likely to reflect the pain of China's slowdown with a weaker number for October. On the other side of the Atlantic, softer jobs growth could dent US small business optimism, and sound a warning about the macro outlook for the world's leading economy.
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  • Calendar event / 4 hours ago

    CN Trade

    High Trade Balance (USD)
    High Exports, Y/Y%
    High Imports, Y/Y%
    Med Trade Balance (CNY)
    Med Exports, Y/Y% (Yuan Terms)
    Med Imports, Y/Y% (Yuan Terms)
  • Editor’s Picks / 6 hours ago

    Wall St banks prepare to sing the blues

    With Wall Street banks about to report on how much money they've been making, estimates are moving in the wrong direction. Jeff Cox writes that coming off a quarter in which the industry collectively reported $43 billion in profits, analysts had been hoping a rising rate environment and increasing demand would keep things moving for the $15.1 trillion sector. However, fading hopes for a rate hike in 2015 and other factors are making analysts nervous about just how the quarterly profit reports will shape up.
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    yuiyui yuiyui
  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 21:53 GMT

    Indonesia's return to Opec to bring output headache

    Jakarta Globe
    The Opec policy meeting in December will welcome Indonesia's return as a member, complicating a decision by the producer group on whether to raise its oil output target. After refusing to cut output last year, Opec is pumping much more than its target of 30 million barrels/day because of near-record Saudi and Iraqi production, and increases elsewhere in the group. Indonesia's return will expand Opec to 13 members and add 900,000 barrels/day to output. That will push Opec output to almost 32.50 million barrels/day and in theory calls for the target to be increased. The matter is controversial, as raising the target is bearish for prices. The issue could resurrect the thorny topic of national output quotas.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 21:35 GMT

    Turkish attacks weigh on lira, bourse

    Nikkei Asian Review
    Turkish stocks and the lira fell on Monday and debt insurance costs rose as a blast that killed up to 128 people raised fears of pre-election turmoil, though many other emerging assets extended their recent gains. The bombings are likely to exacerbate divisions between supporters of Turkey's ruling AK Party and Kurdish groups before the November 1 vote. The lira weakened 0.6% against the dollar, after hitting an eight-week high last week, while Istanbul stocks slipped 0.4%. Elsewhere the mood appeared buoyant, with emerging equities rising 0.75% to two-month highs as markets grow increasingly convinced the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates until 2016.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 13:15 GMT

    Oily loonie flying too high

    Director / Accumen Management
    United Kingdom
    Oily loonie flying too high
    Last week's rally has been followed by a quiet Monday trade so far, but is the market too complacent about the CAD? After all, oil could well be getting overheated and markets won't respond well to a NDP victory.
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    marran marran
    Hi Ken Assuming the liberals get in what effect do you think that will have on the loonie? would you still be long usdcad?
  • Article / Yesterday at 11:30 GMT

    Earnings Watch: So far, so good

    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Earnings Watch: So far, so good
    With 34 companies in the S&P 1200 Global Index having reported Q3 earnings, we have enough data to make some preliminary conclusions. So far, results look robust but the majority of the companies that have reported are consumer companies and thus figures could change a lot when energy and materials companies report earnings.
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