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  • 2h
    Hisham Boulos Hisham Boulos
    Thanks Mike ... have a peaceful weekend ;)
  • Squawk / 3 hours ago
    research analysis in intrady and short term strategy in xau/usd and xag/usd / WWW.MCXMASTER.IN
    again buy XAU and XAG at cmp and wait for our final tgt $1148 and $15.75 range against buy $1117 and $13.910
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  • 3h
    thewickedwiz thewickedwiz
    Interesting: so one endures pain for stupidity?
    How about if one gets it wrong, is that stupidity?
    Do you feel pain when you get it wrong or is it...
    Ken Veksler Ken Veksler
    WickedWiz I didn't realise you yourself were a CTA and/or model fund (the group at which that comment was aimed).

    The sentiment behind that particular statement had...
    Neil D Neil D
    Yay, more volatility leads to more pain, more gain and much more interesting markets! CTAs have little excuse for not having made stellar profits on the back...
  • Article / 4 hours ago

    WCU: A crazy week for commodities

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    WCU: A crazy week for commodities
    Crazy and at times terrifying price swings were what financial markets offered traders and investors this past week. Global stock markets, emerging market currencies and commodities saw movements that left many questions unanswered, and one in particular: Is this it?
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  • 4h
    satish231086 satish231086
    excellent opportunity to buy gbpusd. This weeks fall from 1.58 has been overdone .There will be a retest of 1.5580 by next week.
  • Squawk / 4 hours ago
    Technical Analsyt / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Spot Gold October Contract: ready 2 hit 1st target in buy signal 1142 & recent high 1138.70, safe traders book profit & rest modify your stop loss below 1124 & wait for 1164
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