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  • Calendar event / 15 October 2019 at 21:45 GMT

    NZ CPI

    Med All Groups CPI, Q/Q%
    Med Non-Tradeable Inflation, Y/Y%
    Med Non-Tradeable Inflation, Q/Q%
    Med All Groups CPI, Y/Y%
    Med Tradeables Inflation, Y/Y%
    Med Tradeables Inflation, Q/Q%
  • Calendar event / 18 September 2019 at 22:45 GMT

    NZ GDP

    Med GDP-SA, Q/Q%
    Med GDP, Y/Y%
  • Calendar event / 19 June 2019 at 22:45 GMT

    NZ GDP

    Med 12-Mos to Qtr, Y/Y%
    Med GDP-SA, Q/Q%
    Med GDP, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / 08 May 2019 at 20:31 GMT
    Founder, Owner, Director / Market Chartist
    United Kingdom
    AUDUSD and NZDUSD bear trends extend, aiming still lower

    Since we last looked at AUDUSD and NZDUSD, global financial markets have seen a move to a “risk off” environment, with concerns regarding US tariffs on Chinese goods potentially impacting negatively on the US-Sino trade talks.
    Equity markets have plunged lower, whilst “risk” currencies like the Australian and New Zealand Dollar have suffered and the safe haven Japanese Yen has rallied.
    Subsequent losses by both AUDUSD and NZDUSD currency pairs have seen these markets make new multi month lows (in the case of NZDUSD to the lowest level since October 2018), for a more negative technical picture.
    A recent May rate cut by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and the expectation of a Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) rate cut in June will likely keep pressures lower for AUDUSD and NZDUSD.

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  • Squawk / 02 May 2019 at 21:06 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Friday April 3 #FX technical sentiment:
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