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  • 1h
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    Unilever shares fell approximately 10% after the European open before finding some support at around the £35 level. They were at £35.07 at 0857 GMT.
    fxtime fxtime
    If Mike Pence fails to clarify what (if anything) Trump really intends we will have to await the ''What about Sweden'' faux pas to resurface LOL. Well...
  • Article / 4 hours ago

    3 Numbers: Eurozone consumer confidence set to hold steady in February

    editor/analyst /
    United States
    3 Numbers: Eurozone consumer confidence set to hold steady in February
    Retail spending has taken a post-Brexit vote hit in the UK. However British manufacturing seems to be weathering the post-vote era, with only a modest decline expected for the CBI Industrial Trends Orders Index for February. Meanwhile the European Commission’s Consumer Confidence Indicator is on track to hold steady this month. And turning to the leading EU economy, further declines in the German 10-year yield will signal renewed concern about the Eurozone.
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  • Squawk / 5 hours ago
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Forex EURNZD Trading View: as per my view, hit 1st target 1.4746, safe traders book profit & rest wait for 1.4670...
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    trendy trendy
    What was the entry price?
  • Squawk / Friday at 22:25 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W8 #FX technical sentiment:
    #GBPNZD ▼
    #GBPUSD ▼
    #USDCHF ▲
    #NZDCHF ▲
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  • Squawk / Friday at 21:19 GMT
    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    Quiet trading Friday in the US ahead of a long weekend (markets closed Monday for President’s day)

    The S&P 500 made a small gain, USD index rose (mainly because of a weak EUR); bond yields were down a touch.

    Note in the chart below that the USD index is not reacting to the rising prob. of a March 15 rate hike. Since 1994 the Fed has never moved unless market pricing in the lead up was at least 75%. Today March is priced at only 40%. Even June is marginal.

    But plenty of Fed speakers next week with a chance to “guide” the market.

    Meanwhile Pres.Trump is promising more “tremendous” announcements.

    The second chart shows the US fed funds curve in a global context. Only the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is priced to follow a similar track to higher rates.
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    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    I would argue that the PE in the 40's during 2000 was an aberration due to a 1st stage bubble of three being focused into only...
    seas seas
    I would tend to agree with that. There are new efficiencies and economies of scale to take into account though.
    seas seas
    And that can feed the monkey.
  • 2d
    Hisham Boulos Hisham Boulos
    Totally agree the media like mad dogs against Trump while I guess his doing a better job than Obama looking after his people and country ..
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    A well written executive summary.
    Puts the gyrations firmly in context.
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    I agree on much of this Mike, but Trump himself has to bear some of the blame for the coverage, waging war on the mass media, simply...