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  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago

    US Existing Home Sales

    Med Existing Sales
    Med Unsold Homes Month's Supply
    Med Existing Sales, M/M%
    Med Median Home Price, Y/Y%
    Med Median Price (USD)
  • Squawk / 6 hours ago
    Founder, Owner, Director / Market Chartist
    United Kingdom
    Bears Taking over EURUSD – Elliott wave Analysis by Gregor Horvat

    EURUSD has made a sharp drop in three waves from February highs which was expected, as we were tracking final stages of a bigger, bullish five-wave development as wave C. Wave C represents a final leg within a three-wave movement, meaning a change in trend can follow; also price unfolded five legs within wave C, which is another indication that bulls may eventually slow down and bears take over.

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  • Calendar event / 7 hours ago

    ZA CPI

    Med CPI, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / 9 hours ago
    Partner at 3 C ANALYSIS / 3cAnalysis
    United Kingdom
    USDCHF - Supported by key average. 1.0019 potential
    Yesterday's report highlighted an underlying positive tone but an absence of buy signals. That proved correct as trading in USDCHF was muted Tuesday. An early decline found fresh demand near Thursday’s Marabuzo line and the 13 day mvg avg. That bounce did not translate into significant upside but it is the weakness of selling interest that ensures our technical bias is bullish, especially after demand in Asia.
    We look to buy near .9955 and at .9934
    The risk is .9898 offered with targets at .9978, .9999 and 1.0019
    Closes at 4pm London time
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    Romanatrader Romanatrader
    Good Morning Alan....thank you....USD/CHF looks good for buy
    KS2011 KS2011
    Thanks Alan
    Thank you again Alan
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:07 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Wednesday June 20 #FX technical sentiment:
    #NZDJPY ▼
    #NZDUSD ▼
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:03 GMT
    FX Trade Strategist /
    US Wrap: Trade War Drums Spook FX

    NY Focus: President Trump is the “Little Drummer Boy”, beating out a tattoo of trade threats to China. The G-10 currencies are the snare drums. The President’s threat to impose additional tariffs against China if China responds to his tariffs drove FX traders into risk aversion trades. The Japanese yen was the biggest beneficiary as the rest of the G-10 majors sank.

    Unfortunately for New York traders, all the action occurred before they got to their desks. EURUSD dropped from a European high of 1.1624 to 1.1531. It opened in New York at 1.1552. An early attempt to push prices below the European bottom failed, and the single currency drifted higher throughout the day, closing at 1.1880. US Housing Starts and Building Permits data was a non-factor.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:02 GMT
    FX Trade Strategist /
    US Wrap-Part 2: Sterling dropped from 1.3240 to 1.3164 as New York started and added to the losses, touching 1.3151. Prices zig-zagged higher but stalled at 1.3185. Traders are concerned about ongoing Brexit discussions and the risk of a dovish Bank of England meeting Thursday.

    USDJPY drifted higher in a 109.70-110.07 range on the back of profit-taking. A drop in US Treasury yields and Wall Street losses capped the upside.

    Wall Street was awash in red ink, led by a 1.15% plunge in the DJIA, which pushed the index into negative territory for the year. President Trump’s antics help boost the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) 8.45%.
    Chart: DJIA YTD, source: CNN Money
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:00 GMT
    FX Trade Strategist /
    US Wrap, Part 3: Oil prices were choppy as trader reacted to rumours ahead of the Opec meeting on Friday. WTI oil bounced in a $64.40-$65.41 range. Prices firmed at the close after the American Petroleum Institute reported a 3.01 million /barrel decline in crude inventories.

    Wednesday Focus: FX traders will be starved for actionable economic data again, leaving currencies vulnerable to rumours. Fed Chair Jerome Powell is part of a panel at the ECB forum in Sintra Portugal. USDJPY snapped a minor uptrend with the move below 110.40 and tested support at 109.50 which held. The prospect of higher US rates should help alleviate risk aversion fears, suggesting a 109.50-110.30 range for the day ahead.

    Chart: USDJPY 1 hour
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