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  • Squawk / 17 December 2018 at 6:04 GMT
    Founder, Owner, Director / Market Chartist
    United Kingdom
    Whoever is Short the Euro Has The Upper Hand by Stephen Pope

    ECB comments on the 13th undermined the Euro

    Any recovery in prices on Monday morning will be short lived

    No major reaction expected after FOMC on December 19th

    Bearish sentiment prevails and will take prices lower toward 1.1100

    See the full article and analysis here:
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  • 3y
    fxtime fxtime
    And all occurring before he German elections.....38,000 hard working German Opel employees will be concerned....especially as the German Government were oblivious to this recent attempt and only...
  • Editor’s Picks / 22 March 2016 at 13:19 GMT

    European equities creep back after selloff

    The Financial Times
    The sharp selloff in European financial markets following explosions in Brussels is easing. Belgium’s benchmark equity index fell 1.4% in early morning trading as as reports broke of attacks at the Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station, but it has since recovered and is now trading little changed, reports the FT's Elaine Moore in London. Germany’s Dax, the UK’s FTSE 100 and the pan-Europe EuroStoxx 50 are tracking a similar path. S&P 500 futures dropped as much as 0.7% and are now down 0.3%.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 27 November 2015 at 13:13 GMT

    UK to outspend US over the holidays: ING poll

    A new survey released by ING indicates that Britons are preparing to outspend their US counterparts this holiday season. According to the polls, the UK tops the 14-country "Christmas Spending League" with the average Brit planning to spend $440 this holiday season (the average American is looking to drop $382 on holiday-related purchases). According to ING's Martha McKenzie-Minifie, "the fact that Thanksgiving and the Black Friday sales are so close to Christmas could well contribute to the [result]". At the bottom of the league? Germany, Australia, Ialy, and Spain, where consumers are planning $200 worth of holiday shopping.
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  • Squawk / 14 November 2015 at 8:32 GMT
    Senior Analyst /
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (November 16 - 20, 2015)

    Dominant bias: Bearish
    EURUSD did not move upwards or downwards significantly last week, though the outlook remains bearish. Last week was the week in which the FX markets consolidated the most this year, with certain pairs and crosses not going up or down by 50 pips throughout the week. EURUSD simply vacillated between the support line at 1.0700 and the resistance line at 1.0800, but there might be a breakout this week, which would favor the current bearish outlook (although the consolidation could continue for some time).

    Dominant bias: Bullish
    Just like EURUSD, USDCHF moved in a tight range last week. Price moved between the great psychology level at 1.0000 and the resistance level at 1.0100. The ranging movement could keep on happening for some time, but a breakout would eventually happen, which would probably favor bulls,

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  • 4y
    Bent L Bent L
    I was lucky to close the positions already on 3/6 with a gain of 7% of the gross exposure. Nice :-)
    Are you still optimistic on the Lowe´s...
    Mads Koefoed Mads Koefoed
    @Bent L: Excellent! Regarding Lowe's, it has not really performed yet. We have a week to go before we hit the (self-imposed) max. holding period, let's see...
    Jadira F. Norton Jadira F. Norton
    ING outperformed, greatest news ever unforward.
  • Trade view / 27 May 2015 at 8:47 GMT
    Strategic trade

    #SaxoStrats: Long Credit Agricole, short ING

    ING has outperformed Credit Agricole recently and is viewed more favourably by analysts. The spread, however, between these two equities has widened too much in our view, so we look to capture any mean reversion by buying Credit Agricole and selling short ING.
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  • Squawk / 25 April 2014 at 13:07 GMT
    Belgian business confidence hits -4.6 in April vs. -4.4 expected and -4.4 prior. Manufacturing confidence rose to -6.3 from -6.8 while building industry confidence dropped to -11.6 from -10.7.

    The euro area wide business report will be released on April 29.
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