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  • Article / Yesterday at 18:00 GMT

    FX 4 next week: Uncertain times for the US dollar

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    FX 4 next week: Uncertain times for the US dollar
    Unsettled times for the US dollar after a rejection of big fig 1.1000 in USDJPY. With a key Yellen speech on the agenda and a minefield of US data in store, the week ahead might well be choppy. Elsewhere, EURGBP strength is waning, EURNOK looks headed for downside and the AUDJPY/NZDJPY bearish reversal seems assured.
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    goldfinger goldfinger
    I assume first head should read euro dollar in flux at 1.10 rejection?
  • 21h
    fxtime fxtime
    The moral to the above imho is.......Never trust a BoE storyteller sorry governor!
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 12:30 GMT

    US 3rd estimate GDP

    Med GDP
    Med Chain-Weighted Price Index
    Med PCE Price Index
    Med Purchase Price Index
    Med Real Final Sales
    Med Core PCE Price Index( Ex Food/Energy)
    Med Personal Consumption
    Med Corporate Profits
  • Article / Yesterday at 12:14 GMT

    Here comes the boom?

    Head of Trading / The ECU Group plc
    United Kingdom
    Here comes the boom?
    Today we look at the prospects for a marked pick up in US (and ultimately UK) economic outperformance and thus the prospects for a re-acceleration of the USD in FX markets...
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  • Trade view / Yesterday at 9:36 GMT
    Short term

    Shorting EURUSD for a test of 1.0700

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    The euro turned broadly lower across the board and has considerable range to trade to the downside. With US data looking strong and with 1.10 having seen a hard rejection, a bearish view on this pair is currently justified.
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    John J Hardy John J Hardy
    My risk parameters clearly too tight on this one - downside scenario still arguable as long as we don't see the action returning above 1.0950/60 in the...
    fxtime fxtime
    With Yellen yelling so close to the market closing bell I reckon we have too much risk....agree the true trend will resume to the downside but perhaps...
    Özgür Özbilen Özgür Özbilen
    hi john
    what abouth thinking EUR/GBP, can i take short position?