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  • Article / Yesterday at 23:59 GMT

    The Macro Take: Not out of the woods yet

    Asia Macro Strategist / Saxo Capital Markets
    The Macro Take: Not out of the woods yet
    It is clear that despite last week's bounce back, we are not yet out of the woods: we still need to close above some key technical levels. The key focus this week is the US nonfarm payrolls, with expectations around 220,000. The VIX needs to come back into the mid teens and the US 10 years need to get back above 2.25% before I feel we are in the clear.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 23:50 GMT
    High Indus Output, M/M%
    Med Inventory/Shipment Ratio, M/M%
    Med Shipments, M/M%
    Med Indus Output Mo-Ahead Forecast
    Med Inventories, M/M%
    Med Indus Output 2-Mo Forecast
    Med Indus Output 3-Mo Forecast
  • Article / Yesterday at 22:40 GMT

    September rate hike back on agenda

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    September rate hike back on agenda
    The US dollar is now back in favour after a turbulent week. Its main saving grace was the revised GDP number along with Chinese authorities supporting the stock market and a rally in oil prices. However, little support is coming from the FOMC where most committee members are still to make up their mind about how to vote on September 17.
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    Patto Patto
    Thanks for the explanation about the "5 year/5 year" Max. It was a bit of a mystery to me and, I suspect, many retail traders..........
    goldfinger goldfinger
    Very interesting take. I obviously misread Fischer as I saw December being their start date, "all things being equal". If that was the case the UK will...
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 16:39 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W36 #FX weekly technical sentiment: #AUDCHF ▲ #AUDJPY ▲ #CADCHF ▲ #CADJPY ▲ #EURAUD ▼ #EURCAD ▼ #EURUSD ▼ #GBPUSD ▼ #USDCHF ▲ #MOFuturesFX
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  • 1d
    maksoy1 maksoy1
    Bana uyarrr...
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
    salam aleykum,abği! esas odeurki hesab dözer! güclü korreksiya başlar artık
  • 2d
    taxi taxi
    Не согласен! Вверх прошла пятерка - и это А зигзага. Сейчас пойдем вниз - будет В а потом С перехай. Коррекция слишком короткая иначе по времени получится...
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
    можно и поспорить))) а если А и в бок?!))) да и по времени то по времени.но индикаторы норм