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  • Article / Yesterday at 3:26 GMT

    ECB forecasts look promising but more QE is possible

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    Inflation-linked bonds are on the ECB’s buying menu as well as standard issues. As the break-even rate is the spread between them, being in the market for both will give the ECB the opportunity to nudge market-based measurements of inflation expectations in the right direction
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  • Article / Thursday at 2:14 GMT

    Hard and fast rules to successful FX trading

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    Becoming a forex trader is a profession open to all, but there are basic rules that separate the amateur from the professional. Not loving any trade, expecting to lose money and keeping an open mind to new ideas are all part of the successful trader's armour.
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    Waheed786 Waheed786
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    Naeemullahjan Naeemullahjan
    Sir your idea is good idea .insha allah target is hitting today
    tipuwang tipuwang
    Trade cancel
  • Squawk / Wednesday at 7:03 GMT
    Partner at 3 C ANALYSIS
    United Kingdom
    USDCHF - Setbacks continue to attract buyers
    That scenario has been reinforced by the break of the important 13 day moving average and we look for gains to continue to develop through .9653 to .9677 or even .9705. Only below .9558 delays this view.
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  • Article / Wednesday at 1:59 GMT

    Data suggests NZD to outperform AUD

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    The two data reads that had an influence on NZDUSD today were the Global Dairy Trade auction and Australia’s GDP number. NZDUSD is being contained by the 55-day exponential moving average and it would be unwise the jump the gun with a long position before this is breached.
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