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  • 2h
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Again inflation data just doesn't argue for any dovish position or cutting interest rates going forward.
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    I agree with you. Do you think Poloz is deliberately sending mixed messages to prevent a loonie rise?
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Seems to be the game of all over the place right now-talk down your currency-hope for the best.
  • Squawk / 3 hours ago
    FX-Advisor FX-Advisor
    Good afternoon AUDCAD - we are looking to sell above 1,03 targeting parity, AUDUSD looking sell with 93 as a tgt, looking to take small long around 0,9280/60 if holds, GBPUSD - short has been stopped out ( mistake - we should wait for stop hunting first ) Happy holiday season!
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  • 2h
    malik malik
    hi ian stoploss has been hit
    Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading
    yes .. just taken out by a few pips
    Joseph Ferreria Joseph Ferreria
    Hi Ian, I feel your trade is still vlid, waited bit for jobless claims but in at 102.24, lets see if your targets will be hit.
  • 3h
    Kristian Siggaard-Jensen Kristian Siggaard-Jensen
    Our first target has been shy by a little so far and we choose to lock first half gains here at 0.9341 ahead of US numbers. Stop...
  • Squawk / 6 hours ago
    Pierre Magnussen Pierre Magnussen
    FX Trader / Saxo Bank
    Bids and building up at 0.9330/40 in AUDUSD and talk of offers at 0.9415/25. Given the low activity over Easter this seems to be the range for the next few days.
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  • Squawk / 6 hours ago
    wizard65 wizard65
    Senior Analyst /
    What Would Happen Next to the EURUSD?

    “It is not so important to be right, but how to make money when you are right.” – Ivan Hoff

    I remember what happened at one interesting trading conference I attended about 5 months ago. It was an interesting conference indeed. At one stage, the moderator showed us a EURUSD chart (whose dominant trend was bullish, but the short-term trend was bearish) and asked us this question:

    Where do you think the price would go next?

    There was silence in the hall. Predicting the future is a great challenge; plus it’s senseless to talk about the future price action with an utmost certainty. A few traders stood up and tried to give their opinions. I later stood up, took the microphone and said that two things could happen at that juncture: the price could turn in favor of the dominant trend which would continue OR the short-term bearish correction could actually be the beginning of a strong bearish outlook. Was I wrong?
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    smacksman smacksman
    So you said the price could go up or down - a forecast. that should prove correct.
  • 4h
    Antero Atilla Antero Atilla
    Very nice chart Waheed! Thank you for that.
    Waheed786 Waheed786
    the Percent Price Osc is showing possible higher move (imo)