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  • Article / Friday at 14:30 GMT

    WCU: Grains feel the heat while oil retreats

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    WCU: Grains feel the heat while oil retreats
    Commodities traded higher for a second week with most of the gains driven by a huge grains rally that saw corn and wheat rising close to 10%. The energy sector traded lower with crude oil struggling amid rising US inventories and rig count. Industrial metals traded quietly while precious metals failed to receive a safe-haven boost from the Greek debt debacle.
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  • 2d
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Janet Yellen thinks there will be and she can make it happen.
    yuiyui yuiyui
    john, you are insane, of course there will be a rate hike. And it would be healthy if they did it already. I say 1/4 point sept...
    John Shaw John  Shaw
    Very good. I am copying and pasting this link into my Calendar for lets say.... Jan 1 2016.

    Have a great weekend fellas.
  • Article / Friday at 11:45 GMT

    FX Noon: The sound of silence

    Director / Accumen Management
    United Kingdom
    FX Noon: The sound of silence
    Forex markets are quiet this Friday with the US closed for Independence Day and Greece on tenterhooks ahead of this weekend's referendum. That didn't stop the AUD from taking a tumble, however...
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  • Saxo TV / Friday at 8:19 GMT

    Boye: Bond markets calm before Greek storm

    Michael Boye
    There is a sense of calm before the storm in the bond markets ahead of the Greek referendum on July 5th, when voters will decide on whether to accept or reject the terms of a proposed bailout for Greece, says Saxo Bank’s Michael Boye.
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  • 2d
    Mads Koefoed Mads Koefoed
    Spanish services PMI declined to 56.1 in June vs. 58.4 expected and prior. The composite PMI declined to 55.8 vs. 57.8 expected and 58.3 prior.
    Q2 GDP growth...
    Mads Koefoed Mads Koefoed
    Italian services PMI rose more than expected last month at 53.4 vs. 52.3 expected and 52.5 prior. The composite PMI climbed 0.3 points to 54 vs. 53.3...
    dominom dominom
    Thank you very much for the additional info, much appreciated.
  • Editor’s Picks / Friday at 6:28 GMT

    Plenty of challenges, but India could overtake China

    The Conversation
    IMF and World Bank forecasts show that India could take over from China as the world’s fastest growing economy in the next two years. The two ticks of approval for the Modi government come just over a year after Narendra Modi led the BJP to a landslide win in 2014, securing majority control of the lower house – something no single party has done since 1984. But Modi faces big challenges to deliver on his promise of good times for India – inadequate infrastructure, massive skill shortages and high levels of illiteracy – that will hinder efforts to generate the millions of jobs needed for the influx of young people entering the workforce.
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  • Article / Friday at 5:21 GMT

    3 Numbers: Greek finale is close, Europe PMI and EZ retail sales

    Blogger / MoreLiver's Daily
    3 Numbers: Greek finale is close, Europe PMI and EZ retail sales
    With a public holiday in US, the few European data releases are the only thing between us and the main event of the week – Greece's referendum on whether to accept a deal that is no longer available. It is weird after all these months, but perhaps we are finally moving toward a Dornbusch-moment. The Europe's final purchasing manager index and retail sales are expected to tell that Europe does not think Greece poses an economic risk.
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