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  • Calendar event / Thursday at 20:27 GMT

    US Microsoft Corp.

    High Q3 2015 Results
    Low Revenue
    Low EPS or Loss per share
    Low Profit (or Loss)
  • Article / Thursday at 7:00 GMT

    Morning Markets: Power to the purchasing managers

    Deputy Editor /
    Morning Markets: Power to the purchasing managers
    Purchasing managers indices are top of the data pile both in Europe and the US today with the market particularly keen for an update on how Germany is faring. Elsewhere, US weekly oil inventories should give us some direction on crude and later in the session, three of the biggest internet players publish earnings reports.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 30 March 2015 at 5:17 GMT

    Gates urges China to avoid Japan's errors in innovation

    South China Morning Post
    China should learn from Japan and the US when it comes to state-led artificial intelligence research, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says. Gates was commenting on the "China Brain" project put forward by Baidu chief Li Yanhong, who suggested that Beijing should help make China a world leader in artifical intelligence by adopting a market-based mechanism for innovation. Gates says that care is needed in how you structure the government's relationship with innovation. In Japan, the Ministry of International Trade picked specific goals and approaches for a computer initiative in the 1980s. But the project was not successful and the architecture was surpassed in speed by hardware made by Intel.
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  • Saxo TV / 03 March 2015 at 12:56 GMT

    #TechWeek: The NASDAQ can go even higher

    Peter Garnry
    After the NASDAQ index hit 5,000 on Monday for the first time in 15 years, can it go higher? Saxo's Peter Garnry says yes in the longer term. But he's aware the strong dollar will hurt those companies with overseas profits.
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