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  • Squawk / Just now
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Whilst the correlation short term between cable and eurodollar are evident we may see a reversal in the near term. eg 0.9 average to -0.9 should the euro continue ever downwards to parity on the dollar. The euro has too many laggards within it (Greece and southern europe unemployment rates for under 24's) compared to the cable and its 2017 Euro vote. Although the UK has an excellent record of shooting itself in the foot as it were with its penchant for its boom or bust economy
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  • Article / 30 minutes ago

    The Tories can rule for 20 years...if the eurosceptics shut up

    Chairman, Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited / Saxo Bank
    United Kingdom
    The Tories can rule for 20 years...if the eurosceptics shut up
    David Cameron, like Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair before him, has captured the mood of British voters, who rejected the Labour party's shift to the left under Ed Miliband. If it can successfully mollify its eurosceptic element, the Conservatives have an opportunity to become the natural party of power for the next 20 years.
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  • Saxo TV / 47 minutes ago

    Hardy: Why dollar bulls may be in for a wait

    John J Hardy
    A solid USD rally this week has been enough to get the greenback out of the danger zone, but not enough to declare a return of a bull market, says Saxo Bank’s John Hardy. Here’s why dollar bulls may have to wait a little longer for some action.
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  • Calendar event / 3 hours ago

    GB Public sector finances

    Low Public Sector Net Borrowing, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Borrowing Year Ago, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirements, GBP
    Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirements Year Ago, GBP
  • Squawk / 3 hours ago
    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    German IFO unchanged in May:

    A rather unexciting May IFO report out of Germany this morning shows unchanged confidence compared to April. The headline business climate index printed 108.5 vs. 108.3 expected and 108.6 prior helped by a gain in the current assessment index. This index rose to 114.3 from 114 while the more important (forward-looking) expectations index dropped to 103 from 103.4 as expected.

    A reading of 108.5 in the IFO business climate has historically been consistent with growth of more than 2 percent, but the euro area's largest economy only managed half that (1 percent) in Q1 compared to a year earlier. The annual growth rate is, however, expected to move higher and could well hit 2 percent in 2H'2015.
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  • Calendar event / 3 hours ago

    DE Ifo Business Climate Index

    High Business Sentiment Index
    High Current Conditions Index
    High Business Expectations Index