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  • Squawk / 06 September 2017 at 8:19 GMT
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    NSE BankNifty Trading Signal: now having resistance zone 24380 & recent high 24345, traders build sell position on rise with 24468 above stop loss and target 24180 & 24000...
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  • 2y
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Yes...that is true.

    This was an article to answer a specific request about the Sensex.

    As you say...the way to get exposure to Indian equities on this platform ...
    bhushan bhushan
    Really very nice on your part to share the whole analysis.Steve the success of your trades lies in your indepth knowledge and analysis.Great.
    ChristianK ChristianK
    It can also be bought in Singapore (SGX) under I98. Trades both in USD or SGD.