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  • Squawk / 30 minutes ago
    research analysis in intrady and short term strategy in xau/usd and xag/usd / WWW.MCXMASTER.IN
    after make a huge profit in xau and xag today......once book profit at cmp $1241.90 and $15.74 range against buy yesterday @1188 and 15.100 range

    and make a new strategy for this two

    for intraday and stbt strategy, sell precious metals now and take profit booking.......sell xau and xag at cmp $1241.90-45 range and $15.745-900 range and keep sl $1260+$16.100

    and tgt1 $1205+15.25
    and tgt2 $1197+$
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  • Article / 1 hour ago

    Trading a break in highly liquid markets

    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Trading a break in highly liquid markets
    Markets invariably move initially in one direction only to change their mind and head the opposite way. So perhaps it's best to consider intraday trading strategies that offer the highest probability of profit while minimising risk.
    Perhaps we should really trade a different break?
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    fxtime fxtime
    Attached is the DAX chart for today and yesterday. 30points banked over that period...not much compared to the market volatility but this is a basic set up...
    fxtime fxtime
    Attached is the CABLE (GBPUSD) chart for today and yesterday. 20pips banked over the period shown using the above scenario.
    If the market rallies above 1.4472 then a...
  • Calendar event / 2 hours ago

    GR Budget deficit

    Low Primary Budget Surplus/Deficit
    Low Net Budget Revenues (EUR)