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  • Squawk / 2 hours ago
    intraday and holding research analysis in commodities and currencies..... / WWW.MCXMASTER.IN
    Tgt1 $1338 again hitted in xau friday also......and made a high $1341.37 range in xau on friday......against buy @1321-1318.50 range on thursdays---see call 1stttttttt
    what next??????

    Tgt1 $18.920 again hitted in xag friday also......and made a high $19.05 range in xag on friday......against buy @18.50-420 range on thursdays---see call 1stttttttt
    what next??????

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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 15:14 GMT
    Senior Analist / Robotic Solutions Fx
    USDJPY - has stabilized (Double Bottom formation as expected!!!! :) ) after making a higher low again. That is the second higher low since the UK referendum. Momentum is turning back UP and the overlay with the Nikkei 225 suggests USDJPY should be around 112-114 in the next couple of months :)
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    Dj TinTin Dj TinTin
    The 21st Sept should be the decider
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 14:51 GMT
    Senior Analist / Robotic Solutions Fx
    EURUSD - After a couple of weeks of consolidation / correction up, the EUR is moving back down and is likely to continue lower with some momentum against other majors too.

    We can expect short term losses to the level of 1,04 before bouncing back
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 12:52 GMT
    4 Hours eur/usd comment, Resistance - 1.1220 - 1.240 - 1.1260 - 1.1280

    Support - 1.1180 - 1.1150 -1.1130 - 1.1120

    this is not investment advice
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 12:02 GMT
    Trader, Analyst / Individual Trader
    WEEK 35 (29.08.2016 - 24.09.2016) [EURUSD][FUS500][USDJPY]

    Everything played well in the recent week, EUR bearish, FUS500 bearish, JPY bearish. Market had to wait till Friday for increased volatility. Fed fund futures indicate now Sept. hike 33% prob. (prev. 21%) and Dec. far above 50%.

    I maintain my view from the past few weeks. There is still some space for discounting rate hike. I expect September to be in play above 50%, what would strengthen USD, but no lower than 1.10-1.11. Maybe my medium term target will be entry for braking the range form the upside. Slowly I start to see long term target changed to 1.20 area. Waiting for the month end to have clearer view.

    Short Term: Bearish/Bullish
    Medium Term: temp. buy 1.1130-50
    Long Term: Bearish temp. sell 1.14

    Short Term: Bearish
    Medium Term: Lower limit 2105-2115 and 2052-55
    Long Term: Lower limit 1825

    Short Term: Bullish
    Medium Term: Upper limit 105.90-106.10
    Long Term: Lower limit 98.10-98.40
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    bancodemon bancodemon
    I will be trading these pairs based on your analysis. Thanks
    JakubSzalaFX JakubSzalaFX
    You're welcome
  • Squawk / Friday at 21:53 GMT
    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    Traders who logged off after Janet Yellen’s speech today missed all the action when Fed Vice-Chairman Fischer went on CNBC and “interpreted” her remarks as being consistent with two rate hikes this year. The dollar had declined on Yellen’s comments, which concentrated on the medium term picture, but reversed sharply to the upside on Fischer’s. He seems more interested in the short term.

    The odds on a September rate hike jumped to 40% (see chart below) and for December to 65%. The stage is now set for next Friday’s jobs report. A number in excess of 200k would bring Sept 20-21 right into focus as a possible game-changer.
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    Max McKegg Max McKegg
    Yes indeed, at the upper end of Medium Term Wedge resistance, with the Kiwi having completed an Elliott Wave "Double Three" corrective structure from its .6235 September...
    AlexF AlexF
    Yes and great action on USDJPY could you give yoru thoughts on USDJPY and re entry strategy ?
    Q Q
    So glad I closed that NZD long before the speech!
  • 1d
    Dj TinTin Dj TinTin
    Thanks for the info have a good weekend mate
    stranger stranger
    thanks ,Dj Tin Tin! and you
  • Squawk / Friday at 16:09 GMT
    Blogger / MoreLiver's Daily

    In the picture, my morning note and what happened then. Time to close, I guess.
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    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    You nailed it!
    Rofhiwa Thomoli Rofhiwa Thomoli
    Perfect one.
  • 1d
    AlexF AlexF
    Dear John, thanks for the USDJPY. Got out at resistance 101.45. What level do you advise to re-enter ?
    johnnyw johnnyw
    hopefully market and economic realities will set in soon vs. this fed ponzi market manipulation that is going on. Macro policy particularly since 2008 has not been...