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  • Calendar event / 27 minutes ago

    FR PPI

    Low PPI, M/M%
    Low PPI, Y/Y%
  • Trade view / 2 hours ago
    Medium term

    Swedish equity index closing in on inflection point

    Equity markets have been running higher since late September but are heading into what appears to be heavy overhead resistance. This is at a juncture where some indices are displaying more or less perfect Elliott wave structures. I see an opportunity to open a short position in the OMXS30.I (SWE30.I) for at least a medium-term pullback.
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    inctrade inctrade
    What's your take on DAX John? Does it have the legs to get to 11509-38 region or pull back is imminent in the short term.
    Johan Berntorp Johan Berntorp
    I think it could go to 10500 absolutely, I am not expecting it to drop straight away but rather go sideways before a last swing/spike higher. This...
  • Editor’s Picks / 2 hours ago

    Can India revive the iron ore market?

    As India embarks on an aggressive drive to become a manufacturing powerhouse and revamp its ailing infrastructure, Asia's third-largest economy may emerge as bright spot for iron ore demand. Nyshka Chandran writes the nation's potential growth could be the long-awaited catalyst to knock beleaguered iron ore prices out of its bear market. Imports are already on the rise, hitting a record of more than 15 million tonnes during the 2014-15 financial year. A 2011 ban on domestic mining in the mineral-rich states of Karnataka, Odisha and Goa led to a severe supply deficit, paving the way for imports. While the ban has since been lifted, output caps have been imposed, which should further underpin import growth.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 4 hours ago

    Will the Samarco disaster drag BHP back to its teens?

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    When BHP Billiton divested South32 in May, the debate was whether investors should get used to BHP shares trading regularly below $A30. Just seven months on, BHP shareholders were contemplating life below $A19 per share when the stock touched $A18.92 on Thursday. Commonwealth Bank analyst Andrew Hines said commodity prices were low enough to start contemplating some extraordinary outcomes for mining companies like BHP. "A scenario in which commodity prices remain at depressed spot levels for three years before recovering to mid-cycle levels in 2025 generates a valuation of $A14.80 per share," he said in a note to clients. BP was infamously rocked in 2010 by the 'Deepwater Horizon' disaster. BHP shares have returned above $A19 per share on Friday morning on the back of some small rises in commodity prices overnight. Few seem willing to call the bottom for BHP shares. JP Morgandowngraded its price target for BHP shares from $A27 to $A18.
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