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  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Historically NFP print at this point in the year are ''soft'/ below estimate. Thus my expectation is a suprise low at 187k

    I wonder what the market will do if we get a very strong number though? Remember also that the NFP data has a error/adjustment range at plus/minus 100k !! Which kind of suggests the data print is relatively useless until all the adjustments filter through.
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  • Calendar event / 3 hours ago

    CH CPI

    Med CPI, M/M%
    Med CPI, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / 3 hours ago
    Senior Analyst /
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    HYIPs – Solutions for Traders?

    “Illusions are something pleasant. The disadvantage is that they tend to burst like a burble.” – Wolfgang Kurz

    Investopedia describes a high-yield investment program (HYIP) as a fraudulent investment scheme that purports to deliver extraordinarily high returns on investment. High-yield investment schemes often advertise yields of more than 100% per year in order to lure in victims. In reality, these high-yield investment programs are Ponzi schemes, and the organizers aim to steal the money invested.

    Someone nicknamed ‘Handle123’ on says that [the trader] is like the tortoise and the rabbit, no wonder the tortoise lives to be over hundred years old, he learned to go slow and don't take dumb chances of moving a foot before knowing if it can be life threatening risk. And rabbits have little defense other than speed, but many more rabbits in the stew pot than tortoises (square brackets mine).

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  • Article / 4 hours ago

    Saxo Trade Navigator: Friday, September 4

    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Saxo Trade Navigator: Friday, September 4
    September 4, 2015: The Saxo Trade Navigator provides you with daily technical insight into a wide array of major instruments, ranging from FX to equities, commodities and bonds. With a host of various technical indicators such as pivot points, RSI and moving averages, the Saxo Trade Navigator can be used to spot daily trade ideas.
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  • Calendar event / 4 hours ago

    DE Manufacturing orders

    High Total Orders-SA, M/M%
    Med Domestic Orders-SA, M/M%
    Med Foreign Orders-SA, M/M%
    Med Total Orders-Unadj, Y/Y%
  • Calendar event / 4 hours ago

    FI GDP

    Low GDP-Adj, Y/Y%