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  • Squawk / 5 hours ago
    individual Trader
    U.S Stocks ended the month of February with some impressive gains with not much in the last week as markets ended roughly where they started and the U.K's FTSE 100 failing to record a close above the previous week's high though making another record high since Dec. 1999 earlier in the week. Most importantly the German Dax, EuroStoxx50 and Nikkei225 made significant gains all closing the week with new highs after the other with speculators buying whats high than following the 'buy low sell high' cliché. March technically looks Positive to me with a few significant Bullish breaks in the FTSE 100 and strong SPRTS in other Stock Baskets, the sky is the limit.
    #Bullish USDJPY as stocks keep positive and DXY poised to make fresh highs
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  • Squawk / Friday at 18:04 GMT
    Foreign Hedging - "Another notable trend has been greater FX hedging of EURdenominated investments. Given that FX hedges are typically done over-the-counter, we gauge this dynamic by examining the ETF market. Since the ECB implemented a negative deposit rate, implicitly using EUR as the transmission
    mechanism for monetary policy, foreign investors have
    significantly increased FX-hedged equity investments relative
    to unhedged ones (see Exhibit 6). As long as front-end rates
    trade in the red, foreign investors essentially are paid to
    remove FX risk from their European investments. And
    knowing that the central bank welcomes a significantly weaker
    currency to boost competitiveness and increase imported
    inflation, we expect this hedging to continue." in THE EURO IMITATION GAME by Morgan Stanley (FX Pulse - )
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