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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 15:00 GMT

    US New Residential Sales

    Med New Home Sales
    Med New Home Sales, M/M%
    Med New Home Sales Months Supply
  • Trade view / Yesterday at 14:56 GMT
    Strategic trade

    #SaxoStrats. UPDATE: Abengoa under a cloud

    Fixed Income trader / Saxo Bank
    Speculation about the future of Abengoa intensified in late September and today the company announced that it is seeking “preliminary creditor protection”. Its bonds are now trading without accrued interest and plunging to new lows, while its shares are currently trading down more than 50% after the suspension was lifted earlier today.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 13:30 GMT

    US Advance Report on Durable Goods

    High Durable Goods-SA, M/M%
    High Dur Goods, Ex-Defense, M/M%
    High Dur Goods, Ex-Transport, M/M%
    Med Orders: Cap Gds, Non-Def, Ex-Air, M/M%
    Med Shipmnts: Cap Gds, Non-Def, Ex-Air, M/M%
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 13:30 GMT

    US Personal Income & Outlays

    Med Personal Income, M/M%
    Med Consumer Spending, M/M%
    Med PCE Price Idx, M/M%
    Med PCE Price Idx, Y/Y%
    Med PCE Core Price Idx, M/M%
    Med PCE Core Price Idx, Y/Y%
  • Trade view / Yesterday at 12:40 GMT
    Medium term

    Semiconductor stocks ready to soar

    Trader /
    United States
    Individual stocks of the large semiconductor manufacturers, or at least those that are part of the popular Market Vectors Semiconductors ETF, paint a mixed picture. The ETF itself, however, looks increasingly giddy to rally through year-end 2015.
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