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  • Article / 23 March 2018 at 11:30 GMT

    Just because China can doesn’t mean it will

    Managing Director / Asia-analytica Research
    Just because China can doesn’t mean it will
    Before we all hyperventilate at the thought of a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies, let’s look at the forces that might pull the world back from the brink: the globalisation of supply chains, pushback from other trade players, and China’s pragmatic response.
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    23 March
    Alan M Alan M
    Hypothetically speaking, if the US and china were to fight it out, can the US under trump actually win? Trump cant even seem to get his cabinet...
    04 April
    Pauline Loong Pauline Loong
    Watch out for smoke and mirrors. There is less to Beijing's newly announced US$50 billion tit-for-tat tariffs package than meets the eye. To give three examples from...
  • 14 March
    benlouro benlouro
    great news
  • Article / 27 February 2018 at 12:31 GMT

    China trade risks: beyond steel and aluminium

    Managing Director / Asia-analytica Research
    China trade risks: beyond steel and aluminium
    The latest US tariffs notwithstanding, an outright trade war between China and the US is unlikely. The bigger threat to investment is a continual downturn in China’s growth as trade quarrels take their toll on an economy already on a knife-edge. The good news: Beijing intends to play nice with Washington on trade.
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    27 February
    TH_N TH_N
    Thank you.. Anbang is just a beginning...They are more issues to be solved before the grand opening..
    28 February
    Jadira F. Norton Jadira F. Norton
    Thank you loads Pauline, nice update on Washington!
  • 23 January
    fxtime fxtime
    Trump is pampering to his home market. China IMHO knows this well. Tariffs on washing machines and solar panels will do little to threaten either economy. China...
    24 January
    Pauline Loong Pauline Loong
    I am based in Hong Kong. In my part of the world, Americans are seen as, well, really different. If you quote an unusual news item, for...