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  • Calendar event / Friday at 12:30 GMT

    US 3rd estimate GDP

    Med GDP
    Med Chain-Weighted Price Index
    Med PCE Price Index
    Med Purchase Price Index
    Med Real Final Sales
    Med Core PCE Price Index( Ex Food/Energy)
    Med Personal Consumption
    Med Corporate Profits
  • Article / Friday at 10:15 GMT

    #TradeLikeAPro – Contador attacks in Catalunya Team / Saxo Bank
    #TradeLikeAPro – Contador attacks in Catalunya
    The solid breakaway group of sports directors has now been broken up. Sports Director Tristan Hoffman has set a new competition record with his 25.45% performance. Meanwhile Alberto Contador is now only 2 seconds away from the podium in Volta a Catalunya. And Peter Sagan is aiming for two in a row at today's E3 Harelke.
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  • Article / Thursday at 6:02 GMT

    3 Numbers: German consumers upbeat, US jobless claims, US services PMI

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: German consumers upbeat, US jobless claims, US services PMI
    Data releases for Germany are going from strength to strength, and today’s Gfk release should point to consumer optimism in Europe's leading economy. On the other side of the Atlantic, initial jobless claims are expected to tick up slightly. But the prevailing view is that recent turbulence in the US economy is only temporary, and it will give way to strong numbers as spring updates unfold. And if today’s services sector PMI is as bullish as expected, then there is a strong case for expecting that the US will stay on a solid growth path for the near term.
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  • Trade view / Thursday at 4:00 GMT
    Strategic trade

    Is Youku Tudou oversold?

    Portfolio Manager / Alcuin Asset Management
    Youku Tudou’s fourth-quarter earnings release saw growing content costs and the announcement of an SEC query over revenue recognition methods. This has seen the share price fall 8.6%, but I believe that the details of the earnings release show promise for China’s leading video platform.
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  • Calendar event / Wednesday at 15:59 GMT

    US Facebook

    High F8 Facebook Developer Conference