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  • Trade view / Just now
    Short term

    #SaxoStrats: A Put Spread on overbought gold

    Head of Futures & Listed Options / Saxo Bank
    After a nice ride from 1071.1 (on Jan 14) to a high of 1263.9 (yesterday) gold is now overbought and stochastics and RSI are giving us a selling signal. We're buying a short-term Put Spread (12 days to expiry) to play a quick 38.2% of retracement.
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  • Article / 1 hour ago

    Saxo Trade Navigator: Friday, February 12

    Head of Macro & Quantitative Strategies / Saxo Bank
    Saxo Trade Navigator: Friday, February 12
    February 12, 2016: The Saxo Trade Navigator provides you with daily technical insight into a wide array of major instruments, ranging from FX to equities, commodities and bonds. With a host of various technical indicators such as pivot points, RSI and moving averages, the Saxo Trade Navigator can be used to spot daily trade ideas.
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  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago

    ES CPI

    Med CPI, Y/Y%
    Med Harmonized CPI, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / 2 hours ago
    Business analyst
    United Kingdom
    The secondary trend of AUD/USD is bullish on charts and price is trading below the trend line in its hourly chart. In hourly chart the price is sustaining above 50 day SMA and taking support of 200 day SMA indicating uptrend of the pair.
    Resistance level of 0.7152 and Support level of 0.7065
    If it breaks its resistance level on the upside and sustains above it then we can expect it to show further bullish movement in the pair.

    RSI is sustaining in its buying zone indicating the upcoming bullish trend in the pair.

    STRATEGY: AUD/USD is looking bullish on charts for next few trading session. One can go for buy on lower level strategy for this pair for intra day to mid term positions in it.
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  • Trade view / 2 hours ago
    Day trade

    USDCHF key average to support buyers

    Partner at 3 C ANALYSIS / 3cAnalysis
    United Kingdom
    Signals for sentiment are not strong for USDCHF but with the 200-day line holding and potential for a further bounce in the cross we look for the upside this morning. Entry is at 0.9730/25 and 0.9712 dip with the stop at 0.9688. Targets are 0.9762, 0.9796 or even 0.9821.
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