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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 8:30 GMT

    GB GDP 2nd estimate

    Med GDP Revised Quarterly
    Med GDP Revised Yearly
  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 2:28 GMT

    Australia's capex lower than expected

    Sydney Morning Herald
    Australia's transition away from a dependence on mining-related investment remains sluggish, according to the latest quarterly capital expenditure survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Sydney Morning Herald's Mark Mulligan writes that March-quarter investment fell 4.4%, seasonally adjusted, from the previous three months, and 5.3% on the year. The fall was steeper than expected, and the AUD immediately dropped more than three-quarters of a US cent, to 76.86¢, as traders bet the Reserve Bank of Australia would have to cut rates further to stimulate non-mining investment.
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  • Squawk / Wednesday at 11:41 GMT
    Analyst / First 4 Trading
    United Kingdom
    GBPJPY - With the AB=CD formation and a 161.8% extension level located at 190.41, it would be naive to buy into the current rally in GBPJPY. Short time-frames also highlight a possible Ending Wedge pattern. The medium term bias is bullish but I would only look to buy close to 189.00 on a dip today or 188.00 over the coming week.
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  • Calendar event / 22 May 2015 at 8:30 GMT

    GB Public sector finances

    Low Public Sector Net Borrowing, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Borrowing Year Ago, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirements, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirements Year Ago, GBP
    22 May
    John Roberti John Roberti
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