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  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago

    GB Public sector finances

    Low Public Sector Net Borrowing, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Borrowing Year Ago, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirements, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirements Year Ago, GBP
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 10:00 GMT
    Med Export Order Book Balance
    Med Manufacturing Output Balance
    Med Total Order Book Balance
    Med Price Expectations Balance
  • Article / Wednesday at 11:26 GMT

    Where we're at on Greece, the Fed and the Eurozone

    Head of Trading / The ECU Group plc
    United Kingdom
    Where we're at on Greece, the Fed and the Eurozone
    While the phrase “are we there yet?” may be commonplace from the children in the back of a car on a family outing, it is also being posed increasingly by financial markets in relation to two key macroeconomic situations at the current juncture. US interest rate lift-off and agreement between Greece and the Eurozone. Furthermore, it is also increasingly relevant to both the squeeze in Bunds and, after a 9.6% rally from the lows, the resumption of the downtrend in the EUR.
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  • Article / Wednesday at 7:00 GMT

    Morning Markets: A day of minutes

    Deputy Editor /
    Wednesday is a day of minutes as central banks on both sides of the Atlantic tells us what they talked about at their most recent policy-setting meetings. First up is the Bank of England at 08:30 GMT while at 18:00 FOMC takes centre stage.
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  • Calendar event / Tuesday at 8:30 GMT

    GB UK producer prices

    High Output PPI Yearly
    Med Core PPI Monthly
    Med Core PPI Yearly
    Med Input PPI Monthly
    Med Input PPI Yearly
    Med Output PPI Monthly