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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 22:20 GMT
    Senior Analyst /
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (February 15 - 19, 2016)

    Here’s the market outlook for the week:

    Dominant bias: Bullish
    EURUSD moved upwards by 230 pips last week, topping at the resistance line of 1.1350, before the current bearish correction. From that resistance line, price got corrected by 100 pips while the bias on the market remains bullish. There is a need for price to go above that resistance line this week, aiming for other resistance lines at 1.1400 and 1.1450. Otherwise, bears might overcome bulls and manage to push price further south.

    Dominant bias: Bearish
    This pair has proven to be one of the strongest trending among the majors. Price dropped by roughly 260 pips last week, moving briefly below the support level at 0.9700. Then price turned upwards, making a shallow bullish effort.

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  • Trade view / Friday at 16:09 GMT
    Medium term

    UPDATE: Closing Facebook Covered Call before expiration

    Product Manager Futures and Listed Options / Saxo Bank
    With a week to go in this covered call position we will close it (buy back February 16 100 call at $4.65 and sell Facebook shares). This would get us just above breakeven point of $98.37. We decided against another roll of call options, largely due to the market volatility. Sometimes, it's better to take a small profit or a small loss in order to reduce the risk in the market.
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  • Trade view / Friday at 15:49 GMT
    Strategic trade

    #SaxoStrats: Fuji Heavy Industries' valuation is insanely cheap

    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Top line growth is close to 10% y/y with margins expanding on the backdrop of a weaker JPY (if not in recent weeks). Cash flow generation is the highest ever (see chart) signaling strong underlying fundamentals. The valuation of the company is extremely low with EV/EBITDA at 3x which is out of touch with fundamentals.
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  • 1d
    vanita vanita
    Dear Steve ,
    You have said to keep away from China and Europe.
    But steve I have open buy position in Dax indicies at 9230 & 9532.
    So please whts...
    Legendoski Legendoski
    @USD/JPY ...from my technical point of view, I will have think now is the best time to position in favor of the JPY. We should see further...
  • 1d
    SierraPt. SierraPt.
    For those who's not following closely, can you please explain the difference between Alpha picks and your model portfolio? I.e. you included Moody's in Alpha Picks, but...
  • Article / Friday at 14:57 GMT

    FX 4 Next Week: Two-way directional risk looms

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    FX 4 Next Week: Two-way directional risk looms
    Next week’s action will at least in part depend on how we close the week today... do we close on a hopeful note or below the key supports in a risk barometer like the S&P 500, which has recently been probing key technical levels going back a long time in the low 1800s?
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