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Views on US Dollar/Japanese Yen
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  • Article / 16 hours ago

    FX Morning Update: Wednesday, April 16

    Daniel Wong Daniel Wong
    Option Trader / Saxo Bank
    FX Morning Update: Wednesday, April 16 Read the article
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 18:46 GMT
    Kim_ Kim_
    FX Trader / Saxo Bank
    FX Trading Desk: US stocks bounces back to flat, dragging USDJPY back to 101.80. The near term range remains 101.40/102.00. The key level to watch on the downside is 100.75/80. #Forex
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    kirand kirand
    so time to go short-
    JJ123 JJ123
    i would be very wary of shorting EUR/USD or EUR/JPY here...If you look at 4 Hour charts there's a decent trend chanel on both saying 139 in...
    JJ123 JJ123
    so I am buying EUR and selling $'s and Buying EUR and selling JPY - anyhow just highlighting that - good luck one and all.
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 18:00 GMT
    Trader, Technical Analyst / FXKMS
    United States

    April 18 Metals and Indices CLOSED
    April 21 European Indices CLOSED

    All currency pairs and oil will not be affected.

    But we might be not trading due to a possible less liquidity.
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  • 1d
    fxtime fxtime
    LOL love the comment about a surprise Draghi action !! If he does anything other than jawbone will be a surprise imho. Welcome back Ken.
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Best time to do such things are over a holiday.
    Yura Yura
    Ken, why I can't find you among all traider in Saxo Bank? I just want watch how profitable may become trader on a long horizon? I just...
  • 1d
    kirand kirand
    how to add more traders in follow list?
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 7:47 GMT
    Dan Larsen Dan Larsen
    FX Options Dealer / Saxo Bank
    FX Options - USDJPY: A lot of spreads going through today, probably as the market is cleaning the books for the easter holidays... but one thing that strikes my eyes is that we are seeing a lot of interest to sell intraweek Risk Reversals (buy upside and sell downside), and then buy 2week to 1month RR (sell upside and buy downside strikes). short term target could be stops reported in 102.20 region.
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