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  • Article / 12 January 2018 at 11:31 GMT

    Earnings Watch: US financials to deliver strong Q4 earnings

    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Earnings Watch: US financials to deliver strong Q4 earnings
    This year is seeing some of the strongest expectations in two decades for S&P 500 companies, so fourth-quarter earnings will be critical for equity markets to extend the rally. This week's Earnings Watch focuses on US financials as they always dominate the beginning of the earnings season.
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  • Article / 24 April 2017 at 12:35 GMT

    Volatility Update: Euro Stoxx 50 volatility plunges — #SaxoStrats

    Product Manager, Options Trader, Educator
    Volatility Update: Euro Stoxx 50 volatility plunges — #SaxoStrats
    Victory on Sunday for the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the first round of France's presidential election has triggered a broad-based rally, with the Euro Stoxx 50 index jumping nearly 4% thanks largely to strength in French shares and the Euro Stoxx VSTOXX volatility index sliding 30% as "Frexit" fears seem to have vanished for the time being.
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  • Video / 20 April 2017 at 7:21 GMT

    From the Floor: Risk premium flight hits oil — #SaxoStrats

    Oil bulls were counting the cost after an unexpected build in gasoline inventories spooked markets and helped encourage flight already underpinned by the gradual reduction in the risk premium. The French election race meanwhile is heating up, sending the French/German 10-year spread to a near five-year close high.
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    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    @matsuri. Something like that yes
    matsuri matsuri
    I hope WTi will bounce 2-3 dollars as I am long at 38.2% Fibo
    Olars Olars
    or $47 -$53. Russia does not need a high price now if they are prepared to cut in summer?
  • 3y
    helicongrowth helicongrowth
    You don't suppose they will create an oil price squeeze in time for the IPO ????
    John G Acher John G Acher
    You should be advising the Saudis, helicongrowth.
  • Squawk / 19 January 2016 at 11:58 GMT
    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    BofA Q4 EPS $0.28 vs $0.27, Morgan Stanley Q4 EPS $0.43 vs $0.32
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    Peter Garnry Peter Garnry
    Morgan Stanley confirms that the strategy of focusing on equities and wealth advisory is working
  • Editor’s Picks / 18 January 2016 at 12:48 GMT

    Too-big-to-fail US banks feel pain of China woes

    Reuters Breakingviews
    The top six US banks have seen $130 billion wiped off their combined market value in the past two weeks, largely due to worries about China's economic slowdown, said Reuters Breakingviews columnist Antony Currie. "The shares of all but Wells Fargo now trade below book value, suggesting stockholders are bracing for a year or more of pain. Whether they’re right looks like a toss-up," Currie wrote, citing a slew of negative economic news hitting bank shares. "Low or non-existent growth is nothing new, though. What’s changed is that investors are increasingly concerned that China’s troubles presage global economic problems that could hobble America’s plodding recovery," he said. Investors may be overreacting to China’s stock-market turmoil, Currie said and added: "If so, now is a great time for bank executives to buy back stock. If not, Wall Street’s largest firms are in for a bumpy ride."
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