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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 20:33 GMT
    GM / maxill inc.
    You are going to see the US starting to talk down the Dollar. The vibe is getting louder here.

    Strong dollar is hurting more than helping and the slash in oil has put a big dent in the economy. Gas prices are starting back up now. Back up to $2.39 a Gallon here in Ohio. Much higher in other states.

    Don't rule out a rate cut from the Fed either BTFW.

    Welcome to the casino.
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    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    John-the US was never truly happy with the QE program. They are in a quandary about how to "normalize" interest rates as historically, interest rates at...
    John Shaw John  Shaw
    Yeah. You could be right. The stock market is at dizzying heights. I'll have to check the average DOW PE ratios...
  • 32m
    Vladlen Golubtsov Vladlen Golubtsov
    Я только не понял, как это не имеет отношение к волнам?
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
    теорию имел в виду)) фибо это фибо,а волны они волны
  • 6h
    Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading Ian Coleman - First 4 Trading
    Thanks and good luck
    DudetteUK DudetteUK
    I am looking into it as well. Maybe the ECB meeting will be the tirgger. Thanks for sharing your point of view, it helps not feeling alone...
    John Shaw John  Shaw
    Great piece today Ian. Thanks for sharing. Oil is the big driver on USDCAD as we all know but I think oil has pretty much...
  • Trade view / Yesterday at 16:13 GMT
    Short term

    Update: Euro weakness returns

    Senior Market Analyst (Equities & FX) / Faraday Research
    United Kingdom
    Traders who took this trade should move stops to break-even and consider reducing their position size as we head into tomorrow’s European Central Bank monetary policy statement.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 15:24 GMT
    Global Head of FX Spot / Saxo Bank
    CHF: Swiss Finance minister being quoted as having said he would like to reintroduce a floor - causing EURCHF to quickly trade back up from lows around 1,0635 to opening levels @1,0730 - now back around 1,0670 on "no comment" from SNB,
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 15:18 GMT
    FX Strategy Team
    United Kingdom
    Euro - almost bottom of the pile now.
    The Euro has had a torrid start to the year. It turned bearish on my trend-based ranking in the 2nd week of January and has remained there since.
    Looking at the Euro against each of the other 9 major Currencies in my ranking system, there appears to be no immediate end in sight to it's broad period of under performance. In almost all cases, the Euro continues to look like a "sell into strength". Potentially it could be in the early stages of base building against the Norwegian Kronor, but the same could have been said of EUR/SEK up until very recently and as previously mentioned, that has now taken a distinct turn for the worse.
    The bearish trend is starting to become quite mature for EUR/USD & EUR/GBP, but in the case of EUR/CAD & EUR/NZD (see chart) downwards momentum is only just starting to gather pace. In all cases, the Euro is beginning to get stretched over the short-term, hence my earlier mention of looking like a "sell into strength"
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