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  • 6h
    John Shaw John  Shaw
    Ontario will seek creditor protection 5 years or less. No way they can handle the downturn that we are entering. It's suicide. Mad suicide....
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Hi Clare. Ontario is a province in Canada. Toronto is the capital city.. And.Mr Shaw may be exaggerating, we hope.
  • Calendar event / 9 hours ago

    US Consumer Confidence Index

    Med Consumer Confidence Index
    Med Expectation Index
    Med Present Situation Index
  • Article / 10 hours ago

    Here's something else to worry about...

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    As markets brace for a Greek sovereign default within hours, nerves are on edge as the prospect of a Grexit looms closer. But that's not all we have to worry about. Fresh data from Eurostat reveals that Eurozone CPI barely budged in June. The spectre of deflation rears its ugly head once more.
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    goldfinger goldfinger
    Greece has certainly been a distraction for far too long, and whilst I don't want to be rude about the Greek population in general. How did they...
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    They believed the myths the Syriza spread during the election. They thought that PASOK and New Democracy had got nowhere so let the left wing have a...
    goldfinger goldfinger
    Clearly Syriza now understand that behaving like spoilt children doesn't work. I listened to Junker yesterday on CNBC and clearly all and sundry have bent over backwards....
  • Article / 11 hours ago

    Investment Outlook: Towards new highs in global equities

    CIO / Saxo Private Bank
    Investment Outlook: Towards new highs in global equities
    The second quarter has seen volatile financial markets, and a significant correction especially in European stock markets. Nevertheless, it has been advantageous to maintain an overweight of equities relative to bonds, as the largest movement in the previous months have occurred in the bond markets.

    On both sides of the Atlantic investors have downplayed fears of deflation, which seems both justified and logical, but the price has been higher interest rates in the last few months. Real interest rates still have to rise further, but the increase will be checked by dovish central banks.

    I expect the equity markets to break at higher levels in the third quarter and that on both sides of the Atlantic will rise to new record highs.
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  • Article / 12 hours ago

    Tsipras' strange geometry

    Head of Trading / The ECU Group plc
    United Kingdom
    Tsipras' strange geometry
    Forex markets are increasingly choppy as traders attempt to find direction through the cyclone that is Greece. Today's questions is how to find the opportunities presented by such a dislocating move?
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    goldfinger goldfinger
    I don't understand why Sterling should move higher. We have a complete structural imbalance. Take a look at our capital account. Strong sterling exacerbates that imbalance. Until...