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  • Squawk / 5 hours ago
    Senior Analyst /
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (July 6 - 10, 2015)

    Dominant bias: Bearish
    Current events in the Eurozone will continue to shape the movement of EURUSD and other EUR pairs this week. Last week, price opened with a gap-down of about 200 pips before an upward bounce of over 300 pips occurred on Monday. On Tuesday, price began to go south and tested the support line at 1.1050 on Wednesday. After that, price consolidated till the end of the week. This week, EURUSD and other EUR pairs could open with gaps, and of course, the gaps would be followed by strong movements in case they occur. The outlook on EURUS D is bearish: unless the resistance line at 1.1250 is overcome, further southward movement is expected.

    Dominant bias: Bullish
    This currency trading instrument traded downwards on Monday, reaching the support level at 0.9250. Form that level, price went north by 250 pips, testing the resistance level at 0.9500.

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  • 19h
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Philidor has a good take on this. I am just being basic and simply using same nominals
    Dimitrios Tamvakas Dimitrios Tamvakas
    if DAX goes up, CAC will go up too although is likely to underperform ... This is a difficult trade ...
    vanita vanita
    Thanxs philidor and Stephen.
  • Article / Yesterday at 9:52 GMT

    BP bites the bullet, but is it poison?

    Managing editor, / Saxo Bank
    BP bites the bullet, but is it poison?
    BP's acceptance of a landmark $18.7 billion penalty to the US government draws a line in the sand over the five-year Deepwater Horizon saga, but could the fine in tandem with lower oil prices make the global oil giant vulnerable to a takeover?
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    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    Of course, if BP does become the subject of a bid from one of the big (bigger) boys, then your set fair fxtime. Hold fast and let's...
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    Then you are set fair that should be. Hangs his head in shame...!
    fxtime fxtime
    Is there going to be a Tinkof/Saxo stand at the prologue tomorrow at Utrecht?
  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 9:00 GMT

    EU Retail trade

    Med Retail Sales Monthly
    Med Retail Sales Yearly