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  • Squawk / Friday at 9:03 GMT
    Analyst / PIA First
    United Kingdom
    I think the bad UK figures have set the way for a higher correction in EURGBP . Reactive trading beating predictive this time. Please see chart:
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    Prakash Prakash
    fantastic analysis
    Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading
    thank you Prakash :-)
    HaythamSabry HaythamSabry
    Ian, do u see a reversal or still bullish for the day?
  • Calendar event / Friday at 8:00 GMT

    EU Eurozone Flash PMI

    High PMI, Mfg
    Med PMI, Composite
    Med PMI, Services
  • Squawk / Friday at 7:34 GMT
    Business analyst
    United Kingdom

    The EURGBP pair bounced slightly during the course of the day on Thursday, using the 0.8309 level as support. At this point in time, the market is looking bearish. The primary trend of EURGBP is bearish on charts and price is trading below its support trend line in its hourly chart. In its daily chart the price is sustaining below 100 day SMA that are appears on the above image indicating downtrend of the pair.
    Resistance level 0.8351 Support level 0.8309
    If it breaks its support level on the downside and sustains below it then we can expect it to show further bearish movement in the pair.

    MACD is sustaining in its negative territory indicating the bearish trend in the pair.
    RSI is sustaining in its selling zone indicating the upcoming negative trend in the pair.

    STRATEGY: EURGBP is looking bearish on charts for next few trading session. One can go for sell on higher level strategy for this pair for intra day to mid term positions in it.
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  • Article / Friday at 5:00 GMT

    3 Numbers: PMIs to provide first glimpse of Brexit effect

    Blogger / MoreLiver's Daily
    3 Numbers: PMIs to provide first glimpse of Brexit effect
    The July flash purchasing manager indices will be the first proper glimpse on whether the Europe's real economy will be able to tolerate the uncertainty caused by the UK's Brexit referendum. While sharp falls are expected for UK data, the rest of Europe is expected to be only modestly hit. In the US, the manufacturing sector seems finally be coming out of its long slump.
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  • 3d
    AlanCollins AlanCollins
    PLease take a look at today's view on Saxo's TradeMaker
    Kiril Tikilyanov Kiril Tikilyanov
    hello , Alan What do you expect from ECB today
    AlanCollins AlanCollins
    Hi Kiril, I only look at technical factors. There are others on these pages better able to assess the fundemental side.
  • 3d
    brian1983 brian1983
    May i ask in ur own view. what will be a better price to short GBP USD?
  • Squawk / Wednesday at 8:47 GMT
    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Sterling rallies on BoE report. The UK data just out was rather supportive, as the June jobless claims came in better than expected and May payrolls data looked very strong, but we'll need to see July data to start to see the actual impact of the Brexit vote. But sterling is more likely rallying on a BoE agents report out around the same time that makes a few comments worth note, including:

    - Early evidence shows banks maintaining lending after vote
    - Firms see positive effect on exports after Brexit vote
    - No evidence of sharp slowing of activity
    - A third of UK firms see negative Brexit impact in next 12 months
    - Firms maintain business as usual
    - Firms report reduced demand fo commercial real estate

    The market is very short of sterling and has now "unbroken" a key GBPUSD level around 1.3100 - some squeeze risk for sterling shorts here driven by positioning on what looks like rather positive news.
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  • Calendar event / Wednesday at 8:30 GMT

    GB UK monthly unemployment figures

    High Jobless Claimants % of Workforce
    High Jobless Claimants-Adj
    Med Avg Earnings Ex-Bonuses, 3-Mo
    Med Unemployment Rate, 3-Mo
    Med Unemployment, Net Chg, 3-Mo