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  • Trade view / Just now
    Medium term

    Get ready for an Intel bounce

    Trader /
    United States
    Shares of semiconductor giant Intel Corporation (INTC:xnas) have been getting banged up in recent months as the stock slipped about 20% off its December highs in a steady decline. As a result of the decline however the stock has also reached an important long-term support area where traders can now focus around for a potential bounce or directional reversal altogether.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 2 hours ago

    Failure doesn't deter VXX traders

    Historically speaking, trading the VIX volatility index using exchange-traded notes such as the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures has generally been less-than-profitable in the current bull market. The index, which measures markets' relative calm, is vulnerable to the sort of relentless upside moves we have come to accept as normal. According to Bloomberg, however, market bears are not dissuaded and are currently seeking to profit from destablising events such as Middle Eastern geopolitics or falling corporate profits. “It [presently] just feels like there’s a bit more of a worry that something could go awry,” said Timber Hill risk manager Steve Sosnick. Solnick's view epitomises the sentiment of VIX traders, who are generally speculating that the good times will not roll on forever in US markets.
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  • Calendar event / 2 hours ago

    NO Retail Sales

    Low ex-Auto, M/M (SA)
    Low ex-Auto, Y/Y
    Low ex-Auto and Gas, M/M (SA)
  • Calendar event / 2 hours ago

    IT Industrial turnover & orders

    Low Industrial Index Orders SA MoM
    Low Industrial Index Sales SA MoM
    Low Industrial Index Orders NSA YoY
    Low Industrial Index Sales NSA YoY
  • Article / 3 hours ago

    Saxo Trade Navigator: Friday, March 27

    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Saxo Trade Navigator: Friday, March 27
    March 27, 2015: The Saxo Trade Navigator provides you with daily technical insight into a wide array of major instruments, ranging from FX to equities, commodities and bonds. With a host of various technical indicators such as pivot points, RSI and moving averages, the Saxo Trade Navigator can be used to spot daily trade ideas.
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  • Calendar event / 3 hours ago

    SE Retail sales

    Low Retail Sales Volume (S.A.)
    Low Retail Sales Volume (W.D.A.)
  • Article / 3 hours ago

    China’s bull market and the profitable art of irrational investing

    Managing Director / Asia-analytica Research
    China’s bull market and the profitable art of irrational investing
    China’s regulator has signalled it is comfortable with the pace of the stock rally even as prices jump to a five-year high. The government has solid reasons for wanting the buoyant prices and high turnover from the bull market to continue. And domestic A-share investors, well versed in the art of irrational investing in their irrational world, are happy to oblige.
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