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  • 25m
    fxtime fxtime
    Now remember that Trumps' speech will have to be reported as the biggest and best speech ever with the greatest attendance to hear him ever with his...
  • Article / 1 hour ago

    Is infrastructure spending an enabler or boondoggle?

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    Is infrastructure spending an enabler or boondoggle?
    Infrastructure spending is needed across the developed world, and financial markets appear to have sat up and taken note as Donald Trump’s message grew louder. The way forward cannot be based on wasteful state spending, so private debt or equity financing should play a larger role.
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  • 1h
    aslan.g aslan.g
    Hi Patrice,
    A screenshot of the order and would have been nice.
    Patrice Henault Patrice Henault
    Here is the activity log
    Multileg order 214650249: Placed Contract options order to Buy 2 AAPL 17H17 P130/P135:XCBF @ 1.28 Limit D.O.. Dealer: System User

    Position 974776415: Contract...
  • Calendar event / 2 hours ago

    US New Residential Sales

    Med New Home Sales
    Med New Home Sales, M/M%
    Med New Home Sales Months Supply
  • Calendar event / 3 hours ago

    CA CPI

    Med All Items CPI, M/M%
    Med All Items CPI, Y/Y%
    Med CPI-Common, Y/Y%
    Med CPI-Median, Y/Y%
    Med CPI-Trim, Y/Y%
  • Squawk / 8 hours ago
    Chief Economist & CIO / Saxo Bank
    Risky business?

    Peter Garnry has voiced concerns about valuation and our proprietary models continues to flash warning signal.

    This is Z-score risk - S&P vs. Saxo RISK model - we see major divergence presently - the correlation is normally v. high...

    This is clear warning signal
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    Blange Blange
    Good day Steen, are you saying that is going to be soon a rollercoaster and suggesting us to cash in all our assets?
    helicongrowth helicongrowth
    Schatz and German yields are flashing EU election worries, then we have Trump policy delays with v high equity valuations. It is time for a correction which...