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  • Article / 11 minutes ago

    US Stocks: Seasonal strength prevails

    Trader /
    United States
    US Stocks: Seasonal strength prevails
    Last Friday closed the trading week for US stocks on a high note, particularly in the technology sector as big-name companies blasted higher post their late-Thursday earnings announcements. Two big macro economic data points lure around the corner: April 29 and May 8.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 2 hours ago

    Why China's true growth rate is a mystery

    China released its first-quarter growth figures earlier this month, and the result has produced anxiety on two fronts. Not only does the stated 7% represent a significant slowdown, but it also underscores the unreliability of Chinese data. According to a Citi report, "actual quarterly growth could be below 6% year to year, depending on the factors weighed" while MarketWatch's Mark Magnier points out that "the figures are suspiciously smooth, with none of the sharp gyrations seen in the U.S. or other economies". Although China's National Bureau of Statistics is widely thought to have become more trustworthy in recent years, Magnier notes that "It doesn't explain its methodology or inflation assumptions and many of its calculations are difficult to reproduce". According to Harry Wu of the Conference Board's China Center ""I have to laugh at the official estimates of 7% first-quarter GDP growth. I think that's completely out of line".
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