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  • Squawk / 19 June 2017 at 7:15 GMT
    Technical Analyst / PIA-First
    United Kingdom
    Buying Unilever

    ULVR:xlon continues to push higher and is trending higher over multiple time frames

    The shares underwent a mild correction but now appear ready to kick on from here having completed a bullish flag.

    The hammer candle posted on Friday is positive for short term sentiment and suggest a move to new highs should be seen.

    Unilever is typically seen as defensive share and due to the recent increase in volatility we expect to see more demand for these types of company.

    The shares score very well in our fundamental model, scoring particularly well on quality and profitability metrics.

    Buy at market

    Stop at 4175p

    Target at 4750p
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    benlouro benlouro
    agree. I have a long time positive view on UNILEVER