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  • Trade view / Just now
    Medium term

    A short-side trade in Biotechnology Index

    Trader /
    United States
    Biotechnology has been all the rage and the leading group of stocks for the past five years, a feat of historic proportions. While the bigger picture trend remains higher, signs from both the multi-year and near-term charts are increasingly pointing to a better mean-reversion move lower.
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  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago
    Low Market Composite Index
    Low Market Composite Index Cur Chg
    Low Purchase Index (S.A.)
    Low Purchase Index (S.A.) Cur Chg
    Low Refinance Index
    Low Refinance Index Cur Chg
  • Article / 1 hour ago

    Daily Shot: So much for contagion! Team / Saxo Bank
    Daily Shot: So much for contagion!
    Resilience seems the name of the game ahead of Sunday's EU referendum in Greece with most local markets (except Greece, of course) steady or higher. DAX futures have stabilised, peripheral bonds are bid and periphery CDS spreads (again, outside Greece) remain low. Elsewhere, we've got good news from China and in the commodities sphere, grains are flying high.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 2 hours ago

    Why Uber doesn't care about revenue

    Like Amazon before it, ride-sharing startup Uber appears to be concentrating on growth ahead of revenue. According to a recent bond term sheet shown to potential investors, the company generates $470 million in losses on $415 million in revenues. Although an Uber spokesperson (in a wonderful display of the San Francisco variant of US corporate-speak) called the numbers "substantially old", Uber appears to be prioritising expansion ahead of profitability at present. “They’re wise to expand as fast as they can,” Lou Shipley of the MIT Sloan School of Management told Bloomberg, adding that “I would liken it to what Amazon did with books”. Some analysts, however, are less sanguine with CB Insights' Anand Sanwal stating that "if you’re spending more than you’re making, it’s hard to say the model is proven out".
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    fxtime fxtime
    Bad luck with the loss...seemed a good call too :-)