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  • Calendar event / 25 minutes ago

    US Personal Income & Outlays

    Med Personal Income
    Med Personal Spending
    Med PCE Price Index Monthly
    Med PCE Price Index Yearly
    Med PCE Core Price Index Monthly
    Med PCE Core Price Index Yearly
  • Article / 1 hour ago

    US Stocks: Running in circles

    Trader /
    United States
    US Stocks: Running in circles
    US stocks fell last week with the S&P 500 closing lower by more than 2% as investors used the quarter-end "excuse" to take profits in the few things that worked higher in the first three months of the year. While housing stocks look stellar, sectors like financials and transportation need to begin showing relative strength if the market wants to push higher again.
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  • Article / 6 hours ago

    3 Numbers: EU business mood fragile; US personal income; US home sales

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: EU business mood fragile; US personal income; US home sales
    There are hopes that the upbeat mood among Eurozone consumers could spread. Today's business sentiment data will reveal is that is the case. Meanwhile in the US, income and spending, along with PCE inflation, are likely to stay muted in today’s February release. Even a minor rise in pending home sales will be greeted as a sign that the US is recovering from its winter slumber.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 22:25 GMT

    KVP’S Macro Take: Everyone has a plan 'til they're punched in the face

    Asia Macro Strategist / Saxo Capital Markets
    KVP’S Macro Take: Everyone has a plan 'til they're punched in the face
    As the boxer Mike Tyson says, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. The importance of carrying out risk management & position sizing cannot be emphasized enough. End of 1Q in this short week, packed with Fed speakers, quarterly shuffles & lots of US data + nonfarm payrolls being due on Friday, April 3. Meanwhile only 9 days ago to the Tuesday, April 7 RBA decision, where there should be a cut
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  • Squawk / Friday at 15:23 GMT
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Late buying in the USA open hours suggest some strength but whilst we say a large volume distribution in a relatively tight trading range there is little evidence of moentum to the upside. The early piercing of 2050 on spx globex doesn't ode well for bull traders yet you would expect month end adjustments and some attempt to claw back some of this weeks drop today ! Seasonal data attached....suggesting a choppy grind up to April expiries and fiscal year ends.
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  • Squawk / Friday at 13:39 GMT
    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    US economy grew 2.2% in the fourth quarter:

    The third estimate of Q4 GDP shows that the world's largest economy grew by 2.2% q/q (annualised) vs. 2.4% expected and unchanged from the second estimate a month ago.

    Following growth rates of 4.6% and 5% in Q2 and Q3 the economy slowed markedly in Q4 of last year, but the composition was quite good with personal consumption up 4.4% while government consumption dropped 1.9%. Investment (including inventories) rose 4.5% as did exports while imports rose a substantial 10.4%.

    While Q1 will likely also show slow(-er) growth I expect a pick-up in growth in Q2 and beyond as the impact from USD strength fades while personal consumption and (residential) investment should continue to be key drivers of growth.
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  • Calendar event / Friday at 12:30 GMT

    US 3rd estimate GDP

    Med GDP
    Med Chain-Weighted Price Index
    Med PCE Price Index
    Med Purchase Price Index
    Med Real Final Sales
    Med Core PCE Price Index( Ex Food/Energy)
    Med Personal Consumption
    Med Corporate Profits