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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 10:05 GMT

    Big money is moving to cash – should you?

    BlueMound Asset Management founder Kirk Spano says that underinvestment in infrastructure and overweighting "toys" has left the US economy vulnerable. "There is a perception by people with big money, that investing is becoming more risky", writes Spano, adding that moving 25% to 50% of your portfolio to cash or short-term Treasury funds could be the right move for the upcoming market changes. Spano is also concerned about the impact of a stronger (post-rate hike?) USD on equity markets. At the moment, US stock markets are hitting robust highs, but Spano's view is that an over-reliance on monetary policy will eventually hit markets hard.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 8:09 GMT
    Founder, Owner, Director / Market Chartist
    United Kingdom
    S&P 500 ($ES_F) Bull Theme Reinforced from Support at 2100/2099

    Despite another dip to start the week and the month, with modest support intact at 2100/2099, the rebound produced a bullish outside pattern Monday.
    We see this price action as corrective and positive and still see a grinding up trend for early March.
    For Today: We see an upside bias through 2117.75; break here aims for 2122.5.

    If you want to see more, you can view the full S&P 500 E-mini report with screencasts, levels and day trade views - click here
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  • Article / Yesterday at 3:01 GMT

    It may feel like 1999, but it's more like 1929

    Business writer and editor
    While equities are running up world-beating records, the bond markets tell us the world is in a serious funk – so something has to give. The market is partying like its 1999 and we all know what happened not long after that. Chasing the next yield is one thing, but it is ramping up markets when the economic evidence is pointing elsewhere.
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  • Squawk / Monday at 15:09 GMT
    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    US manufacturing expands at slowest pace since January '13:

    The manufacturing sector continues to grow in the world's largest economy, but we have witnessed a quick slowdown in recent months. The ISM manufacturing index declined to 52.9 last month - as expected by consensus (53) - from 53.5 in January and a high of 58.1 in August of last year. The deceleration has been particularly pronounced in the last three months with the index still as high as 57.6 in November.

    Among the sub-indices new orders slowed somewhat to 52.5 from 52.9 while production printed 53.7, down from 56.5. The employment component also slowed quite a bit to 51.4 from 54.1, interesting ahead of Friday's employment report. Manufacturing employment has averaged 31,000 per month in Nov-Jan.

    Overall a report without major surprises.
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