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  • Squawk / 34 minutes ago
    Serge Berger Serge Berger
    Trader /
    United States
    After yesterday's rally the Euro Stoxx 50 is right back at key multi-month resistance. It's make or break time, but considering the quick bullish reversal from last week, chances favor an eventual break to new highs sooner rather than later. 3,200 is the next upside target. Read my European stocks update from yesterday morning here:
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  • Squawk / 46 minutes ago
    MarketChartist MarketChartist
    Founder, Owner, Director / Market Chartist
    United Kingdom
    EuroSTOXX 50 Future ($FESX_F) Re-energizes Bull Theme; Targets 3175/85

    European benchmark average bullish shift through 3134
    • We stated in our last client report that “the bias into Tuesday and midweek is for a push up to challenge 3134, with a break here becoming more likely” and the push above here highlights a shift to a more bullish tone again.
    • Above 3134 now aims up to modest resistance at 3148, but with real risk this week back to challenge the 3175 cycle high and key long-term retrace target at 3185.
    • Overshoot risk, more likely into May, will be to 3200 and then Fibo targets at 3219 and 3233.
    • The 8-day RSI is positive, but not OB, leaving scope to go still higher this week
    • Below 3098 eases bull risks; through 3054 signals a neutral tone, only shifting negative below 3007

    Please see full report with levels and latest audio-visual analysis here:

    Daily Adjusted Continuation and Weekly charts
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  • Editor’s Picks / 1 hour ago

    E-trading pulls gold into forex units as commodity desks shrink

    The increasing use of technology on financial trading floors is driving a trend for banks to roll precious metals operations into their forex businesses as a separate unit from other commodities activities.
    Barclays on Tuesday followed similar moves by rivals Deutsche Bank, UBS, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Morgan Stanley by announcing that it would keep its gold trading business while hiving off most of its global commodities operations.
    The consolidation of interbank gold dealing and foreign exchange trading on electronic platforms is making it increasingly easy for forex traders to execute precious metals deals, allowing banks to ease cost pressures by moving the asset classes into a single business unit.
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