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  • Article / Yesterday at 16:32 GMT

    Market Close: Miners drag UK markets lower Team / Saxo Bank
    Market Close: Miners drag UK markets lower
    UK stocks ended in negative territory, led by a decline in mining sector stocks and amid concerns over the new Chinese regulations on short-selling. Meanwhile European markets ended in the red after a fall in banking sector stocks. In the US, markets are trading on a weak footing following the release of lower-than-expected consumer price inflation data in the nation.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 14:33 GMT
    Saxo Bank Senior Dealer Equity CFD's Market Making / Saxo Bank
    Apple Inc. (AAPL:xnas), is said to be in talks with several Canadian banks to launch Apple Pay. However, the Canadian banks are said to be expressing concerns about fees and security issues. Apple is trading at $124.95, down $1.25 or 1%.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 14:00 GMT

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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 12:18 GMT

    Chinese regulation change hits US markets

    Today's announcement of a Chinese regulatory change that will allow fund managers to short equities has caused US stock futures to take a dive. According to MarketWatch's Barbara Kollmeyer, Dow futures slid 125 points, or 0.7%, to 17,916 while those for the S&P 500 index dropped 12.80 points (0.7%) to 2,088. Futures for the Nasdaq-100 index lost 37 points (0.8%) to 4,378.25. The regulation change also impacted European bourses, where Grexit-related concerns and a strong euro were already weighing on stocks. The Stoxx Europe 600 index slumped by 1.37% in today's trading. Kollmayer says that the move is widely regarded as an attempt by Chinese authorities to cool down what many view as overheated markets.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 6:17 GMT

    Market Open: EU and US CPI data eyed; IMF snubs Greece on repayments Team / Saxo Bank
    Market Open: EU and US CPI data eyed; IMF snubs Greece on repayments
    European markets are expected to open mixed on Friday. Market participants will focus on Eurozone consumer prices, current account and UK labour market data. Yesterday, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde rejected Greece’s request to delay about $1 billion in repayments that fall due to the fund next month. In the US, traders will keep an eye on US CPI data along with the Reuters/Michigan consumer sentiment release.
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