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  • Squawk / 3 hours ago
    Senior Equity Trader / Saxo Bank
    Henkel AG & Co are seen down between 1,2-1,4% in pre market after miss of Q4 EBIT misses.
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  • Squawk / Monday at 15:04 GMT
    Senior Equity Trader / Saxo Bank
    Deutsche Bank has rebounded a bit from lows now trading around €29,28 or down 0,25% (Low €29,15). Also Commerzbank are in red down more than 0,75% trading now a €11,97
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  • Editor’s Picks / Monday at 10:47 GMT

    How 'Super Mario' took European markets to the next level

    According to JPMorgan analyst Kerry Craig, "we’re getting to the point where even a bond guy will tell you to buy stocks". The reason for the renewed interest in European equities is obviously the European Central Bank's quantitative easing programme, the announcement of which saw record levels of buying hit European markets. Beyond the ECB measure, however, analysts also say there is evidence of a general economic turnaround on the continent. The Euro Stoxx 50 Index jumped 15% in 2015, says Bloomberg's Sofia Horta e Costa – its best start to a year ever.
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  • Squawk / Monday at 8:32 GMT
    Senior Equity Trader / Saxo Bank
    Volkswagen released it Q4 earnings on Friday and sending the stock down to €211,65. But the stock manage to rebound and are now trading higher (€229) than when the report was released.
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