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  • 2d
    Andrew Perkins Andrew Perkins
    Hi Juhani very true words , i can stop thinking Trump will stand down and possible Michelle Obama run for the post . massive long shot but...
    Sotha Sotha
    Pence would be POTUS as per 25th Amendment. Then Paul Ryan. Why should he resign? He has 3.5y more to serve. Who can afford a lame duck...
  • Calendar event / Thursday at 9:00 GMT

    EU Harmonised CPI

    High CPI, Y/Y%
    High Core CPI, Y/Y%
    Med CPI, M/M%
    Med Core CPI, M/M%
    Med Ex-Tobacco, M/M%
    Med Ex-Tobacco, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / Tuesday at 11:55 GMT
    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    We've seen a decent bounce so far this week in the DAX, and if you look at the chart there are a couple of reasons that can be cited as to why.

    1. 11975 is a Fibonacci level.
    2. We have bounced off of the 200 day SMA (Probably the key reason).
    3. We gapped higher yesterday. Friday's high (looking at the Sep '17 Futures here) was 12043. Monday's low was 12053.
    4. The Eurostoxx 50 Futures agree: Friday's low filled the gap created back in April (The "Macron Gap" as I called it!). The last three candles have formed a powerful "Morning Star" reversal.

    We can now look for a move to 12320-340. If we can get above here 12558 is the next target.
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  • Calendar event / Tuesday at 6:00 GMT

    DE GDP - 1st release

    High GDP-Adj, Q/Q%
    High GDP-Adj, Y/Y%