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  • Editor’s Picks / Just now

    ‘Flash crash’ overhaul is snarled in red tape

    Wall Street Journal
    A giant data project at the center of the regulatory response to the 2010 “flash crash” that sent the Dow plummeting nearly 1,000 points is years behind schedule and mired in red tape, Bradley Hope and Andrew Ackerman report. The 10 organisations overseeing the data project, including Nasdaq OMX and Intercontinental Exchange, which operates the New York Stock Exchange, still haven’t chosen a firm to build and run it, and a final plan hasn’t been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 30 minutes ago

    The City's May 7 wishlist...and the reality

    The Telegraph
    London's business community may wish for a David Cameron victory Thursday and some sort of broad maintenance of the status quo, but the City is in serious danger of miscalculating just how tortuous and protracted coalition negotiations are likely to be. Any notion that Cameron will walk back into office backed by the Lib-Dems cannot be taken as read, writes Allister Heath, and the very real prospect of a Labour government propped up by the SNP and other left-wing parties will be very bad news for markets and business. The City has not yet started to panic at that prospect, says Heath, and it's high time it did or risk being totally unprepared for the "real economic threat from a Labour-SNP alliance."
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    Low Market Composite Index
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    EU Retail trade

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