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  • 1d
    Patto Patto
    Final poll just released: National party govt. leading Labour by 8 points. But Labour may be able to cobble together an "unholy alliance" of minor parties to...
    Max McKegg Max McKegg
    The Party which secures the most Votes is not necessarily the Party which becomes the next Govt.
    Q Q
    I believe the polls are inaccurate due to targeting mostly landlines - which the young, more left-leaning population no longer use. I am picking and hoping for...
  • Squawk / Wednesday at 16:02 GMT
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Update using cash market pricing and seeking spread reduction.
    Article attached fwiw;

    Shorting Nas and Long SP500 seems daft but defensively before market events such as FOMC can be useful when the spreads are as suggested wide.

    QQQ does lead markets just look at the classic FAANG stock listings whilst they are not all QQQ we can certainly see technology ''churn'' as accountants would describe it.
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    usxau usxau
    What a turn around in indexes today! Janet did her magic again! ;)
    fxtime fxtime
    LOL she certainly has.
  • Calendar event / Wednesday at 14:00 GMT

    US Existing Home Sales

    Med Existing Sales
    Med Existing Sales, M/M%
    Med Unsold Homes Month's Supply
    Med Median Price (USD)
    Med Median Home Price, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / Monday at 11:11 GMT
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Looking at the larger picture for major indices.
    Lets compare Nasdaq QQQ spot to the SP500 spot from low to high / current values on a monthly chart.
    QQQ outstrips the sp500 considerably as per the chart depiction. Regardless if we think this growth is a valid valuation of current markets from extremely depressed markets perhaps we should also ask if the 32% nasdaq rally from Nov 7th todate represents actual growth for now and near dated future valuations especially when the larger sp500 evidences a mere 23% growth over the same period of time ?
    Perhaps we should start looking for a spread trade here ? eg short Nasdaq and long sp500 for a contraction of spread. Clearly nasdaq is the more sensitive stock and reacts faster especially to downward revisions. Also Nasdaq does tend to lead the sp500 so a spread trade will not provide maximal profits but you can skew the trade bias to the long/short bias.
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    usxau usxau
    I got you now. Thanks for the great explanations. This is really interesting and keen to learn more! Thanks a million to share all your knowledge with...
    dominom dominom
    And what would you think about going long UK and short spx? The BOE and Brexit are a bit scary but might be interessting in the long...
    fxtime fxtime
    There is a disparity certainly there mainly due to Brexit but you are playing major fundemental shifts and that takes time eg medium term and you will...