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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:24 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Wednesday July 27 #FX sentiment:
    #USDCHF ▲
    #EURUSD ▼
    #GBPCAD ▲
    #USDCAD ▲
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 14:00 GMT

    US New Residential Sales

    Med New Home Sales
    Med New Home Sales, M/M%
    Med New Home Sales Months Supply
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 14:00 GMT

    US Consumer Confidence Index

    Med Cons Conf Idx
    Med Expectation Idx
    Med Present Situation Idx
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 13:00 GMT
    Med 20-City Idx, M/M%
    Med 10-City Idx, Y/Y%
    Med 10-City Idx, M/M%
    Med 20-City Idx, Y/Y%
    Med National Idx, M/M%
    Med National Idx, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 7:25 GMT
    Business analyst
    United Kingdom

    The USDCHF pair bounced slightly during the course of the day on Monday, using the 0.9837 level as support. At this point in time, the market is looking bearish. The primary trend of USDCHF is bearish on charts and price is trading below its support trend line in its hourly chart. In its daily chart the price is sustaining below 50 day SMA that are appears on the above image indicating downtrend of the pair.
    Resistance level 0.9894 Support level 0.9837
    If it breaks its support level on the downside and sustains below it then we can expect it to show further bearish movement in the pair.

    MACD is sustaining in its negative territory indicating the bearish trend in the pair.
    RSI is sustaining in its selling zone indicating the upcoming negative trend in the pair.

    STRATEGY: USDCHF is looking bearish on charts for next few trading session. One can go for sell on higher level strategy for this pair for intra day to mid term positions in it.
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  • Squawk / Monday at 21:23 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Tuesday July 26 #FX technical sentiment:
    #USDCHF ▲
    #GBPNZD ▲
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  • Article / Monday at 7:45 GMT

    FX Update: Critical week for testing USD rally potential

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    FX Update: Critical week for testing USD rally potential
    The US dollar has rallied fairly robustly into this week, with EURUSD ending last week below 1.1000 for the first weekly close below that level since February. The Fed meeting mid-week is a test for whether the USD rally can intensify or whether the dollar stays stuck in the quiet after the Brexit storm.
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  • Article / Monday at 5:02 GMT

    3 Numbers: Brazil’s consumer sentiment offers hopeful signs

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: Brazil’s consumer sentiment offers hopeful signs
    Today's Ifo numbers for Germany will be keenly watched to help clear up the mixed messages emanating from weakening expectations among the country's financial community but a seven-month high for its PMI Composite Index. Meanwhile, Brazil is expected to post modest consumer sentiment gains and analysts are looking for a lesser rate of decline in the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index.
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