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  • 2h
    Clare MacCarthy Clare MacCarthy
    Ha! And we've also got – Tomorrow Is A Long Time....Bob Dylan
    bvlaerhoven bvlaerhoven
    always good to have a laugh in these markets!
    Clare MacCarthy Clare MacCarthy
    agree absolutely - laughter is the best medicine and the Greek patient looks darn near incurable!
  • Squawk / 4 hours ago
    Analyst / First 4 Trading
    United Kingdom
    DeMark - is highlighting correction counts on this hour (14:00 UK) so there is scope for some mild USD buying. Would only look to this as opportunities to buy dips in USD's

    Resistance: EURUSD - 1.0985 / GBPUSD 1.5500 / AUDUSD 0.7445
    Support: USDCHF 0.9465 / USDCAD 1.2700
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  • Article / 4 hours ago

    What's driving GREK sentiment?

    Consulting Editor / Saxo Bank
    What's driving GREK sentiment?
    Yesterday's New York session saw the Greek equity-tracking GREK ETF gap lower on the referendum news but then surge higher, retracing only partially before closing down 7% from its Friday close. Along with EURUSD, it was a mysteriously soft move after a revolutionary vote... so what's driving it?
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  • Editor’s Picks / 4 hours ago

    The very human cost of Greece's tragedy

    Global Economic Analysis
    Remove your blinkers for just one moment and get a real understanding of the true extent of the Greek tragedy, writes an angry Mish Shedlock on the back of an email from a regular reader of his column. The email highlights the despair of the Greek people and lambasts the international media for its impartial efforts on Sunday's Yes/No vote as well as vividly depicting the sheer depths to which the country has plunged in an ever-increasing vicious circle of debt and calamity. Shedlock concludes that even with such an overwhelming 'No' vote, the "nannycrats in Brussels and Berlin still don't get it." Contagion risk is very high, he adds, with Spain, Portugal or Italy next in line.
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    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    There is a clear split emerging between France and Germany over a Greek bailout deal ahead of tonight's critical Eurozone summit with the French leading the charge...
  • Article / 4 hours ago

    Swedish equity bulls need to get their act together

    Swedish equity bulls need to get their act together
    While equity bulls are currently in a weak position there is at least one medium term feasible bullish option left. But with the bears throwing everything they've got on this, one should still be cautious from a bullish perspective and as bears aren't far from confirming the most bearish alternatives bulls really will need to act rather sooner than later! Perhaps they could get some inspiration from the USDSEK bulls that should see some more upside still.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 4 hours ago

    Why Greece's ships could sink its tax plan

    Greece shouldn't look to its shipping industry to help raise the tax revenues it desperately needs to secure a bailout deal, an industry expert has warned. Tony Foster, chief executive of Marine Capital, told CNBC that the chances of the Greek government getting more tax revenues out of the shipping industry were "absolutely nil." Both Greece's government and its creditors have singled out the Greek shipping industry as an industry ripe for more taxation. However, the Greek shipping industry, like many country's maritime industries, could take advantage of the fact that it can register both the ship's flag and ownership in other countries where there are lower taxes and fewer regulations, writes Holly Ellyatt.
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