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  • Article / Just now

    From the Floor: Absence of ECB bazooka would hurt

    Saxo Bank
    Markets are bracing for a blast of information this week from the ECB's policy meeting on Thursday, followed on Friday by Opec's gathering in Vienna as well as the last US employment report before the Fed's December meeting. Any failure by ECB president Mario Draghi to deliver the expected easing measures would be a huge jolt.
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  • Calendar event / 46 minutes ago

    PL GDP

    Low GDP, Y/Y%
  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago

    SE GDP

    Med Workday Adj, Y/Y%
    Med GDP-SA, Q/Q%
  • Article / 1 hour ago

    Morning Markets: A monster meetings week

    Deputy Editor /
    Morning Markets: A monster meetings week
    Climate change will be in the spotlight this week, as world leaders meet for talks in Paris. This will also be a big week for central bankers, with both the Reserve Bank of India and the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting on Tuesday, the Bank of Canada on Wednesday and the ECB on Thursday. Finally, on Friday there's the Opec summit and non-farm payrolls data from the US.
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  • Article / 3 hours ago

    3 Numbers: Will Germany's retail spending hold up?

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: Will Germany's retail spending hold up?
    All eyes will be on Germany's October retail sales. The year-on-year trend has been trending lower but only moderately and with weaker sentiment readings, a dip in spending won't be a surprise. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, US pending home sales are expected to post a modest rebound, while manufacturing numbers from the Dallas Fed are forecast to ease a bit, but only slightly.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 7 hours ago

    China holds high hopes for climate deal from Paris talks

    The Global Times
    The Paris Climate Conference promises to produce a new deal to keep global warming under control. China is the first emerging economy to set an ambitious emission target for itself. Yet it won't be easy to eliminate smog and cut carbon emissions, given the difficult balance China has been trying to keep between development and environment protection. China's total carbon emissions have been constantly rising, but emissions per capita are still far lower than in developed countries. It is hoped that the Paris Climate Conference will bring us a milestone protocol, to be sincerely implemented by each country.
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  • Article / 8 hours ago

    Morning Report APAC: USD at highs before RBA, ECB, BoC and Opec meet

    APAC Sales Trading Desk / Saxo Capital Markets
    Morning Report APAC: USD at highs before RBA, ECB, BoC and Opec meet
    Central bank meetings and announcements are In focus this week. Forex traders in particular will pay close attention to the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting on Tuesday, and followed by the Bank of China on Wednesday, and the European Central Bank on Thursday. And the Opec meeting on Friday will impact commodity prices.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 23:52 GMT

    Demographic change in China spells business opportunity

    Nikkei Asian Review
    Japanese companies are investing in China to prepare for demographic changes, seeking to capitalize on a rapidly ageing population and a potential baby boom with the loosening of the one-child policy. China has 212 million people aged 60 and older, or 15.5% of the population. That figure has risen by 8.6 million per year in the past five years and it will grow further. The relaxation of the one-child policy could change the makeup of China's population as well. With more than 90 million women now allowed to have a second child, child-related consumer spending will likely increase. Population trends are creating promising opportunities in health care, pharmaceuticals and nursing services.
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