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  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago

    PL CPI

    Low CPI, M/M%
    Low CPI, Y/Y%
  • Editor’s Picks / 1 hour ago

    European markets go green as financials rebound

    World markets remain stuck in a risk-off trend overall, but a rebound in the European financial sector today has seen a number of Continental exchanges go green for a change. "It’s crazy that the market is priced for recession and a complete failure of the financial system," says Ben Kumar of London's Seven Investment Management, "but [...] nobody wants to be the first bull.” While today's halting of the downward trend is doubtlessly a relief for investors, Stoxx 600 banks remain down by over 25% year-to-date.
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  • Trade view / 2 hours ago
    Medium term

    Bank of America could be ripe for a bounce

    Trader /
    United States
    Bank stocks in Europe and the US are getting whacked, and the downward pressure grew this week. While medium-term problems for banks persist, the active investor and trader can find juicy opportunities in financial-sector shares, such as Bank of America.
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