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  • Calendar event / 43 minutes ago

    NZ Overseas Merchandise Trade

    Low Trade Balance, NZD
    Low 12 Months, NZD
    Low Exports (On Year), NZD
    Low Imports (On Year), NZD
  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    United Kingdom
    Tuesday May 26 FX technical sentiment:
    #GBPAUD ▲
    #GBPNZD ▲
    Due to bank holidays, very slow start of the week #GBP show signs of strenght
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  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    United Kingdom
    W22 FX daily update:
    #AUD 0.1 %▲
    #GBP 0.1 %▲
    #USD 0.08 %▲
    #NZD 0.07 %▲
    #JPY 0.05 %▲
    #CHF -0.1 %▼
    #CAD -0.13 %▼
    #EUR -0.16 %▼
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  • Article / 5 hours ago

    Exposing the establishment of España

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    Exposing the establishment of España
    Yesterday, Spain's local elections showed that the country's traditional two-party regime is splintering as new groups and coalitions gain support. Given the anti-austerity messages coming from some of these new parties, could the Eurozone see a new Syriza-type group gain a foothold in Spain?
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  • 2h
    BigGreen BigGreen
    Спокойной ночи, Анар! Тоже пойду
    thewickedwiz thewickedwiz
    Agreed ,the Rubel will decline with many other currencies against USD
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
  • Editor’s Picks / 10 hours ago

    Greece seeking deal by June 5: Tsipras

    It would appear that the Greek government is setting its deadline for a deal one June 5, when the struggling country's next payment to the International Monetary Fund is due. According to a spokesman for Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipiras, Athens intends to pay this month's round of pensions and salaries but has not yet committed to paying its next IMF bill. While the PM told reporters that "we want to honor our obligations, and that’s exactly why we’re seeking this agreement soon", it is widely believed that Athens cannot afford to pay the IMF without a bailout deal from its European creditors. According to Bloomberg, Greece appears set to miss the May 31 deadline set by Paris and Berlin, with June 5 now being the next "moment of truth". Greek stocks tumbled 2.4% on the news.
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