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  • Article / 23 minutes ago

    Moral relativity makes ethical indices redundant

    Business writer and editor
    Moral relativity makes ethical indices redundant
    As Shakespeare wrote: "Fair is foul and foul is fair" – and that's the way ethical indices are constructed. Why put money into an index that runs a moral viewpoint eschewed by another ethical index? Are the indices weighted according to some unknown moral high ground, or on an intelligent form of investability?
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  • Trade view / 1 hour ago
    Strategic trade launches Korean Mall

    Portfolio Manager / Alcuin Asset Management
    Online retail giant has launched the Korean Mall platform, which will allow South Korean brands to sell directly to Chinese customers. This should allow to offer the lowest prices for goods which are in demand as China has rapidly adopted Korean culture over the past few years. The move should see continue to take a strong position in the cosmetics retail business, because along with its French Mall platform, Korean and French cosmetics brands are the most popular among Chinese consumers.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 2 hours ago

    Bank of England stress testing for possible China meltdown

    The Guardian
    The Bank of England’s sights are trained on distant horizons – the global economy and, specifically, a deflationary spiral aided and encouraged by a slowdown in China and a fall in the value of the renminbi. Deflation and China are the biggest risks in the system. The assumption that the Chinese economy can expand at least 7% a year, whatever the financial weather, is too widely believed. Too much comfort is taken from the fact that China successfully led the world out of the 2007-09 crisis by launching a massive programme of infrastructure investment. But what is often overlooked is that China’s ability to repeat the trick has, almost certainly, evaporated. There is too much debt in the country – $26tn by some counts – and its leaders know that the economy needs to tilt further towards consumption.
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