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  • Calendar event / 7 hours ago

    SG GDP

    Low Yrly % Chg - Final
    Low Yrly % Chg Advance Estimate
    Low Full Year % Chg - Final
    Low Full Year % Chg Advance Estimate
    Low Annualized Qtrly % Chg - Final
    Low Annualized Qtrly % Chg Advance Estimate
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 22:45 GMT

    NZ Overseas Merchandise Trade

    Low Trade Balance, NZD
    Low 12 Months, NZD
    Low Exports (On Year), NZD
    Low Imports (On Year), NZD
  • Article / Yesterday at 17:47 GMT

    Exposing the establishment of España

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    Exposing the establishment of España
    Yesterday, Spain's local elections showed that the country's traditional two-party regime is splintering as new groups and coalitions gain support. Given the anti-austerity messages coming from some of these new parties, could the Eurozone see a new Syriza-type group gain a foothold in Spain?
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 9:04 GMT

    Global economy's 'Titanic' problem: HSBC

    The Telegraph
    The global economic recovery is dangerously close to stalling and if China chooses to abandon its crawling dollar peg, it could unleash a further deflationary shock across the economy plunging the world back into crash territory, warns HSBC. With zero interest rates proliferating, the available policy tools to handle the next crunch are dwindling rapidly, akin to the Titanic hoping to navigate perilous seas without the security of lifeboats. If the low-growth malaise continues, there will be no ammunition left for the world's central bankers to effect policy if indeed there is another crash.
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  • 20h
    fxtime fxtime
    Well said about John amazing man.
  • Article / Yesterday at 4:23 GMT

    Dollar rally regains strength on inflation and Yellen speech

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    Dollar rally regains strength on inflation and Yellen speech
    The markets took US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's speech to signal the FOMC will not wait to see “the whites of inflation's eyes” before firing the first bullet, and a lift-off in September is looking more likely. There was no change to the party line in ECB President Draghi's speech or in BoJ policy, both of which support the dollar against the euro and yen.
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    John22 John22
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 2:24 GMT

    Japan's trade account beats expectations

    Japan's April exports rose 8% from a year earlier, beating expectations for a 6.4% rise and underscoring a gradual recovery in external demand, according to CNBC. However, imports fell more than expected, down 4.2% year-on-year, compared with expectations for a 1.5% decline. The trade balance came to a deficit of JPY 53.4 billion versus the median estimate for a JPY 318.9 billion deficit. In March the trade balance had marked the first surplus since June 2012.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 1:56 GMT

    PBoC cuts borrowing costs to help clean up debt mess

    When China’s government needed lower borrowing costs to clean up a local debt mess, the central bank obliged, writes Bloomberg. The three-month Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate has fallen 194 basis points since March 31, heading for the biggest two-month drop since 2008. That coincides with the government kicking off a municipal bond program and the exchange of regional loans into lower-yielding notes.
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