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Views on Euro/US Dollar
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 11:39 GMT
    trends2trade trends2trade
    Senior Analyst /
    This is an update on our EURUSD short. We shorted eurusd at 13880 couple of days back and took some profit, Now planning to short again. No dooms day scenario here as we still think this pair has potential to hit 142 later, but for now We are short. If you don't get activation link in your inbox then please check your junk folder and add us into your safe list.
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  • Squawk / Thursday at 17:27 GMT
    for me. price is not showing clear sign. bellow 1.38 i will enter short with tight SL at 1.3850 and above 1.3850 again I will buy EU .
    Osc. also doesn't confirm selling . maybe tomorrow there will be better signs. in case of downward continuation will consider ABCD targets for medium term positions.
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  • Squawk / Thursday at 17:19 GMT
    Favio Handal Zalaquett Favio Handal Zalaquett
    Senior Analist / Robotic Solutions Fx
    EURUSD 8 hr Chart - Very important chart

    I did an extensive analysis of small patterns of trends and their targets, and is surprising that 100% of the time the price reach is target before turning or change direction, have a look yourselfs... so if that is true WE HAVE TO SEE EURUSD at 1,3950 for the last time before turning down really hard... (in line with fundamentals) that's why eurusd is so resilient and nobody understands why, taking into account the last Europe data and rhetoric compare to the US data.

    The target of the last wedge pattern in blue was not met for now, so that needs to happen... before thinking of shorting the euro!

    I wait for you´re coments, regards! I am putting a BIG sell order at 1,3945
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  • Squawk / Thursday at 8:44 GMT
    wizard65 wizard65
    Senior Analyst /
    What Would Happen Next to the EURUSD?

    “It is not so important to be right, but how to make money when you are right.” – Ivan Hoff

    I remember what happened at one interesting trading conference I attended about 5 months ago. It was an interesting conference indeed. At one stage, the moderator showed us a EURUSD chart (whose dominant trend was bullish, but the short-term trend was bearish) and asked us this question:

    Where do you think the price would go next?

    There was silence in the hall. Predicting the future is a great challenge; plus it’s senseless to talk about the future price action with an utmost certainty. A few traders stood up and tried to give their opinions. I later stood up, took the microphone and said that two things could happen at that juncture: the price could turn in favor of the dominant trend which would continue OR the short-term bearish correction could actually be the beginning of a strong bearish outlook. Was I wrong?
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    smacksman smacksman
    So you said the price could go up or down - a forecast. that should prove correct.
  • 2d
    Kristian Siggaard-Jensen Kristian Siggaard-Jensen
    We choose to take half profits here at 1.3863 ahead of target 1 as it falls short by a very little. We also trail the stop to...
    Kristian Siggaard-Jensen Kristian Siggaard-Jensen
    Thank you Dave! Fully agree on the 79-80 gap levels now key intraday levels. Nicely done on the option btw!
    Сергей Дегарёв Сергей Дегарёв
    Gentlemen and news can be published under a technical and fundamental analysis, just wondering what will happen when the Fed meeting
  • 2d
    alex1304 alex1304
    Thanks, Ian! Super precise work :)
    Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading
    thanks Alex.. that is me done now... have a nice break and speak next week my friend ... thanks for your help
    kirand kirand
    Hi Ian, you posted this 9hr before but i am getting email now do you know what must be the reason , thanks and have a nice...
  • Squawk / Wednesday at 21:06 GMT
    fred seru fred seru
    individual Trader
    Daily Doji at support still slightly Bulish for EURUSD
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