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  • 4h
    Andrei14 Andrei14
    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    Out at 0.6727.
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:15 GMT
    United Kingdom
    Tuesday MAY31 #FX technical directional sentiment:
    #AUDCHF ▼
    #CHFJPY ▲
    #NZDJPY ▲
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 20:56 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W22 #FX daily update:
    #CHF 0.23 %▲
    #EUR 0.23 %▲
    #GBP 0.21 %▼
    #AUD 0.09 %▲
    #NZD 0.03 %▲
    #USD -0.01 %▼
    #CAD -0.17 %▼
    #JPY -0.61 %▼
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  • 1d
    ForexForever ForexForever
    very impressive trade Max!
    Vancouver Vancouver
  • Squawk / Saturday at 22:11 GMT
    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    That was the message from Fed Chair Janet Yellen in her Q&A session on Friday. Rate hikes are coming; be patient and prepare.

    We will get a more detailed idea of timing when Yellen gives a prepared speech on the economy June 6. By then the key employment data for May will have been released and she will have a good idea of what her FOMC colleagues are thinking. But also important will be Tuesdays inflation update. Markets will be looking for the price index of Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) – the Fed’s benchmark – to start following the CPI number up the the 2% target.

    See chart below
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    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Are you watching the yields on 1 to 6 month U.S. T-Bills? They are lower today than they were in December of 2015, before the Federal...
    Max McKegg Max McKegg
    Fair comment Jim. Personally I watch the 2 year T Bond chart as the best indicator of what the market thinks the Fed is up to. Also...
  • Squawk / Friday at 17:39 GMT
    United States
    Short NZDUSD at 0.6712. I will close this trade before markets close today.
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    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    Thanks Moot, have a great weekend!
    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    Stop now at 0.6695, locking in 17 pips profit. It is much more likely than not I'll be stopped out.
    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    Out at 0.6695.
  • 3d
    ramiresreis ramiresreis
    how is it WESTPAC predicting 1,1400 EUR/USD till next week? is it often to happen so many pips?
  • Squawk / Thursday at 20:55 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W21 #FX daily update:
    #GBP 0.92 %▼
    #CAD 0.82 %▲
    #JPY 0.06 %▲
    #CHF -0.16 %▼
    #AUD -0.26 %▲
    #USD -0.28 %▼
    #EUR -0.4 %▲
    #NZD -0.7 %▼
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  • 4d
    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    SL now at breakeven.
    Moot Moot
    Let it run.
    Dan Murray Dan Murray
    I closed at 0.6734 before the US data today. I was half asleep and forgot to update here...