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  • 4h
    Vladlen Golubtsov Vladlen Golubtsov
    And where the first wave?
    yasser-alsubaie yasser-alsubaie
    بنسبة لي اعتقد عكس ذالك !
    yasser-alsubaie yasser-alsubaie
    بنسبة لي اعتقد عكس ذالك !
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 19:01 GMT
    we can on the pair couple things:
    1. the pattern that show to us that there is more room for upside move
    2. the trend down was stop abit at the low prices and the usd start to shoe weeknes
    my assumption that we are going to see 1.11+_ area
    Weak US economic data shifted the traders’ attention towards the euro. This week’s US data puts USD under pressure. The US currency moved down from 100.00.
    friday session, the pair managed to breach 1.0830, but closedthe day below
    The short time frames shifted to buying. Higher lows and higher highs are developing in the short term chart. The pair managed to close above the previous swing low at 1.0710 . These are the factors supported bulls. The pair can stretch up to 1.0930. The big distribution pattern has been formed at 1.1080. We will re-analyze the trend in case the price closes above 1.1055. The double bottom is likely to be placed at 1.05 area. Eventually, the positional view still favors bears. The intraday support is found at 1.0710
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 16:58 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Monday APR 20 sentiment:
    #CADCHF ▼
    #CHFJPY ▲
    #NZDJPY ▲
    #NZDUSD ▲
    #USDCHF ▼
    #AUDCHF ▼
    #AUDNZD ▼
    #NZDCAD ▲
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 16:36 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W16 Final balance:
    #USD finished on the tail, while #CHF and #CAD gain most of the ground
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  • 1d
    John Roberti John Roberti
    In the last two days, USDINDEX went from 99,20 to 98,00 then back to 98,90 then back to 97,20 and now back up to an undefined...
  • 1d
    fxtime fxtime
    Prefer the yellow line suggestion fwiw.
    Have a good weekend.
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
    ttnks ,fxtime! mutually