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  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Spot Gold Trading View: after my view made new high 1240.15, now almost hit 1st target 1228 recent low 1230.88, safe traders book profit & rest wait for 1221...
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  • 1h
    Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading
    stop now at 0.8428
  • Article / 2 hours ago

    China-US trade war — the bark is not the bite

    Managing Director / Asia-analytica Research
    China-US trade war — the bark is not the bite
    China has so far refused to be baited into the first steps down a mutually destructive spiral of a trade war, as events since Trump’s inauguration have shown. But it shouldn't be assumed that the new US president actually wants to start a trade war – there are easier ways of being seen as living up to his China campaign promise. Do not mistake the bark for the bite.
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  • Calendar event / 2 hours ago

    US Existing Home Sales

    Med Existing Sales
    Med Existing Sales, M/M%
    Med Unsold Homes Month's Supply
    Med Median Price (USD)
    Med Median Home Price, Y/Y%
  • 1h
    Kim Cramer Larsson Kim Cramer Larsson
    Here the Fibo retracement levels.
    For an (inverted) SHS you need something to reverse from. If we say the neckline is the horizontal line around 101.80 then...
    Morris Morris
    That's a good one! Do you anticipate that the fibs levels of 61.8 and 76.4 may be tested?
    Morris Morris
    The USD index not an inverse of EUR/USD? Looks more like it!
  • Article / 4 hours ago

    Eight reasons why the Dutch election matters

    Managing editor, / Saxo Bank
    Eight reasons why the Dutch election matters
    The Netherlands goes to the ballot on March 15 to choose its next leader. Geert Wilders' far-right Party for Freedom could emerge as the biggest single party and, while his path to the top prize will likely be blocked, the fallout will reverberate across the globe.
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    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    The Netherlands may be ranked outside of the "Big Four" economies of the Eurozone, however, the fact that it is the first to hold a vote this...
  • 5h
    Jingjie Lee Jingjie Lee
    $1278/oz, it seems too high
    matsuri matsuri
    in case of gold, if 38,2% got broken at least 61.8% was reached in cases of corrections, so seems possible
    julia555 julia555
    Gold & Silver are important assets in an investor’s portfolio, especially now because of the huge, worldwide, debt bubble that Billionaire experts say will pop in the...
  • Calendar event / 7 hours ago

    EU Harmonised CPI

    High CPI, Y/Y%
    High Core CPI, Y/Y%
    Med CPI, M/M%
    Med Core CPI, M/M%
    Med Ex-Tobacco, M/M%
    Med Ex-Tobacco, Y/Y%