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  • Squawk / Just now
    Senior Options Trader / Saxo Bank a/s
    FX options flow GBP: After a day with limited moves in spot, in spite of release i UK construction numbers, vols are moving a little lower. In EURGBP the move lower is more significant, with 3m down from 9,275 % to 9%. Non Farm pay roll on Friday is supporting the front end vols.
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  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    FX Options Dealer / Saxo Bank
    FX Options - USDCAD: Spot made new highs yesterday and despite the fall back to 1.3110 this morning the USDCAD vol market is not moving lower. Next level to watch on the upside is a break of 1.3170/80 which could clear the way for a move above 1.3400.
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  • 1h
    maksoy1 maksoy1
    ANAR AĞABEY benim CAD de durum nedir sizin cepheden bakınca?
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
    Salam aleykum,abği! bir az sonra olurmu? ama böyle gözle desem artık korreksiya başlayıb İn şa Allah!
    maksoy1 maksoy1
    Yeter de artar bile ustte dediklerin, bak keyfine :)
  • Calendar event / 2 hours ago

    EU PPI

    Med PPI, M/M%
    Med PPI, Y/Y%
    Med Ex-Energy PPI, M/M%
    Med Ex-Energy PPI, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / 2 hours ago
    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    0.7375 is a pivotal level in AUDUSD as it's the most actively printed level over the last 20 days, or the “Composite High Volume Node” (CHVN) to use the Market Profile parlance. We spiked higher today on the RBA but seem to have run out of juice at current levels.

    The daily chart is still showing a downtrend and as such selling rallies is still the way to go according to the chart. However if we hold above 0.7375 the bulls may have more to say.

    I think there is a quick trade here with a tight stop; selling a break back below 0.7375, stop above 0.7400-05, targeting 0.7325 and/or 0.7305.

    I’m not seeing too much else in FX land right now, with many pairs waiting for events later in the week, so this is my best shot at a day trade today, as long as you respect the stop and keep losses to a minimum.
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