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  • Squawk / 2 hours ago
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    FX Consultant / IFXA Ltd
    USDCAD Toronto Range 1.1015-37
    The USDCAD edged higher throughout the Toronto morning and then drifted lower in the afternoon, evidence of balanced views heading into next weeks month end rebalancing flows, the FOMC and Friday's payrolls reports. Hotter rhetoric from Russia has risk aversion trades on deck and the US dollar also got some support from a strong Durable Goods report. Friday brings Retail Sales from the UK and University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index from the US.

    The intraday USDCAD technicals are modestly bullish while trading above the 1.0990-1.1010 support area with a break above 1.1050-80 resistance extending gains back to 1.1270. For today, USD support is at 1.1010, 1.0990 and 1.0960. Resistance is at 1.1050, 1.1060 and 1.1080
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  • Squawk / 2 hours ago
    JK JK
    Fx Trader / Saxo Bank
    April Tokyo core CPI rose 2.7%, falling short of the market consensus of +2.8%. The result failed to decrease expectations for additional monetary easing.

    Excluding an effect of consumption tax hike, y-y change in Tokyo core CPI was 1.0%, the same as in March (BOJ mentioned consumption tax hike.raises CPI by 1.7ppt in April). Some economists expect price-gauging in response to consumption tax hike. However, inflation failed to accelerate.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 23:27 GMT
    Jeff_ Jeff_
    FX Trader / Saxo Bank
    Good morning and to my fellow Kiwi's and Aussies Happy Anzac Day. "Lest we forget" Holiday in both countries means an even quieter start to the day then normal.

    Data highlight in 5 minutes Japan and Tokyo CPI with a miss to the downside likely to see renewed pressure on usdjpy and more talk of new BOJ stimulus.

    Support 102.00/10 resistance 102.35 200 hma.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 20:15 GMT
    trends2trade trends2trade
    Senior Analyst /
    Patience is the key in trading, Let the price come to you. No explanation given as our work speak for itself. All trade details are on the chart. Enjoy! BEFORE THE FACT NOT AFTER!
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  • 2h
    kirand kirand
    so are you having SL?may be we have to hold long, you can email me at if its ok for you
    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    It will change based on how much time has passed and as a function of expected volatility and some other thinngs. Right now it is around...
    kirand kirand
    thanks Dan to helping me out and sorry to bother you
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 18:33 GMT
    xxlindowsxx xxlindowsxx
    Forex, Options, Equities Trader / TBA
    United States
    watching the USDZAR for a long term position (3 months). Watching how the pair reacts to the 10.4995 area. Currently im expecting a pull back to that area before it move higher. 10.3225 stop. Will return to long position is the pair captures 10.49 area again. IMO
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  • 11h
    kirand kirand
    its very good platform