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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 23:00 GMT

    No one innocent in Eurozone blame game

    Business Spectator
    Everyone involved has to take their share of the blame for the Greek crisis. The whole idea of uniting vastly different economies under one currency, one interest rate and one exchange was madness. Various Greek centre-left and centre-right governments that overspent, fiddled statistics and found ingenious ways of clandestine borrowing deserve a lot of the blame. But to be fair, Tsipras inherited their mess. And the IMF paid too much attention to Greece and invested way too much money in it. Now that Greece is officially bankrupt, perhaps we might see a solution. How about Greece exiting the Eurozone, devaluing the Drachma, defaulting on its debt and reforming its economy?
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:13 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Thursday July 2 #FX technical sentiment:
    #GBPUSD ▼
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:02 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W27 FX daily update:
    #EUR 1.06 %▼
    #AUD 0.92 %▼
    #USD 0.58 %▲
    #JPY 0.17 %▲
    #GBP 0.16 %▲
    #CHF -0.58 %▼
    #NZD -0.84 %▲
    #CAD -1.47 %▼
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 17:46 GMT
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Interesting points of interest/control on the euro at present.
    A break of 1.11150 spot mkt would permit a rally to R2 so i have placed an order at that level for a long fwiw. The market is heavilly biased to the short side so any contra move will be swift as stops are hit.
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    fxtime fxtime
    Obviously any break higher triggers a trailing stop etc.
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