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  • Squawk / 29 minutes ago
    Saxo Bank Senior Dealer Equity CFD's Market Making / Saxo Bank
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  • Squawk / 42 minutes ago
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    SPX seems to be on the bearish side BUT it might be prudent to watch relative strength as a momentum indicator and it implies we are coiling for a strong rally. Whilst we can overlay sectors against the index for financials and commods with reference to the main index we see on balance a bullish bias. FWIW I have an unfilled order at 2084.00 preset on the spx cash mkt for amongst other reasons the chart attached.
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    fxtime fxtime
    Initial profit target if the order is filled for 2100 then 2120.0 !!
  • Squawk / 5 hours ago
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    An insane bit of data for frequentists fwiw.
    The SPX cash mkt has just made an outside candle on H1....using a rolling 1000 ohlc bars of occurences a bullish close permiots a scalp of +1 and a bear close permits a scalp of +1 when the trade is opened immediately at the close.
    Sounds a pitiful profit in points gained but of the last 1000 occurences 885 trades were succesful and the sum total losses were an aggregate 177pts thus net profit was 708pts. If using eminis then a single contract is approx £25pp thus = 708 x £25 = £17,700 net profit. As a control parameter you need to compare your current spx trades against this minimum 1 lot contract size and ensure you are earning more :-)

    Remember this is rolling data....obviously it has just done the same for +1 but clearly it is better to trade a bigger stake size for a worthwhile daily revenue stream as it were.

    Like I said....a daft bit of stats for you :-)
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    bvlaerhoven bvlaerhoven
    thx for the explanation!
    fxtime fxtime
    FWIW I have just got a text message saying my +2 momo trade has just completed at 2074.00 should the market regain 2084.00 today I will enter...
    fxtime fxtime
    the 2084 order is preset to GTC fwiw. Obviously still unfilled.
  • Trade view / 5 hours ago
    Day trade

    Dow reversal to close gap

    Director / First4Trading
    United Kingdom
    The overnight reversal higher in prices looks to have the momentum to close the gaps left by the weekend equity market collapse. As US equities are slightly more detached from the Greek woes than their European counterparts, we expect a US-led rally soon after the open.
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  • Calendar event / 5 hours ago
    High Manufacturing PMI
    Med Prices Index
    Med Employment Index
    Med Inventories
    Med New Orders Index
    Med Production Index
  • 5h
    Mads Koefoed Mads Koefoed
    ISM Manufacturing prints 53.5 vs. 53.2 expected and 52.8 prior.