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  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    for me. price is not showing clear sign. bellow 1.38 i will enter short with tight SL at 1.3850 and above 1.3850 again I will buy EU .
    Osc. also doesn't confirm selling . maybe tomorrow there will be better signs. in case of downward continuation will consider ABCD targets for medium term positions.
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  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    Favio Handal Zalaquett Favio Handal Zalaquett
    Senior Analist / Robotic Solutions Fx
    EURUSD 8 hr Chart - Very important chart

    I did an extensive analysis of small patterns of trends and their targets, and is surprising that 100% of the time the price reach is target before turning or change direction, have a look yourselfs... so if that is true WE HAVE TO SEE EURUSD at 1,3950 for the last time before turning down really hard... (in line with fundamentals) that's why eurusd is so resilient and nobody understands why, taking into account the last Europe data and rhetoric compare to the US data.

    The target of the last wedge pattern in blue was not met for now, so that needs to happen... before thinking of shorting the euro!

    I wait for you´re coments, regards! I am putting a BIG sell order at 1,3945
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  • 5h
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Again inflation data just doesn't argue for any dovish position or cutting interest rates going forward.
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    I agree with you. Do you think Poloz is deliberately sending mixed messages to prevent a loonie rise?
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Seems to be the game of all over the place right now-talk down your currency-hope for the best.
  • Squawk / 7 hours ago
    FX-Advisor FX-Advisor
    Good afternoon AUDCAD - we are looking to sell above 1,03 targeting parity, AUDUSD looking sell with 93 as a tgt, looking to take small long around 0,9280/60 if holds, GBPUSD - short has been stopped out ( mistake - we should wait for stop hunting first ) Happy holiday season!
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  • 5h
    malik malik
    hi ian stoploss has been hit
    Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading
    yes .. just taken out by a few pips
    Joseph Ferreria Joseph Ferreria
    Hi Ian, I feel your trade is still vlid, waited bit for jobless claims but in at 102.24, lets see if your targets will be hit.
  • 6h
    Kristian Siggaard-Jensen Kristian Siggaard-Jensen
    Our first target has been shy by a little so far and we choose to lock first half gains here at 0.9341 ahead of US numbers. Stop...
  • Squawk / 9 hours ago
    Pierre Magnussen Pierre Magnussen
    FX Trader / Saxo Bank
    Bids and building up at 0.9330/40 in AUDUSD and talk of offers at 0.9415/25. Given the low activity over Easter this seems to be the range for the next few days.
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