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  • Article / 08 May 2017 at 10:25 GMT

    This week's FX trading themes — #SaxoStrats

    Head of FX Strategy / Saxo Bank
    This week's FX trading themes — #SaxoStrats
    The distraction of the French presidential election is now out of the way, but existential risks for the Eurozone remain. Our trade focus this week is on potential for the euro to consolidate lower, for a modest yen resurgence, and a relative value trade in commodity currencies, which have been volatile on the recent weakness in commodity prices.
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    09 May
    John J Hardy John J Hardy
    Had I written this today, would not have JPY longs on the agenda - it is clear that this market wants to sell JPY after yesterday's action....
    16 May
    fredajerusha fredajerusha
    This comment has been redacted
  • 08 May
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Leverage fund positioning in US bonds and stock index futures attached
    08 May
    Madjid Madjid
    Thanks Ole
  • Video / 05 May 2017 at 7:26 GMT

    From the Floor: Oil slides as bulls capitulate — #SaxoStrats

    Oil prices slid dramatically overnight as holders of long positions capitulated in the face of persistently weak fundamentals, and industrial metals have been dented by rising inventories and concerns over China demand. In the FX markets, EURUSD is breaking towards 1.10 even before the outcome of Sunday's French election is known.
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  • 01 May
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Leverage funds remain the least bearish across the US yield curve for the year following a week of buying across all durations.
    Buying of Nasdaq and Russel 2000...
    01 May
    Madjid Madjid
    Thanks for your efforts Ole.
    02 May
    Morris Morris
    Ole would a "rate of change" graph in longs and short be appropriate or have you considered it before?
  • 24 April
    Madjid Madjid
    Morning Ole,
    Many thanks for providing the full report, it saves me significant time especially on a Monday.
    24 April
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Thank you and you're welcome
    24 April
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Positioning in financials attached below. Leverage funds turned the least bearish on the CBOE VIX index since last March
  • 17 April
    Madjid Madjid
    I kind of agree with you on the USDMXN, but I just took the last of my profits dating back to November because of the incoming news...
    17 April
    Kay Van-Petersen Kay Van-Petersen
    Thanks Madjid, a lot of spice & tender loving care goes into that Global Macro oven every wkd. Yes, goldfinger, whats that expression, no rest for the...
    23 April
    alicia33 alicia33
    This comment has been redacted
  • 11 April
    sairam sairam
    intarday call :-sell gold@28810/850 sl 28950 target 28670/28500..........whatsapp 08106292758..........
  • 03 April
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Leveraged trader positioning on financials:
    Leverage funds turned the least bearish on bonds for the year as short-covering continued across the curve.
    Three month Eurodollar was the exception...