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  • Editor’s Picks / 21 minutes ago

    Gold traders betting on a bigger comeback

    Gold just reached its highest price in seven months, and investors are betting there are more gains to come by April. Eight of the 10 most-traded gold options in New York on Monday were bets on further price gains as the metal topped $1,200/oz for the first time since June. More than $2.6 billion was poured into ETFs tracking precious metals this year, and bullion assets held through ETFs are at the highest since July. Investors are returning to gold after shunning the metal for three straight years. A stagnating global economy is threatening U.S. expansion and casting doubts over whether Federal Reserve policy makers will raise interest rates anytime soon. That’s sending the dollar lower and raising the allure of gold as both a store of value and a haven asset. A Bloomberg Intelligence index tracking bullion producers has jumped 20% this year. “Traders feel like there’s more weakness ahead for this economy, and gold is the place to be positioned,” one US trader said.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 22:48 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Tuesday FEB9 Directional #FX view :
    #AUDCHF ▼
    #AUDJPY ▼
    #EURAUD ▲
    #EURNZD ▲
    #EURUSD ▲
    #NZDCHF ▼
    #USDCHF ▼
    #USDJPY ▼
    #GBPJPY ▼
    #NZDJPY ▼
    #GBPCHF ▼
    #EURGBP ▲
    #CADJPY ▼
    #CADCHF ▼
    #EURCAD ▲
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 22:03 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W6 #FX daily update:
    #JPY 0.64 %▲
    #EUR 0.28 %▲
    #CHF 0.25 %▲
    #AUD 0.04 %▲
    #NZD -0.09 %▼
    #USD -0.2 %▼
    #CAD -0.4 %▼
    #GBP -0.53 %▼
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:13 GMT
    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    The US stock market recovered almost half of its earlier losses by the close today, leaving the S&P 500 index still clinging to key support levels (see chart below). Meanwhile in the credit markets the US yield curve is now flatter than anytime since the GFC and two year German bunds have hit –0.52%. The odds of a rate hike by the Fed in March are virtually zero compare with 50/50 in Jan as shown in chart below from Bloomberg.

    As Bob Dylan sang “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is; do you, Mr Jones ?”
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    Patto Patto
    You're based in New Zealand aren't you Max? That must be quite convenient as Wall Street closes 10 am your time so you've been at your desk...
    Max McKegg Max McKegg
    Yes that's right. Perfect time zone for assessment of US price action as well as for Analysis and Forecasts ready for the start of Asian and European...
  • Saxo TV / Yesterday at 16:17 GMT

    ECU Group: Why we shouldn't fear 'Brexit'

    Owen Thomas
    If the UK voted to leave the European Union there'd be a knee-jerk reaction on the markets but it would be neither a disaster for the UK nor for Europe; that's according to the ECU Group's Chief Investment Officer, Michael Petley.
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