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  • Calendar event / Just now

    HK Citigroup Inc

    High ASEAN Stars of the next decade event - Digital ASEAN Movers & Shakers
  • Editor’s Picks / 3 hours ago

    Lawsuits expected following net neutrality decision

    Following the Federal Communications Commission's historic decision on net neutrality on Thursday, Comcast has warned a bitter legal fight is coming. Jose Pagliery writes for CNN that the FCC passed new internet regulation to prevent network owners, such as AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon from discriminating against what kind of traffic runs over their networks. ComCast's warning is similar to the one AT&T made earlier this month. The agency's rules won't be official until perhaps summer, which is when major telecom companies will challenge the rules in court.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 23:19 GMT

    Today's Trade: Falling oil price to weigh on market

    Trading Desk / Saxo Capital Markets
    The Nasdaq benefited yesterday from a rally in technology stocks – including from Apple – which sent the index to a 15-year high. Otherwise trading activity was light and our local markets are expecting to record early declines. USD strength was one of the main features of the market last night and further ranging price actions for AUDUSD are expected until next Tuesday’s Reserve Bank of Australia rate decision.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 22:00 GMT

    US Alphatec

    Low Q4 2014 Earnings conference call / Webcast
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 22:00 GMT

    US Immersion

    Low Q4 2014 Earnings conference call / Webcast
  • Saxo TV / Yesterday at 16:21 GMT

    Kickstarter’s success, Motorola goes to China and the Barcelona battle

    Marie-Louise Møller
    This week tech expert Stuart Miles from looks at the way crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are changing the way tech startups not only raise cash, but also how they sell their products. He also asks whether Motorola can make it big in China. And he discusses the fight between Samsung and HTC over who will own the show at the world’s largest mobile fair in Barcelona.
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  • Trade view / Yesterday at 14:33 GMT
    Medium term

    A cautious short in Apple

    Trader /
    United States
    Shares of technology giant Apple Inc (AAPL:xnas) came under some pressure on Wednesday, falling 2.56% and closing the day near the lows of the session. While the stock remains in a strong upward trend, it looks awfully stretched in the near term and a mean-reversion move lower may be on the cards.
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    fxtime fxtime
    Although Apple is not listed to SPX the correlation between them currently stands at 0.96 so perhaps a short SP500 too ?
    Serge Berger Serge Berger
    It's just the general risk-on/risk-off trade we see. Sentiment-wise certainly if AAPL trips a little here then the SPX too could see some weakness
  • Article / Yesterday at 14:03 GMT

    Macro Digest: Up close and nasty – US slowdown looms

    Chief Economist & CIO / Saxo Bank
    Macro Digest: Up close and nasty – US slowdown looms
    Let's face facts– the US is getting closer every week to grinding to an economic halt. I expect Q4 GDP to be revised downwards tomorrow and I also expect growth to hit a big fat zero later this year. Handing the growth baton over to Europe and Emerging Markets might sound like a solution but the problem is that neither could carry the load.
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