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    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Hi Clemens The venerable BBC put a refugee slant to story in Sweden ( which didn't get quite the attention Trump's remarks did. I...
    Larchik Lakirovannyi Larchik Lakirovannyi
    Hi Clemens. Are you implying that criminology professor Leif GW Persson was not telling the truth?
    PeterAlexander PeterAlexander
    Larchik a link would be helpful.
  • Editor’s Picks / 12 June 2015 at 3:22 GMT

    Rupert Murdoch to hand Fox CEO title to son James

    Rupert Murdoch, the 84-year old media baron, will hand over the chief executive reins at entertainment conglomerate Twenty-First Century Fox Inc to his 42-year-old son James, a source said on Thursday. Fox Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey will step into an advisory role as part of a generational shift at the parent company of Fox News and movie studio behind "X-Men" and other series, the source said, adding that James Murdoch and his 43-year-old brother Lachlan would work as partners. The elder Murdoch, whose media career spans the better part of a century, will take on the role of executive chairman, according to published reports. While New York-based James will have day-to-day control of the company, Lachlan, who will be moving from Sydney to Los Angeles, will play an integral role as the company's co-executive chair.
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    Myra Myra
    This comment has been redacted
  • Editor’s Picks / 23 February 2015 at 2:36 GMT

    21st Century Fox held merger talks with Discovery

    The Australian Financial Review
    US entertainment company, 21st Century Fox, has held preliminary discussions about a takeover of Discovery Communications. The Australian Financial Review states sources close to the situation reveal senior executives from the New York-based 21st Century Fox met with their counterparts at pay-TV channel owner Discovery about two weeks ago to discuss a potential takeover bid. But the sources said the discussions were "nascent", "it was very, very early days" and there was no guarantee a formal offer would be made or that discussions have continued. If the deal goes ahead, it would create a media powerhouse that generates more than $38 billion in annual revenue.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 19 May 2014 at 7:51 GMT

    Why blockbusters survive the internet age

    The Guardian
    A monster lays waste to America's cities, smashing skyscrapers and tearing up passenger trains. It's the familiar tale of Godzilla, a mutant lizard last seen rampaging through cinemas in 1998 and now back on the big screen. Godzilla, made for an estimated USD 160 million opening this weekend, and marks the start of the Hollywood blockbuster season – another entertainment beast that never dies.

    Summer blockbusters may be as a predictable as bank holiday traffic jams, but a recent book from a Harvard Business School professor throws light on why the format endures – from books to film, TV and music. In Blockbusters, Anita Elberse shows that big-budget films matter more than ever to Hollywood studios.
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