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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 23:46 GMT
    Head Scalper / The Island Group
    United States
    Unbound and Wound- will eurusd blast off from it's 14 month range? Seems logical it will test 116 again and if it pops 115 again today on dollar strength, I'm in.
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  • Article / Yesterday at 23:00 GMT

    US Market Wrap: Dollar bulls make a big splash

    FX Consultant / IFXA Ltd
    US Market Wrap: Dollar bulls make a big splash
    Forex traders shifted into risk aversion mode in Europe, and kicked it into high gear during the New York session, due to a mix of global growth concerns and falling oil prices. The ripple of risk aversion in Asia became a wild surf in Europe and then a tidal wave in New York.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 21:19 GMT
    United Kingdom
    W18 #FX daily update:
    #CHF 0.85 %▲
    #EUR 0.78 %▲
    #USD 0.47 %▲
    #JPY 0.12 %▲
    #GBP 0.08 %▼
    #NZD -0.43 %▼
    #CAD -0.86 %▼
    #AUD -1.0 %▼
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 16:34 GMT
    Hypothesis Testing
    United Kingdom
    Update on a prior strategy.
    This time for FX pairings and I have opted to give the lowest profitable result which happens to be the cable.
    Overall 610pips is the NET profit so say you traded a basic £10pp you would now be £6100 in profit. Remember the data assumes you only take the bare minimum of targetted points suggested where as a simple strategy of halving your trade and tightening the stop to b/e would have earned you far more.
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    fxtime fxtime
    Hi Wickedwiz.....I am doing a data-set for a client tomorrow on that very topic so will post or email to you if prefer.
    fxtime fxtime
    kom can I suggest 7am - 9am BST for the cable and euro for 10pips plus
    However you can also do the 9am-10am for the 5pip max rate...
    fxtime fxtime
    Ref Yen...I assume you already are aware of the average monthly wave distribution (15yrs)?
    2std devs equates to 5mths downmove eg lower highs and descending closes and IV/IVR...
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 15:51 GMT
    Trader, Analyst / Individual Trader
    1.16 acted as a resistance, however I see further drop in USD in coming weeks.

    NFP might be some disturbance.
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  • 11h
    seas seas
    Really. Nice job.
    BullionGuide BullionGuide
    The dollar won't break 94
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Hi BullionGuide- What do you mean dollar won't break 94?
  • 7h
    BullionGuide BullionGuide
    Your bullish rhetoric for the U.S. dollar is laughable. a correction in the price of the U.S. dollar was expected and that is all it was...
  • Article / Yesterday at 12:22 GMT

    Another rate cut – but maybe not for the reasons you'd think

    Director / Accumen Management
    United Kingdom
    The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut rates and the country's Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has delivered a fiscally responsible budget. The RBA was not just rattled by last week’s inflation print but clearly sees some potential for further such downside, which could only be potentially stemmed using expansionary monetary policy.
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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 12:00 GMT


    Med Q1 2016 Earnings conference call [analyst]