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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 12:31 GMT

    UK hopefuls must stop this 'good life' charade

    The Telegraph
    We've been down the electoral path before where politicians make all kinds of pledges hoping that this will persuade the voters to stick a big, fat X by their name, but some of the claims being made in the run up to the UK vote on May 7 are ridiculous, says Jeremy Warner. £8 billion for the NHS? Tick. 25 days free child care? Tick. Taxpayer-funded discounts to buy your home? Tick. Everything is there in the land of "milk and honey." Warner warns that this kind of cloud cuckoo land pledge-making can only cause havoc when realities come home and that the UK is setting itself up for the next financial crisis if it goes down this path.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 11:13 GMT

    Bloomberg outage puts traders in the dark and delays UK debt sale

    The Irish Times
    The system of Bloomberg terminals used by financial workers across the globe went down this morning, with many traders unable to perform their usual trading activity, The Irish Times reports. The outage, which occurred at 8.20am and is still continuing for some users, even delayed the scheduled sale of UK debt. The UK’s debt management office, which issues Treasury bills on behalf of the government, said it had been forced to delay a sale, citing problems “with a third party platform supplier”.
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