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  • Editor’s Picks / 1 hour ago

    China targets short selling to curb volatility

    Wall Street Journal
    China shares ended higher Tuesday after officials announced fresh steps to rein in short selling. Chao Deng writes Chinese regulators are continuing to roll out rescue measures to stem a 27% decline in equities since mid-June. Late Monday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges announced revised rules on short selling to curb volatility. But analysts question the effectiveness of the move given the limited scope of short selling in China’s market. Under new rules, short sellers must wait at least one day to cover their positions and pay back loans used to buy shares. Previously, investors could cover their positions within the same day, a practice regulators said added to “abnormal volatility of stock prices".
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  • 9h
    MrScalper MrScalper
    the more bearrishness around the more bullish I would be. Reason, recent rally was so fast that traders psychology will be unparience to jump in once again,...
  • Calendar event / 11 hours ago


    Med Q2 2015 Earnings conference call [analyst]