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  • Editor’s Picks / Just now

    Australia to tumble off mining investment cliff: BIS Shrapnel

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    Australia has only just begun to tumble over the mining investment cliff new forecasts suggest, with mining investment set to fall a further 58% over the next three years after sliding 11% in 2014-15. Peter Martin writes the BIS Shrapnel "Mining in Australia" report says one consolation is that production volumes should climb 6% per year over the next five years led by LNG exports. Excluding oil and gas, mining investment had already halved since the peak, and would fall a further 40% over the next two years: a 70% decline overall from top to bottom.
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  • Article / 28 minutes ago

    Today's Trade: ASX200 opens flat as China garners attention

    Trading Desk / Saxo Capital Markets
    Today's Trade: ASX200 opens flat as China garners attention
    The local market opened relatively flat, with the ASX200 only slightly up at 1100 AEDT. BHP was again under pressure following the disaster in Brazil. This week is massive for the currency markets. AUDUSD extended losses below the key support level 0.72 handle as the price of copper continued to be under selling pressure.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 23:50 GMT
    High Indus Output, M/M%
    Med Indus Output 3-Mo Forecast
    Med Inventory/Shipment Ratio, M/M%
    Med Shipments, M/M%
    Med Inventories, M/M%
    Med Indus Output Mo-Ahead Forecast
    Med Indus Output 2-Mo Forecast
  • Article / Yesterday at 22:58 GMT

    ECB’s 'QE Express' rolls into town but what's onboard?

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    ECB’s 'QE Express' rolls into town but what's onboard?
    The European Central Bank meets this Thursday and traders are eagerly awaiting what will be announced. Mario Draghi has earned a reputation as the 'gift that keeps on giving' but the big question is 'how much further for the EURUSD'? Will it be down to parity or even lower? Or will there be a train wreck as traders clog the exit doors in a scramble to cash in their profits ahead of Friday's US jobs report.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 22:22 GMT

    The Macro Take: Big week ahead in little macro world

    Asia Macro Strategist / Saxo Capital Markets
    The Macro Take: Big week ahead in little macro world
    The European Central Bank meeting is the main event this week but there are also rate decisions from the RBA, RBI and the BoC. Fed speakers are back in force after a break last week and Janet Yellen will be giving two talks in one day. US November nonfarm payrolls for November will also be out this Friday, after the US ISM manufacturing numbers. Also of interest is the addition of the Chinese yuan to the IMF reserve currency status.
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