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  • Article / Yesterday at 15:00 GMT

    WCU: King Dollar reigns over commodities

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    WCU: King Dollar reigns over commodities
    Commodities took a hit this week as the US dollar recovered from its recent slump. While sector-specific news continues to provide an array of economic, geopolitical and climactic drivers, King Dollar remains in the drivers seat with USD levels providing the overall direction for commodities across the board.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 14:19 GMT

    FX Board: USD storming stronger across the board

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    FX Board: USD storming stronger across the board
    The USD is raging to the upside after a higher than expected core US CPI reading for April and as traders were caught sleeping ahead of a three-day weekend. This is a promising signal for the USD bulls that the dollar's rally is set to fully re-engage next week, even if a number of key lines have yet to be crossed.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 12:30 GMT

    US CPI

    High CPI
    High CPI Core
    Med CPI Energy Index
    Med CPI Food Index
    Med CPI Real Average Weekly Earnings
    Med CPI Annual
    Med CPI Core Annual
    eskiln eskiln
    Wow! Finally some good numbers. Hope the dollar rally now can restart after some minor bumps (1,1180 yesterday and 1,1207 today).
  • Saxo TV / Yesterday at 10:43 GMT

    Hardy: Why dollar bulls may be in for a wait

    John J Hardy
    A solid USD rally this week has been enough to get the greenback out of the danger zone, but not enough to declare a return of a bull market, says Saxo Bank’s John Hardy. Here’s why dollar bulls may have to wait a little longer for some action.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 10:05 GMT

    Revived drachma would be 'rubbish': Buiter

    Greece's ruling Syriza party have long held that abandoning the euro is a distinct option for Athens, but Citi chief economist Willem Buiter says that such a move would cause "havoc". According to Buiter, "Greece has not, historically, been good at managing an independent currency", adding that any alternative, euro-tied Greek currency would be "rubbish". Buiter was the economist who first coined the term "Grexit" and his latest comments come as negotiations between Athens and its creditors have begun to unravel. The City economist says that a deal must be reached in the very near term as "it looks likely that Greece is simply going to run out of money sometime in June".
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    fxtime fxtime
    I am surprised that the Syriza party do not fully allege themselves to the real political bias and adopt the Rouble ! It certainly would be a...
    thewickedwiz thewickedwiz
    fxtime, well said, indeed the finance minister is already exhibiting oligarch behaviour by showing his home and wife to glossy magazines.
    He should try riding a horse torse...
    fxtime fxtime
    LOL going the full Putin you mean LOL
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 8:00 GMT

    DE Ifo Business Climate Index

    High Business Sentiment Index
    High Current Conditions Index
    High Business Expectations Index