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  • Squawk / 7 hours ago
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Forex GBPNZD Trading View: after my view, made new high 1.8611, now hit 1st target 1.8515, safe traders book profit & rest wait for 1.8449...
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  • Squawk / 7 hours ago
    individual Trader
    GoldUS Approaching Support level 1300.0 after one more Bearish leg down.
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  • Squawk / 8 hours ago
    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    We've seen some early upside rejection in GBPUSD this morning, close to Marabuzo resistance at 1.3545, suggesting we may see a bit more red today. We did leave a few vacuums in the wake of last week's sharp rally and these may need to be revisited/repaired. They are 1.3450, 1.3415 and 1.3226.

    Resistances of note are 1.3545 as mentioned, and 1.3572 above that.

    The "Screen grab" shows:

    Left hand side: Profile graphics. The blue lines are the "vacuums". Often markets come back to these.

    Top right: Daily chart showing yesterday's red candle with Marabuzo resistance at 1.3545,

    Bottom right: 30 minute chart, showing that for now we're in a fairly tight channel, currently with support at 1.3428. Waiting for this to break as the "trigger" to get short seems sensible.

    Hopefully this gives an insight into how different timeframes and methodologies can formulate a trade idea.
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    usxau usxau
    Thanks Clive, it is always good to read that someone else with a different approach comes to the same conclusion and possible levels.