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  • 8h
    Simont Simont
    I feel AUD/USD needs a correction towards the 0.7500 level, it's been on a great run of late.
    It needs to happen soon or we risk breaking higher....
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 19:13 GMT
    CEO / TFx Group of Companies
    AUDUSD GANN Analysis
    AUDUSD on daily chart is on decision zone of GANN. GANN level 270 Degrees (077291) from here high probability of reversing of AUDCAD and having southward drive.
    Support (GANN Angles)
    0.75908(225 Degree) 0.74536(180 Degree) 0.73117(135 Degree) 0.71831(90 Degree)
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 18:48 GMT
    CEO / TFx Group of Companies
    AUDCAD Bearish Prognosis
    Price action study shows rising wedge break out providing strong biased for bearish in power.
    GANN square of 144 revealed that price is moving in sell zone in oscillating manner forming expanding triangle formation and it is reversing attaining bearish tone now
    GANN Square of 9 Natural levels revealed that price have major tone on bearish rejected from GANN level 180 Degree. Have corrective movement of 90 Degree half of its main movement than going to attain its bearish move.
    Support (GANN Levels)
    0.98615(135 Degrees) 097051 (180 Degrees) 095500(225 Degrees)
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 13:48 GMT
    CEO / TFx Group of Companies
    AUD remain strong against USD during last 7 weeks and played well. Now it seems to start developing price consolidation a sign of seller gradually taking over buyer forming Rising wedge of 60% degree (Angle of inclination) . Before that 40degree Bullish Cup and handle formation formed and so far market acted upto 70% of Cup depth on breakout.

    Further market seem to have trend line rejection and after rejection market get in range showing a state of distribution formation.

    GANN study revealed that

    Market formed validated swing and have upside ride upto 180 Degree Gann andle there it facing resistance and seem to have downward correction. Support level seem to be 135 Degree GANN angle 0.75659. Small bearish opportunity for day Traders.
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  • 2d
    Treve Treve
    Saxo is in a different class to the "rat bags: like FXCM etc ... TradingFloor is a good example of this!
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Great article-thanks
  • Squawk / Friday at 11:45 GMT
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Forex EURNZD Trading View: after my view made new low 1.4589, now almost hit 1st target 1.4711 & recent high 1.4694, safe traders book profit & rest wait for 1.4770...
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