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  • Article / Wednesday at 5:26 GMT

    FX Morning Update: Wednesday, April 16

    Daniel Wong Daniel Wong
    Option Trader / Saxo Bank
    FX Morning Update: Wednesday, April 16 Read the article
  • 5d
    kirand kirand
    how to add more traders in follow list?
  • Article / 14 April 2014 at 15:45 GMT

    FX Update: Draghi comments weaken EUR

    Pierre Magnussen Pierre Magnussen
    FX Trader / Saxo Bank
    Despite comments from a dovish Mario Draghi at the weekend and the continued rumble in Ukraine, today's London session remained quiet and uneventful. Here's our quick overview of the levels and price action for G10 currencies.
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  • Squawk / 14 April 2014 at 9:09 GMT
    John J Hardy John J Hardy
    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Kiwi under significant pressure this morning as Friday's attempted comeback from a sell-off is failing again. AUDNZD is poking at a key resistance zone in 1.0850/1.0875 and a significant sell-off wave toward 0.8525 would begin to confirm that the NZDUSD chart has done all it can to the upside for now. I'm not seeing any specific news catalysts for this move, as in fact we saw a NZD-supportive Services survey out overnight in Asia. Rather, I think this is a bout of profit taking on extreme long-kiwi positioning of late and nervous equity markets finally taking their toll. The latter could prove particularly powerful in pressuring the kiwi further if we see the recent risk-off move deepen and broaden globally..
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  • Article / 14 April 2014 at 6:38 GMT

    COT: Dollar sold, GBP long at multi-year high, AUD no longer short

    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Hedge funds and money managers were net sellers of dollars during the week of April 8 with six out of eight IMM currency futures being bought against the greenback. As a result, the combined dollar position moved back to a net short of 0.9 billion dollars. Only the CHF and the EUR were sold while buying were most noticed in GBP, MXN and AUD with the latter turning net-long for the first time in nine months.
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    dina dina
    Hello Mr Hansen,
    I like the long AUD/CHF + long AUD/CHF, they bottomed out from inverted shoulder-head-shoulder.May I ask you in which of those èairs you see better...
  • 11 April
    Marie Donty Marie Donty
    This comment has been redacted
  • 11 April
    Marie Donty Marie Donty
    This comment has been redacted
  • 09 April
    kirand kirand
    what about gold?
    09 April
    John J Hardy John J Hardy
    Will take a lot of heavy lifting to get upside interest in gold - any downside acceleration suggests a test toward 1250 or lower in my book....