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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 22:32 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W9 #FX technical sentiment:
    #CHFJPY ▼
    #EURJPY ▼
    #GBPCHF ▲
    #USDCHF ▲
    #CADCHF ▲
    #EURCAD ▼
    #EURGBP ▼
    #EURUSD ▼
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 18:48 GMT
    CEO / TFx Group of Companies
    Weekly and daily chart show bearish trend and after north pole correction price is moving to its normal trend—Bearish.
    Giving strong biased for currency to have bearish rally over coming next few days.
    GANN square of 90 study revealed that price have correction upto 270 degree and rejected and price have now entered in bearish Zone making EURJPY prognosis as bearish.
    Long term Gann Square of Nine study shown price remain in strong bearish zone rejected GANN 810 (270 x 3) Degree natural level and had correction of 270 degree. 270 Degree rejection is very strong point of reversal in Gann levels. After that it start again its bearish impulsive direction. So far have 90 Degree bearish move and hope to carry on.
    Fine Level Gann Study revealed that after swing , which is validated through swing failure , price so far break out 135 Degree level. And hope to keep its momentum downward during Next few days.
    Support : Gann Degree (Level) 180, 225, 270, 315,360
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  • Squawk / Thursday at 11:40 GMT
    CEO / TFx Group of Companies
    Based on Planetary harmonic Analysis EURJPY Daily is under bearish pressure. And there are upcoming Moon Uranus Sextile (300 Degrees Major Aspect) New Moon Pluto Sextile ( A major aspect will increase market momentum. Right now market is under medium momentum flow.
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    TFx TFx
    planetary position alter magnetic field around earth
    which effect mass behaviour. Fx is result of aggregate mass behaviour of buyer and seller
    This called trading in way of natural...
    TFx TFx
    interpenetrating part is not tough. Marker lines are natural support resistance levels based on planetary position . Intemperate them as regular support resistance levels. Second part how...
    Morris Morris
    I'am flying into Pakistan to try understand this phenomena!
  • 1d
    Market Predator Market Predator
    @John: the blue curve MBI062DA is something like inflation expectation, or? Thanks.
  • Calendar event / Wednesday at 10:00 GMT

    EU Harmonised CPI

    High CPI, Y/Y%
    High Core CPI, Y/Y%
    Med CPI, M/M%
    Med Core CPI, M/M%
    Med Ex-Tobacco, M/M%
    Med Ex-Tobacco, Y/Y%
  • Calendar event / Tuesday at 9:00 GMT

    EU Eurozone Flash PMI

    High PMI, Mfg
    Med PMI, Composite
    Med PMI, Services