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  • Squawk / 17 minutes ago
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Forex AUDCAD Trading Signal: after my sell signal made new high 1.0100, now safe traders book small profit up to 0.9980 & rest modify your stop loss above 1.0105 and wait for 0.9938 & 0.9800...
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 14:33 GMT
    Founder, Owner, Director / Market Chartist
    United Kingdom
    The Euro and GBP both positive versus the USD for late January

    Both the Euro the GB Pound have displayed a more positive recovery tone into latter January. For EURUSD, this activity has neutralised bearish pressures evident from Q4 2016, leaving risks for upside gains into late January and early February.
    The EURUSD needs a push above 1.0874 for an intermediate term bullish shift. However, for GBPUSD, a recovery above 1.2432 is still required to neutralise intermediate-term bearish pressures. Only above 1.2775 signals a bullish shift on an intermediate term outlook.

    Go here for more detailed analysis:
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  • Article / Yesterday at 8:00 GMT

    Morning Markets: Dollar slides as Trump turns deaf ear

    Managing editor, / Saxo Bank
    Morning Markets: Dollar slides as Trump turns deaf ear
    We've had a weekend to digest Trump's inauguration speech and, while the new president has put in motion a raft of executive orders pulling back on much of Obama's legacy, the failure to elaborate on his plans for a $1 trillion stimulus package has sent dollar into a downward spiral.
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  • Trade view / Sunday at 22:00 GMT
    Short term

    Anticipating the next advance for USDJPY

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    The dollar is anticipating a 5th Wave advance. Short-term support for USDJPY is at 113.85/113.50 and short-term resistances at 114.60/115.00 and 115.60. The upside targets are 118.60 and 121.50.
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    Max McKegg Max McKegg
    welcome to request All my trading forecasts for today. My contact details under my Bio
    AlexF AlexF
    Got in at 113.55 with SL at 113.2 for now
    MSN28 MSN28
    Max, any changes to the idea? Given that it went lower
  • Squawk / Saturday at 13:12 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W4 technical #FX sentiment:
    #AUDCAD ▲
    #AUDUSD ▲
    #EURGBP ▼
    #GBPJPY ▲
    #NZDCAD ▲
    #NZDUSD ▲
    #AUDJPY ▲
    #NZDJPY ▲
    #EURAUD ▼
    #EURNZD ▼
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  • Squawk / Friday at 21:14 GMT
    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    President Trump’s inauguration speech saw the USD decline, whilst Bonds
    held steady. My Updated US Stockmarket Analysis below – Still Bullish.

    The Trump rally from election day to inauguration was 6% (refer below).
    The greatest rally came in the lead up to the inauguration of Herbert Hoover
    in 1929 (that didn’t turn out to well in the end!)

    Earlier on the White House web site announced a target of 4% annual GDP growth, double its non-inflationary potential, so only attainable with the sugar pill of substantial fiscal stimulus. This would put Trump on a collision course with Fed Chair Yellen who noted in a speech yesterday that fiscal policy could affect “the appropriate policy path”. More background on that here

    Neither protagonist wants a higher USD, yet both are setting out on a path to achieve it
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    seas seas
    So I am selling calls on just about everything. Wish me luck!
    Max McKegg Max McKegg
    Possibly correct Jim. But under your scenario of higher debt and inflation expectations, US bond yields would surely rise at a time when the ECB and BOJ...
    Morris Morris
    like your wave analysis on dow trans.